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from Heaven ; which Things the Angels desired to look into.

e Alk now of the Days that are past, which were before thee, since the Day that God created Man upon the Earth; and ask from the one Side of the Heaven to the other, Whether there hath been any such Thing as this great Thing is, or hath been heard like it.

Seeing then that all these Things were for our Sakes, what Manner of Men ought we to be in all holy Conversation and Godliness? For if we sin wilfully, after that we have received the Knowledge of the Truth, and turn away from him that speaketh from Heaven, there remaineth no more Sacrifice for Sins ; but a certain fearful looking for of Judgment, and fiery Indignation.



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Concerning ANGELS and SPIRITS.

Good Angels.

'THERE is an innumerable Company of An

gels in Heaven ; which excel in Strength and which are greater in Power, and Might, and Wisdom, and Goodness, than Men; who in their first Estate were made a little lower than the Angels.

, This is God's Hoft; the Ministers of his that do his Pleasure.

These are the Holy Eléct Angels, and Angels of Light, which stand round about the Throne of God; and Michael the Archangel is the great Prince among them.

d In old Time God sent his Angels unto Men to commune with them; to inform them, and shew them several Matters; to fignify to them Things which must come to pass; and to testify that such Things as had been told them before, were faithful and true.

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. Sometimes they appeared in a Dream, in a Vifion of the Night, when deep Sleep falleth upon Men, and in Slumberings upon ihe_Bed. And sometimes they talked with Men Face to Face; and their Appearance was as the Appearance of a Man, and their Voice as a Man's Voice.

f The Children of Ifrael received the Law by the Disposition of Angels; for it was ordained by Angels in the Hand of a Mediator.

8 But in these last Days hath God spoken unto us by his Son. And unto the Angels hath he not put into Subjection the World to come, whereof The Lord and they that heard him.fpake to us. For to which of the Angels said he at any Time, Sit on my Right-hand, till I make thine Enemies thy Footstool ?

On the Day that Christ our Saviour was born, there was a Multitude of the heavenly Host, prais. ing God and saying, Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth Peace, Good Will towards Men.

i The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. God shall give his Angels Charge over them, to keep them in all their Ways. The Lord, before whom they walk, will send his Angel with them, and prosper their Way, and redeem them from all Evil.

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* The Angels are all ministring Spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be Heirs of Salvation.

1 There is Joy in the Presence of the Angels of God over a Sinner that repenteth; and when a good Man dieth, he mall be carried by the Angels into Abraham's Bosom.

m Take Heed that ye despise not one of those little ones which believe in Chrift: For in Heaven their Angels do always behold the Face of their Father which is in Heaven.

• The Angel of the Lord standeth in the Way for an Adversary against him that goeth beyond the Word of the Lord his God.

• The Lord fendeth his Angels to destroy Cities and Nations, when he is difpleafed with them; and to fmite him who giveth not God the Glory of what he doth.

P At the End of the World, when the Son of Man shall come in the Clouds with great Power and Glory, then shall he send his Angels, and shall gather together his Elect; and the Angels fhall come forth, and they fhall gather out of his Kingdom all Things that offend, and them which do Iniquity; and they shall sever the Wicked from among the Just, and shall cast them into the Furnace of Fire: There shall be Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth. But of that Day and Hour knoweth no Man, no not the Angels of Heaven.

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9 There are also other Angels, which kept not their firit Estate, but left their own Habitation.

"And these Angels that sinned, God spared not, but cast them down to Hell, and deli;ered them inio Chains of Darkness, to be reserved unto the Judgment of the Great Day.

• And the great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the World ; that Accuser of our Brethren, which accufeth them before God Day and Night: He was cast out into the Earth, and his Angels were cast out with him ; neither was their Place found any more in Heaven,

? The lying Spirit in the Mouth of the false Prophets; the familiar Spirits and Spirits of Divination, which Men inquired of that they might make known unto them what they should do; and the evil and unclean Spirits, with which Men were poffessed and grievously vexed. All these were evil Angels, or Devils.

u The Things which the Gentiles sacrificed, they facrificed to Devils, and not to God. For they worshipped Devils, and Idols of Gold, and Silver, and Brass, and Stone, and of Wood.

W And in the latter Times, some shall depart from the Faith, giving heed to seducing Spirits, and Doctrines of Devils.

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