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husband ; she tastes it and expresses unusual life and animation-she says the serpent has not de ceived her- she feels no sign of death and presents the fruit to her husband-he reproves her she persists in pressing him to eat-he complies declares the fruit sweet, but begins to trouble at his own nakedness—he repents and expresses his remorse and terror-Eve proposes to form a covering of leaves--they retire to hide themselves in the foliage.

Act 3, Scene 1. Lucifer, Belia), Satan. Lucifer exults in his own success and the other demons applaud him.

Scene 2. Raphael, Michael, Gabriel. These good spirits lament the fall, and retire with awe on the appearance of God.

Scene 3. God, Eve, Adam. God calls on Adam-he appears, and laments his nakedness God interrogates him concerning the tree he confesses his offence and accuses Eve-she blames the serpent-God pronounces his malediction and sends them from his

presence. Scene 4. Raphael, Eve, and Adam. Raphael bids them depart from Paradise-Adam laments his destiny-Raphael persists in driving them rather harshly from the garden—Adam begs that his innocent children may not suffer for the fault of their mother-Raphael replies, that not only her children but all the race must suffer, and continues to drive them from the garden-Adam obeys-Eve laments, but soon comforts Adamhe-at length departs, animating himself with the idea, that to an intrepid heart, every region is a home.

Scene 5. A cherub moralizing on the creation and fall of Adam, concludes the third and last act.” But, notwithstanding the various speculations that have been made on the sources to which Milton has been indebted for the subject of his Poem, his name will stand unperishable on the scroll of fame, until the great globe itself shall perish.



3 copies

Adam, B. Esq. Homerton
Adams, J. Esq,
Aston, H. Esq.
Arbuthnot, Esq. Pentonville

-, Esq. Bow Road
Ainsworth, Capt. Cheltenham
Atkinson, J. Esq.
Atkinson, Miss
Atkinson, Miss C.
Atkinson, Miss S.
Anstice, Miss, Wooland Cottage, Stockland


3 copies
2 copies

Bailey, Lady
Bailey, Miss
Bond, Capt. Winchmore Hill
Bond, Mr. H. Ditto
Bond, Mr. London
Baron, Mr. Nelson Terrace, City Road.
Bassett, Mr.
Barr, Dr. Egremont Place
Barr, Mrs. Ditto
Beall, H. Esq. Poplar
Bowers, W. Esq. Bishopsgate Street
Bowers, Miss, Poplar
Bennett, Esq. Bread Street, Cheapside
Burns, J. Esq. Treherne House, Hampstead
Bristow, Mrs. Bromley
Bristow, Miss, Ditto
Bristow, Mr. H, London


Broadbelt, Mrs. Whitechapel
Brookes, Mrs. Bromley
Bolt, Mrs. Trigg Wharf
Browne, Mrs.
Bishop, Miss, Newington
Barney, Master, Limehouse
Breynton, Miss, Haunch Hall, Staffordshire
Bryce, Lady
Bowditch, Mrs. Taunton
Bowditch, Miss, Ditto
Barrington, Miss, Ditto
Blackbourne, Mrs. Rudge House, Stockland
Ball, Miss, Castle House, Sidmouth
Bridge R. Esq. North Curry

2 copies 2 copies

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6 copies

Colliton, Lady
Carter, J. Esq. Twickenham
Charnock, R. Esg.
Croft, J. Esq. Kentish Town
Crane, Mrs. Bromley
Caulier, Mrs. Trafalgar Square
Cox, Mrs. Turnham Green
Campbell, Mrs. York Street

Cook, Mrs.
Cook, Miss
Cook, Miss A.
Cornish Miss, Tauntun
Clarke, Mrs. Ditto
Curtis, Mr. King Street, Westminster


2 copies

Drought, Rev. C. B.
Dean, Mr. Bromley
Dauglish, Esq. Bethnal Green
Dauglish, Mrs. Ditto

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