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By the same.

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IS good, our Thanks to God to bring,

And Praises to his Name to fing. 2. His Love the Morning shall recite,

His Faithfulness the fearful Night. 3. All Arts which Mufick can invent,

Harp, Psaltery, ten-string'd Instrument,

His folemn Praises shall resound;
4. Whose Works with Joy my Head have crown'd.
5. How great the Works which God has wrought!

And how profound his secret Thought !
6. Fools to this knowledge can't afcend,

Nor brutish Man this comprehend.
7. When Sin like Grass grows strong and high,

'Tis certain then the Harvest's nigh.
8. God ever fits on high, and all
9. His wicked Foes difperft shall fall.
10. Anointed with fresh Oil, my Horn

Is strong, like that o'th' Unicorn
11. My Foes shall fall before my Eyes,

My Ear Shall hear their dying Cries.
12. The Righteous like a Palm are grown,

Like Cesars fpreud on Lebanon ;
13. Whom God in his own Courts does plant,
14. They neither Fruit nor Blofsoms want.

15. Thus is our God for ever just,

firm as a Rock, when him we trust.

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E who from Earth, your Mother, fpring,

New Songs to your Creator fing! 2. His high Salvation, Day to Day,

His Name and Honour shall display. 3. His Wonders to the People show!

His Glory let the Heathen know ! 4. The Lord is great, and greatly prais d,

d His Pow'r above all Gods is rais'd.

5. These but from Men their Being take

Our God did Man and Angels make. 6. Pow'r, Honour, Majesty divine,

In his pure Sanctuary íine. 7. Thro' all the Earth, let ev'ry Tribe

Glory and Strength to God ascribe ! 8. His Honour and his Wonders fing,

And to his Courts their Off'rings bring! 9. In pure and beauteous Holiness,

Let all the World his Fear express. 10. May to the Heathen this be known,

That the Almighty reigns alone.
Nor shall the Earth's Foundations move,

Till they his righteous Judgments prove. 11. Then Heav'n and Earth shall both rejoice

And th’Ocean join its roaring Voice, 12. Then ev'ry Fruit shall joyful be,

Fruits of the Field, and of the Tree. 13. His Judgments to all Nations come,

Who from his Mouth receive their Doom.



By the same.





1. HE Lord does reign, let Earth advance

His Praise, let all the Inands dance!
A Cloudy Mantle him surrounds :
With Righteousness and Light divine,

His Throne and high Pavilion hine,
3. Fore-running Fire his Foes confounds.
4. His Lightnings to the World gave Light;
Earth law, and trembled at the Sight :

Hills melt like Wax, like Snow they thaw. When God's bright Presence gilds the Air, 6. The Skies his Righteousness declare;

And all the Earth his Glory faw. 7. Confounded may they be who call On Idols, or before them fall ;

All Gods on Earth before him bow. 8. Judah rejoic'd when God was heard, And Sion leap'd when he appear'd,

For they his righteous Judgments know.
9. Above the Earth are his Abodes,
Rais'd above all created Gods.

Who love his Name, all Sins reject;
Their Souls in Glory shall appear,
And he their Lives and Fortunes here

Shall from the wicked Hand protect. 11. His Light is for the Righteous fown, Gladness the upright Heart shall crown.

Bring your Thank-Offerings to the Lord, 12. Your Joy in chearful Songs express, His everlasting Holiness,

Still in your Memory record.




By the same.

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I Soul, thy great Creator praise :

When cloath'd in his Celestial Rays, He in full Majesty appears,

And like a Robe his Glory wears.
2. The Skies are for his Curtains spread,

Th' unfathom'd Deep he makes his Bed ;
The Clouds are his triumphant Chair,

The Winds his fleeing Coursers are.
4. Angels, whom his own Breath infpires,

His Minifters, are flaming Fires. 5. The Earth's Foundations by his Hand

Are pois’d, and shall for ever stand. 6. Cloath'd, and invefted with the Flood,

Which once above the Mountains stood; 7. But frighted by his Thunder, fled,

Confind to its appointed Bed. 8. And now those proud impetuous Waves,

Ev’n from themselves receive their Graves ; 9. Nor uncontrollid can pass their Bound,

But in their Chanels walk their Round.

10. Yet them fome secret Veins convey

To Hills, from whence through Vales they stray: 11. Tame Heifers there their Thirst allay,

And for the Stream wild Affes bray. 12. From pleasant Trees, which shade the Brink,

The wing’d Musicians 'light and drink.


17. GOD from his cloudy Cistern pours,

On the parch'd Earth enriching Show'rs : 14. His Dew descending on the Hills,

Both Man and Beast withi Plenty fills.

15. To




15. To chear our Hearts he gives us Wine,

And Oil to make our Faces shine :

To make us strong, he gives us Bread 16. The Trees with pregnant Juice are fed. 17. To Birds tall Cedars Shelter yield,

Where their high Marriage-Beds they build : 18. The Stork on Firrs, on Mountains dwells

The Goat, there Coneys make their Cells. 19. He sets the Sun his double Race,

And gives the Moon her changing Pace : 20. And when thick Darkness veils the Day,

Wild Beasts the Forest range for Prey. 21. Lions their Young then lead abroad,

And, roaring, ask their Meat from God ; 22. But when the Morning Sun does rise,

The savage Beast to covert flies. 23. Then Man to his Day-Labour goes,

And in the Ev'ning takes Repose. 24. How strange thy Works! bow great thy Skill!

Both which the Earth with Riches fill.

25. They fill the valt unfathom'd Deep,

Numberless Things there swim and creep;

Still wandring in the Paths below,
26. Whilft Ships the swelling Surface plow.

'Tis there the vast Leviathan
His Pastime takes, in spite of Man.


27. ALL these with Expectation stand,

Attending thy moft lib'ral Hand; 28. From which they all receive fuch Food,

As both to Thee and Them seems good. 29. But when thy Face is hid, they mourn;

And dying, to their Duft return. 30. Thy Spirit, the dispeopled Earth

Fills with a new created Birth.

31. God's

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