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Ifrael, i. e. the. Reproach of the Cross o Suffering Period, upon which the Passover was observed in Commemoration of their compleat Deliverance out of Agpt ; as may be seen at large, Foshua. 3. 4, 5.

25. Now when this Man of Sin shall The De Aruction of have finished his Time, and the Number Antichrist of his Days, shall be accomplished, then by the ef, shall God visit upon him the Amictions c fufion of the his People, He shall break the Staff of the

Wicked, and the Scepter of the Rulers; be sb Smote the People in Wrath with a continual Strok, he that ruled the Nation in anger, fall b: persecuted, and none shall binder. Isa. 14.5, 6. So be that said in his Heart I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my Throne above the Stars of God, I will fit also upon the Mount of the Congregation, in the sides of the North. I will ascend above the Heigths of the Clouds, I will be liki the most High. He that made the Earth to tremble and destroyed Kingdoms, that made the World a Wilderness, and destroyed the Cities thereof

, shall be brought down to Hell to the fides of the Pit, V. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. This God will accomplish by various and gradual Steps

, first, to mågnifie the Greatness of his Power, and that every Act and Instance of Vengeance may have time to produce its designed Effect'; i, e, reclaim those who are within the Poflibility of Mercy. The grand Pomp of this Destruction is largely described to us by the Author of the Apocalypse'; who having described to us, Chap. 15; the Joy and, Triumph of those who had gotten the Viętory over the Beast, ou

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tells us, v. 6, of that Chapter, that he saw Seven Angels coming out of the Temple having the Seven Plagues, cloathed in Pure and White Linnen, and their Breasts girded with Golden Girdles. By the Seven Angels may possibly be meant, either literally Seven Spirits, or Seven Men of those who had been shut up during the Beast's Reign, or perhaps the Souls of Righteous Men departed commissioned by God to execute his Vengeance, of which more hereafter. They came forth cloathed in the Habits of Priests and Kings, to fhew the Royal Priesthood of Chrift's Kingdom and Heavenly Temple or Tabernacle, out of which these Judgments proceed, v. 7. and one of the four Beasts, (or living Creatures) that were the Representatives of the Apostolical Church, gave unto the Seven Angels' Seven Vials (or Bowls, 2 Chron. 4. 22. Rev. 5. 8.) full of the Wrath of God who liveth for ever and ever. v.8. And the Temple was filled with Smoak from the Glory of God and from bis Power, and no Man was able to enter into the Temple till the Seven Plagues of the Seven Angels were fulfilled. The filling of the Temple with God's Glory is a Phrase expressing his dwelling in the midst of his People, Ezek. 43. 5, 7, 9. whereby is signified the Approach of the New Jerusalem Sabbatism. . The Smoak appearing with it does intimate to us the Glory of God, who dwells in thick Darkness ,' or Light inaccessible, Isa. 6. 4. And 2dly, By the Impossibility of entring into the Temple till the Vials are poured out,


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may be signified, that none of the Antichristian Company, though drawn to Repentance by some of the preceding Judgments, shall be received into the Favour and Participation of the Kingdom, till they have undergone the full Vengeance of God.

And now follows the Effusion of these Vials of Wrath upon the Antichristian World, by the Command of a great Voice out of the Temple, saying to the Seven Angels Go your ways

and pour out the Vials of the Wrath of God upon the Earth, Rev. 16. 1.

I. THE First Angel went and poured out his Vial upon the Earth, and there fell a noisom grievous Sore upon the Men which had the Mark of the Beast, and upon them that worshipped his Image. This does seem to be much the same Judgment with that inflicted by Moses on the Egyptians (from whence the Éxpresfions concerning this Plague are taken.) Moses took hot Ashes of the Furnace; Exod. 9. 8, 11. which became small Dust in all the Land of Egypt, and was a Boyl on Man and Beast. Ånd accordingly in this Plague it may by the like Congruity be supposed, that many hot and fiery Particles and Exhalations will be poured forth from thefe Vials upon the Earth; which shall produce an extraordinary Heat and Drougth, and be the Cause of the Sores here mentioned, which are wont to break out upon Mens Bodies in hot and dry Seasons; such a Sore was that "Eixo, or Ulcer, that fell on fob and the Egyptians, such as Thucydides observes, Lib. 2.

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al upon

P. 112. appeared upon the Bodies of the Athenians in the heigth of their Distemper.

II. THE Second Angel poured out his Vial upon the Sea, and it became as the Blood of a dead Man, and every living Soul died in the Sea. i.e. TheWaters of the Sea stagnated and became like the Blood of a dead Carkass, if not quite in all the Natural Qualities, yet at least in Colour. III. THE Third Angcl poured out of his Vic

the Rivers and Fountains of Waters, and they also became Blood. The Rivers are reprefented as stagnating after the Sea, because they depend upon it, as their Cause and Original, and therefore by a Necessity of Nature partaking of the same Fate, this is a very dismal Judgment, depriving them of the Neceffaries of Life, their Fish dying, and their Water which should have quenched their Thirst in the great Heat and Drought, being corrupted and unfit for use; according to what God inflicted on Ægypt, Exod, 7. 14----25. When the River Nile and all their Water Stank, so that they could mot drink of them, and their Fish died. Besides that this Destruction upon the Rivers, joined with the Effects of the First Vial upon the Earth, , must needs have a fatal Influence upon the Fruits of the Earth, and by consequence deprive them of all necessary Food. Upon the pouring out of this Vial, St. Fohn, v.5. heard the Angel that was commissioned to pour out these Plagues upon the Waters praising God for this just Retaliation upon


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the Antichristian Company. For faith. v. 6. they have shed the Blood of Saints and Pe 1 phets, and thou hast given them Blood to drini for they are worthy. To which it was Ecche ed back, v. 7. by an Angel out of the Altara (i.e. in the Name of the Saints and Mars tyrs that lay under it, Chap. 6. 9. that is, a Place of Safety and Refuge, as the Al:* was under the Old Law;) Even so Lord G7 Almighty, True and Righteous are thy Judgmenia (in giving them Blood to drink for o Blood they have shed.)

IV. AND the Fourth (who had Power of the Fire, Chap. 14. 18.) poured out biste upon the Sun, and Power was given unto bind 7 scorch Men with Fire. As the Light of : Sun may be multiplied by Parhelia, and other Natural Causes, to which the Prophet ludes, Ifa. 30. 26. so it is not difficult conceive that its Heat may be natura augmented by the Diffolution or Dilor tion of its Maculæ ; upon the encrease 2: breaking forth of those fluctuating Vortero of Fire, which are in the Body of that P! net, and are stronger and clearer at i Center, than near its Circumference; a by other Natural Causes, not unknown the Learned ; and if the Heat of the Sa may be encreased by Natural Causes, how much more by Supernatural Ones, ordering and conducting them, and adding new ones V. 9. And Men werė scorched wi: great Heat, and blasphemed the Name of Go which bad Power over these Plagues, and the repented not to give him Glory. This seems :

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