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name of Jesus, knowing no hope but in Him alone."

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"You must not leave us, Magrath," said Murray, anxiously: we owe you a debt that I will see paid. Your fidelity, your zeal, your courage".


"Colonel Murray," interrupted the Irishman, rising, and standing before him in collected dignity, Colonel Murray, you owe me no debt. The debt that was owing is paid, but not by your hand. This," and he elevated the Irish Bible, and spoke with passionate feeling, "this is the debt that you owe to every poor child of sorrowful Erin. It's a long debt, and it bears a fearful interest, and woe to the Protestant who doesn't come forward to pay his share of it! You've made a resolute stand, and God has prospered it: the dark hour is ended, and yonder foes will be marching away by to-morrow's dawn but Papists defeated may rally again; they'll nurse the red spark of hatred from father to son, till your children's grandchildren may see the flame break out, the vengeance of heaven to fan, and no power in man to querch it!"

"But, Magrath, wherein lies our security, if not in Papists defeated?"

"In Papists converted, Sir," answered Magrath, energetically. "Take the word of a Papist who came here to destroy his friends, and now goes forth with no wish but to save his enemies. You'll never

enjoy the land till you've conquered it; you never will conquer it while Popery reigns. You may build palaces, and dwell in fenced cities, and laugh your enemies to scorn; but there's that concealed under the cabin roof which all your armies cannot overcome. You may hang, and shoot, and persecute, but destroy it you cannot; you may flatter and foster it, and give it power, but your friend it will never be. Popery is the curse of God upon a land and nothing can remove it but the blessing of God, made known in the gospel of Jesus Christ."



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