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Let us now pass on to the time of Moses, 8. Moses. who seems himself to have fallen into this Sin Num. 12. or he Marry'd an Ethiopian, if she was not a Profelyte. However this did not Excuse the Dedition of Aaron and Miriam, upon that Account; because Moses was their Superior : And he Power of Reformation does not lye in the Subjects. Of which hereafter.

The first Blasphemer that was Stoned, by 9. The first God's own express Command, is mark'd as Blasphemer. 2 Son of one of these Marriages; his Father an Lev, xxiv. 10. Egyptian, by a Woman of Israel. When Ifrael was Proof against all the En.

:10. Baal-peor. chantments of Baalim, they were insnared into Num Idolatry by mixing with the Daughters of Moab.

This is Recorded as the Sin for which God 11, The first of fold frael into the Hand of the King of Me-the Caprivities Sopotamia, in the time of the Judges. That of Trael. they Marry'd with the Canaanites, Hittites, &c. Judg. 11 And served their Gods. This was the first of their Captivities.

In these times Samson is a famous Instance, 12. Samson. who Marry'd with the Philistines. Whence ensued his dismal Tragedy, and the Captivity of his Country.

David Marry'd the Daughter of Talmai King 2. Abfalom: of Geshur, by whom he had Absalom, the Dif. 2 Sam. iii. 3. grace and Troubler of his Reign.

The Case of his Son Solomon is notoriously 14. Solomon. known, who by Marrying of strange Wives, 1 Kin. xi. 1, 2. fell into Idolatry: And his Example stands as a Warning to all Generations of Men, not to trust themselves with that Tentation, which prov'd too strong for the most Wife of all mere Mortals, that ever were, or shall be Created. Besides that he was greatly Beloved of God, who sent by the Hand of his Prophet, to give


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2 Sam. xii. 25. him the Name of His Beloved. And God vouch I Kin. xi. 9. safed to appear Twice unto him. He was Cho

fen of all the Men upon the Earth to build th Temple of God, and erect a new Oeconomy

the Temple-Service, superior to that of the TA 1 Chron. xxii. bernacle established by Mofes. And he was na 8, 9, 10, med of God for this great Work before he was

born; and in this, preferred to David his F1ther; and had the Promise of an Everlasting Kingdom given unto him, which is fulfilled in Christ our Lord, who sprang from him, and now sitteth upon the Throne.

And if such a Man as This was fuffer'd by the All-wife Providence to Fall by this Sin, it was meant (furely) to teach all others. That none Thould thereafter presume, upon their own Strength or Attainments, to Taft of this For. bidden Fruit.

So that this Example of Solomon ftands inftar omnium, instead of a Thousand. Yet let us

name a few more. is.Rehoboam. His fatal Son Rehoboam, who loft Ten of 1 Kin. xiv. 21. the Twelve Tribes, was the Fruit of one

of these Marriages, for his Mother was an

Ammonitefs. 16. Achab. The Marriage of Achab with Jezebel the | Kin. xvi. 31. Daughter of Ethbaal King of the Zidonians, is Chap. 21.25, Reckon'd as a greater Sin than that of Jeroboam ; 26.

at least as a great Aggravation of it. And it is written, That She Stirred him up to follow

Idols. 17. Jehoram. Feboram King of Judah Marry'd Achab's 2 Chron. 6. 12. Daughter, and walked in the Ways of Achab.

And God fent grievous Plagues upon him, and a miserable Death, according to the Pro

phesie of Elijah, sent to him in Writing 18. Ahaziah. And this Iniquity of his went on to ruin his 2Chron.xxii.3. Son Ahaziah, who also walked in the Ways of


the House of Achab, for his Mother was his 2 Chr. xxii. g: Counfeller to do Wickedly. And after that her v. 1o. Counfel had brought him to a violent End, She Destroy'd all the Seed-Royal of the Houfe of fudah, and Ufurp'd the Kingdom to her Self. . More particular Examples of this fort might be Produc'd, but let these Suffice to bring us,

If, To the utter Dispersion and Loss of the 19. Loss of the Ten Tribes, even to this Day. Which is faid Ten Tribes, to be Chiefly for this Sin of Idolatry, to which 1 Kin. XVil. they were Tempted and Enfnared by these Marriages of their several Kings.

2ly, Of the great Captivity of the Two Tribes, 20.0f the Kings the Kingdom of Judah, for Ixx Years in Baby- dom of Judah. lon, which was likewise for the fame Sin.

And it is told before in the roth Instance, That their first Captivity was upon their first falling into this Sin after their entring into the Poffesfion of Canaan,

Let us now look into the time after their After the CapReturn from the Captivity.

tivity. And we find this fame Sin most sharply Re- 21. Ezra. prehended by Ezra the Prieft; not only as to ix. 1, 2, 3, their Marriages with the Seven Cursed Nations, which are all particularly nam’d, Deut. vii. 1. But he names likewise the Ammonites, Moa. bites, and Ægyprians, who were none of these Nations. And the Reason he gives reaches to All other People who were not of their Comminion, viz. That the Holy Seed have mingled themselves with the People of those Lands; That is, with any other who were not of the Holy Seed. Which was not confin’d to their Na. tion, but Religion ; because they were Allow'd to Marry Profelytes of other Nations.


And he of that Chaptifen them to the less Indie

that had bapter) Atithionate Prned &

And let us observe the great Zeal of Ezi against these Marriages. When (faid he) heard this thing, I rent my Garment and Mantle, and Pluckt off thé Hair of my Head and of my Beard, and Jate down Asanied, &d And he conceiv'd a most passionate Prayer (to the end of that Chapter) Attributing the Jude

ments that had befallen them to this Sin. Nehemiah. After him, Nehemiah express'd no less Indig. xiii: 23. nation in the same Cafe. And the Nations he

nam'd with whom the Israelites had Marryd were Ashdod, Ammon, and Moab; none of

which were of the Seven cursed Nations. And v. 25, &c.

I contended with them (faid he, that is, with · his Brethren of the Captivity, who had marry'd

with these) and curfed them, and smote certain of them, and pluck'd off their Hair, and made them swear by God; Saying, Ye Shall not give your Daughters unto their Sons, nor take their Daughters unto your Sons, or for your felves. Did not Solomon King of Israel Sin by these things? Yet among many Nations was ther no King like him, who was Beloved of his God, and God made him King over all Ifrael; neverthelefs, even him did Outlandish Women cause to Sin. Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great Evil, to tranfgress against our God,

in marrying strange Wives in Schifm of The last Instance I shall give, is that of the the Samaricans. great Schism of the Samaritans, which is not

extinguished to this Day; and took its Rise from this last mention'd Reformation of Nebe

miah, who tells us in the very next Words to Neh, xiii. 28. those before quoted, That one of the Sons of

Jehoiada, the Son of Eliashib the High-Priest, was Son in Law to Sanballat the Horonite ;

therefore (says he) I chased him from me. This Joseph. Antiq.

he Occafion. About Ix Years after the L. xi. c. 8. 6


Schism. broke out in the Year of the World 3672, when Manasjes Brother to Faddus the High-Priest refused to put away his Strange Wife, and was therefor driven from the Sacris fice. His Father-in-Law Sanballat, then Gover: nor of Samaria; Revolted from Darius his laws: ful King, and obtain'd leave of Alexander . who had conquer'd him, to build a Temple on Mount Gerizim, of which he made Manasses : : the High-Priestan And all that adher'd to their Unlawful Marriages resorted to this Temple; and such other Offenders as did not think themfelves safe at Jerufalem. vetu

Here, was Temple: set up against : Temple, Altar against Altar, Priest against Priest; Car. ryd on by Rebels ; Supported by the Lay Power, of a Conqueror; and Justify'd by Levites, who Lov'd or Feard their Wives more than the Church, c i nui , cii...:; b I have now given a short Account of these Marriages out of the Peculium, and the Cons fequences of them, from the beginning of the World, through the several States of the Patriarchs, and the Jews unto this Day! For, as I said, thiş Schifm, now grown a Sest of Samaritans, remains unto this Day. 4:1:1 . 3. In the History of the New Testament we find No Examples no Examples of this Sin. For besides that it of this in the reaches but a short way, The Cafe was so po sitively Ruld by the Apostles, and these Marriages forbidden to the first Christian Churches, as has been shew'd,. That they degenerated not during the Lives of the Apostles; as the I/rae. lites did not during the Life of Joshua; but fell afterwards in the time of the Judges, who grew more, careless, as shew'd before in the Joth Instance lui .1* : isa' bila? so ' I will

I will


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