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Age of the sacrifice. LEVITICUS. Feasts of the Lord. offer for a freewill offering; but for bath of the Lord in all your dwella vow it shall not be accepted. ings.

24 Ye shall not offer unto the LORD 4 These are the feasts of the that which is bruised, or crushed, or LORD, even holy convocations, which broken, or cut; neither shall ye make ye shall proclaim in their seasons. any offering thereof in your land. 5 In the fourteenth day of the first

25 Neither from a stranger's hand month at even is the Lord's passshall ye offer the bread of your God over. of any of these; because their cor- 6 And on the fifteenth day of the ruption is in them, and blemishes be same month is the feast of unleavin them: they shall not be accepted ened bread unto the Lord: sev

en days ye must eat unleavened 26 1 And the LORD spake unto bread. Moses, saying,

7 In the first day ye shall have a 27 When a bullock, or a sheep, or holy convocation: ye shall do no a goat, is brought forth, then it shall servile work therein. be seven days under the dam; and 8 But ye shall offer an offering from the eighth day and thenceforth made by fire unto the Lord sever it shall be accepted for an offering days: in the seventh day is a holy made by fire unto the LORD.

convocation: ye shall do no servile 28. And whether it be cow or ewe, work therein. ye shall not kill it and her young 9 4 And the LORD spake unto Moboth in one day.

ses, saying, 29 And when ye will offer a sacri- 10 Speak unto the children of Isfice of thanksgiving unto the LORD, rael, and say unto them, When ye offer it at your own will.

be come into the land which I give 30 On the same day it shall be unto you, and shall reap the har eaten up; ye shall leave none of it vest thereof, then ye shall bring a until the morrow: I am the LORD. sheaf of the firstfruits of your har

31 Therefore shall ye keep my vest unto the priest : commandments, and do them: I am 11 And he shall wave the sheaf the LORD.

before the LORD, to be accepted for 32 Neither shall ye profane my you: on the morrow after the sabholy name; but I will be hallowed bath the priest shall wave it. among the children of Israel: I am 12 And ye shall offer that day when the LORD which hallow you, ye wave the sheaf a he lamb with

33 That brought you out of the out blemish of the first year for a land of Egypt, to be your God: I burnt offering unto the LORD. am the LORD.

13 And the meat offering thereof CHAPTER XXIII.

shall be two tenth deals of fine flour The feasts of the Lord. 3 The sabbath. 4 The mingled with oil, an offering made passover. 9 The sheaf of firstfruits. 15. T'hie by fire unto the LORD for a sweet feast of Pentecost. 22 Gleanings to be left for savour: and the drink offering there. the poor. 23 The feast of trumpets. 26 The day of atonement. 33 The feast of tabernacles. of shall be of wine, the fourth part saying,

14 And ye shall eat neither bread, 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, nor parched corn, nor green ears, and say unto them, Concerning the until the selfsame day that ye have feasts of the Lord, which ye shall brought an offering unto your God proclaim to be holy convocations, it shall be a statute for ever througheven these are my feasts.

out your generations in all your 3 Six days shall work be done: but dwellings. the seventh day is the sabbath of 15 | And ye shall count unto you rest, a holy convocation; ye shall from the morrow after the sabbath, do no work therein: it is the sab- from the day that ye brought the

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Feast of Pentecost. LEVITICUS. The day of atonement. sheaf of the wave offering; seven 27 Also on the tenth day of this sabbaths shall be complete: seventh month there shall be a day

16 Even unto the morrow after the of atonement: it shall be a holy seventh sabbath shall ye number convocation unto you; and


shall fifty days; and ye shall offer a new afflict your souls, and offer an offermeat offering unto the LORD. ing made by fire unto the LORD.

17 Ye shall bring out of your habi 28 And ye shall do no work in tations two wave loaves of' two tenth that same day: for it is a day of deals : they shall be of fine flour; atonement, to make an atonement they shall be baken with leaven; for you before the LORD your

God. they are the firstfruits unto the LORD. 29 For whatsoever soul it be that 18 And ye shall offer with the bread shall not be afflicted in that same seven lambs without blemish of the day, he shall be cut off from among first year, and one young bullock, his people. and two rams: they shall be for a 30 And whatsoever soul it be that burnt offering unto the Lord, with doeth any work in that same day, their meat offering, and their drink the same soul will I destroy from offerings

, even an offering made by among his people.
fire, of sweet savour unto the LORD. 31 Ye shall do no manner of work:

19 Then ye shall sacrifice one kid it shall be a statute for ever through-
of the goats for a sin offering, and out your generations in all your
two lambs of the first year for a sac- dwellings.
rifice of peace offerings.

32 It shall be unto you a sabbath
20 And the priest shall wave them of rest, and ye shall afflict your
with the bread of the firstfruits for souls: in the ninth day of the month
a wave offering before the Lord, at even, from even unto even, shall
with the two lambs: they shall be ye celebrate your sabbath.
boly to the Lord for the priest.

33 | And the LORD spake unto
21 And ye shall proclaim on the Moses, saying,
selfsame day, that it may be a holy 34 Speak unto the children of Is-
convocation unto you: ye shall do rael, saying, The fifteenth day of this
no servile work therein: it shall be seventh month shall be the feast of
a statute for ever in all your dwell- tabernacles for seven days unto the
ings throughout your generations. LORD.

22 And when ye reap the harvest 35 On the first day shall be a holy
of your land, thou shalt not make convocation : ye shall do no servile
clean riddance of the corners of thy work therein.
field when thou reapest, neither shalt 36 Seven days ye shall offer an
thou gather any gleaning of thy har- offering made by fire unto the LORD;
vest: thou shalt leave them unto the on the eighth day shall be a holy con-
poor, and to the stranger: I am the vocation unto you, and


shall offer LORD your God.

an offering made by fire unto the 23 And the Lord spake unto Lord: it is a solemn assembly;


shall do no servile work
24 Speak unto the children of Is- therein.
rael, saying, In the seventh month, 37 These are the feasts of the Lord,
in the first day of the month, shall which ye shall proclaim to be holy
ye have a sabbath, a memorial of convocations, to offer an offering
blowing of trumpets, a holy convo- made by fire unto the Lord, a burnt

offering, and a meat offering, a sac25 Ye shall do no servile work rifice, and drink offerings, every therein: but


shall offer an offer thing upon his day: ing made by fire unto the LORD. 38 Beside the sabbaths of the Lord, 26 And the LORD spake unto and beside your gifts, and beside alí

your vows, and beside all your free


our har

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Moses, saying,

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, saying,

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Feast of tabernacles. LEVITICUS. Case of Blasphemy will offerings, which ye give unto rows, six on a row, upon the pure the LORD.

table before the LORD. 39 Also in the fifteenth day of the 7 And thou shalt put pure frankin seventh month, when ye have gath-cense upon each row, that it may be ered in the fruit of the land, ye shall on the bread for a memorial, even an keep a feast unto the LORD seven offering made by fire unto the LORD days: on the first day shall be a sab-8 Every sabbath he shall set i bath, and on the eighth day shall be in order before the LORD continually a sabbath.

being taken from the children of Is40 And ye shall take you on the rael by an everlasting covenant. first day the boughs of goodly trees, 9 And it shall be Aaron's and his branches of palm trees, and the sons'; and they shall eat it in the boughs of thick trees, and willows holy place: for it is most holy unto of the brook; and ye shall rejoice him of the offerings of the Lord before the LORD your God seven made by fire by a perpetual statute days.

10 T And the son of an Israelitish 41 And ye shall keep it a feast woman, whose father was an Egyp. unto the LORD seven days in the tian, went out among the children of year: it shall be a statute for ever Israel: and this son of the Israelitish in your generations; ye shall cele- woman and a man of Israel strove brate it in the seventh month. together in the camp;

42 Ye shall dwell in booths seven 11 And the Israelitish woman's son days; all that are Israelites born blasphemed the name of the LORD shall dwell in booths:

and cursed. And they brought him 43 That your generations may unto Moses: and his mother's name know that I made the children of was Shelomith, the daughter of DibIsrael to dwell in booths, when I ri, of the tribe of Dan: brought them out of the land of 12 And they put him in ward, that Egypt: I am the LORD your God. the mind of the LORD might be shew

44 And Moses declared unto the ed them. children of Israel the feasts of the 13 And the LORD spake unto Mo LORD.

ses, saying, CHAPTER XXIV.

14 Bring forth him that hath cursed The oil for the lamps. 5 The shewbread. 10 Shelo without the camp; and let all that mith's son blasphemeth. 13 The law of blasphemy, heard him lay their hands upon his 17 of murder, 18 and of damage. 23 The blasphemer is stoned.

head, and let all the congregatior ND the LORD spake unto Moses, stone him.

15 And thou shalt speak unto the 2 Command the children of Israel, children of Israel, saying, Whosoeve that they bring unto thee pure oil curseth his God shall bear his sin. olive beaten for the light, to cause 16 And he that blasphemeth th the lamps to burn continually. name of the LORD, he shall surely

3 Without the vail of the testimo- be put to death, and all the congre ny, in the tabernacle of the congre- gation shall certainly stone him: a gation, shall Aaron order it from the well the stranger, as he that is bor evening unto the morning before the in the land, when he blasphemet LORD continually: it shall be a stat- the name of the LORD, shall be pu ute for ever in your generations. to death. 4 He shall order the lamps upon 17 | And he that killeth any ma the pure candlestick before the LORD shall surely be put to death. continually.

18 And he that killeth a beast sha 5 And thou shalt take fine flour, make it good; beast for beast. and bake twelve cakes thereof: two 19 And if a man cause a blemis tenth deals shall be in one cake. in his neighbour; as he hath don 6 And thou shalt set them in two so shall it be done to him;

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l'he seventh year.

Year of jubilee. 20 Breach for breach, eye for eye, | times seven years; and the space of tooth for tooth: as he hath caused a the seven sabbaths of years shall blemish in a man, so shall it be be unto thee forty and nine years. done to him again.

9 Then shalt thou cause the trum21 And he that killeth a beast, he pet of the jubilee to sound on the shall restore it: and he that killeth tenth day of the seventh month, in a man, he shall be put to death. the day of atonement shall ye make 22 Ye shall have one manner of the trumpet sound throughout all law, as well for the stranger, as for your land. one of your own country: for I am 10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth the Lord your God.

year, and proclaim liberty through23 And Moses spake to the chill out all the land unto all the inhabdren of Israel, that they should bring itants thereof: it shall be a jubilee forth him that had cursed out of the unto you; and ye shall return every camp, and stone him with stones : man unto his possession, and ye shall and the children of Israel did as the return every man unto his family. Lord commanded Moses.

11 A jubilee shall that fiftieth year CHAPTER XXV.

be unto you: ye shall not sow, nei

ther reap that which groweth of itThe sabbath of the seventh year. 8 The jubilee of the fiftieth year. 14 of oppression. 18 The self in it, nor gather the grapes in it blessing upon obedience. 23 The redemption of of thy vine undressed. land, 29 and of houses. 35 Compassion for the poor

. 39 The law respecting bondmen. 47 The 12 For it is the jubilee; it shall be reden plion of an Israelite from service.

holy unto you: ye shall eat the inAND the Lord spake unto Moses crease thereof out of the field.

13 In the year of this jubilee ye 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, shall return every man unto his posand say unto them, When ye come session. into the land which I give you, then 14 And if thou sell aught unto thy shall the land keep a sabbath unto neighbour, or buyest aught of thy the Lord.

neighbour's hand, ye shall not op3 Six years thou shalt sow thy press one another: field, and six years thou shalt prune 15 According to the number of thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit years after the jubilee thou shalt thereof;

buy of thy neighbour, and accord4 But in the seventh year shall be ing unto the number of years of the a sabbath of rest unto the land, a fruits he shall sell unto thee: sabbath for the LORD: thou shalt 16 According to the multitude of neither sow thy field, nor prune thy years thou shalt increase the price vineyard.

thereof, and according to the few5 That which groweth of its own ness of years thou shalt diminish accord of thy harvest thou shalt not the price of it: for according to the reap, neither gather the grapes of number of the years of the fruits doth thy vine undressed: for it is a year he sell unto thee. of rest unto the land.

17 Ye shall not therefore oppress 6 And the sabbath of the land one another; but thou shalt fear thy shall be meat for you; for thee, and God: for I am the LORD your God. for thy servant, and for thy maid, 18 | Wherefore ye shall do my and for thy hired servant, and for statutes, and keep my judgments, thy stranger that sojourneth with and do them; and ye shall dwell thee.

in the land in safety. 7 And for thy cattle and for the

19 And the land shall yield her beast that are in thy land, shall all fruit, and ye shall eat your fill, and the increase thereof be meat. dwell therein in safety. 89 And thou shalt number seven 20 And if ye shall say, What shall sabbaths of years unto thee, seven we eat the seventh year? behold, we


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Redemption of land. LEVITICUS. Concerning bondmen. shall not sow, nor gather in our in- cities of their possession, may the crease:

Levites redeem at any time. 21 Then I will command my bless 33 And if a man purchase of the ing upon you in the sixth year, and it Levites, then the house that was shall bring forth fruit for three years. sold, and the city of his possession,

22 And ye shall sow the eighth shall go out in the year of jubilee: year, and eat yet of old fruit until for the houses of the cities of the the ninth year; until her fruits come Levites are their possession among in ye shall eat of the old store, the children of Israel.

23 The land shall not be sold for 34 But the field of the suburbs of ever: for the land is mine; for ye are their cities may not be sold; for it strangers and sojourners with me. is their perpetual possession.

24 And in all the land of your pos 35 | And if thy brother be waxen session ye shall grant a redemption poor, and fallen in decay with thee; for the land.

then thou shalt relieve him: yean 25 If thy brother be waxen poor, though he be a stranger, or a sojournand hath sold away some of his pos- er; that he may live with thee. session, and if any of his kin come 36 Take thou no usury of him, or to redeem it, then shall he redeem increase: but fear thy God; that that which his brother sold.

thy brother may live with thee. 26 And if the man have none to 37 Thou shalt not give him thy redeem it, and himself be able to money upon usury, nor lend him thy redeem it;

victuals for increase. 27 Then let him count the years 38 I am the LORD your God, which of the sale thereof, and restore the brought you forth out of the land of overplus unto the man to whom he Egypt, to give you the land of Casold it; that he may return unto his naan, and to be your God. possession.

39 [ And if thy brother that dwell28 But if he be not able to restore eth by thee be waxen poor, and be it to him, then that which is sold sold unto thee; thou shalt not comshall remain in the hand of him that pel him to serve as a bondserva hath bought it until the year of ju- ant : bilee: and in the jubilee it shall go 40 But as a hired servant, and as out, and he shall return unto his pos- a sojourner, he shall be with thee, session.

and shall serve thee unto the year 29 And if a man sell a dwelling- of jubilee: house in a walled city, then he may 41 And then shall he depart from redeem it within a whole year after thee, both he and his children with it is sold; within a full year may he him, and shall return unto his own redeem it.

family, and unto the possession of 30 And if it be not redeemed with his fathers shall he return. in the space of a full year, then the 42 For they are my servants, which house that is in the walled city shall I brought forth out of the land of be established for ever to him that Egypt: they shall not be sold as bought it throughout his genera- bondmen. tions: it shall not go out in the ju 43 Thou shalt not rule over him bilee.

with rigour; but shalt fear thy God. 31 But the houses of the villages 44 Both thy bondmen, and thy which have no wall round about bondmaids, which thou shalt have, them shall be counted as the fields shall be of the heathen that are round of the country: they may be re- about you; of them shall ye buy deemed, and they shall go out in bondmen and bondmaids. the jubilee.

45 Moreover, of the children of 32 Notwithstanding the cities of the strangers that do sojourn among the Levites, and the houses of the you, of them shall ye buy, and of

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