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The parables of the net cast into the sea, which gathered Sect.


fish of every kind and of the householder which brings
out of his treasury things new and old,

John Baptist is put to death by Herod the tatrarch, in the
city of Tiberias,

After the Baptist's death the apostles return to Capernaum,

where they find Jesus. He leaves Capernaum, and sails

with them over the lake to the desert of Bethsaida. Here

the people are fed by miracle the first time. See § 67.

The multitude propose to make Jesus a king. He persuades
them to depart, and orders his disciples to sail away be-
fore him. They are retarded by contrary winds. Jesus
walks upon the sea, draws nigh to their boat, and makes
Peter also to walk upon the sea.
They instantly arrive

at land,
Jesus goes into Capernaum. The sermon and conversation
in the synagogue there, occasioned by the miracle of the
loaves. During our Lord's stay in Capernaum, many
miraculous cures are received by touching his clothes,
Jesus leaves Capernaum, and goes up to the passover,

In Galilee, the Pharisees blame the disciples for eating with
unwashed hands. Jesus reproves the Pharisees for their

Jesus, in the country of Tyre and Sidon, cures a Canaanitish
woman's daughter, who was vexed with a devil,

In Decapolis Jesus cures one who was deaf, and who had an

impediment in his speech,

The second miraculous dinner is given to eight thousand
people on a mountain near the sea of Galilee. See § 60.
After this Jesus goes away to Dalmanutha,

In Dalmanutha the Pharisees demand the sign from heaven
the second time. See § 48. 86. The sign of the prophet
Jonah promised the second time. See § 48. 86. Jesus
leaves Dalmanutha. In sailing across the lake, he cau-
tions his disciples to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees
and Sadducees,

Jesus lands at Bethsaida, and gives sight to a blind man near

that town,

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the keys, and foretels his own sufferings and resurrection

a second time. See § 20.72.

In the country of Cæsarea Philippi Jesus inculcates the
virtue of self-denial, See § 93, 105, and declares that he
will judge the world at the last day,

Jesus is transfigured upon an high mountain in the country

of Cæsarea Philippi, and foretels his own sufferings and

resurrection a third time. See § 70. 73.

In the country of Cæsarea Philippi Jesus cures a youth that
was afflicted with an epilepsy, declares the efficacy of
prayer and fasting in the working of miracles, and foretels
his own sufferings the fourth time, See § 72. 101. also his
resurrection the fourth time. See § 106.





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At the feast of Dedication, Jesus meets with the man who
was born blind, whom he had cured at the preceding feast
of Tabernacles. See § 78. He leaves Jerusalem and goes
to Perea. His ministry in Perea begins. See § 98.

In Perea Jesus teaches his disciples to pray.

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who was a Samaritan, returns after his cure, and gives

Jesus thanks for it,

Lazarus is raised from the dead at Bethany; after which Je-

sus goes to Ephraim, a city near the wilderness of Judea, 100

At Ephraim Jesus foretels the destruction of the Jewish

state the first time, See § 123. also his own sufferings

the fifth time, See § 73. 106. He delivers the parable

of the unjust judge and injured widow,

The parable of the Pharisee and the publican who went up

to the temple to pray,

The Pharisees ask Christ's opinion concerning divorces,

Jesus blesses little children,

Jesus leaves Ephraim. A young ruler desires to know what
he should do to inherit eternal life. See § 82. 119. The
difficulty of entering into the kingdom of heaven. The
promise of the thrones is made the first time. See § 130.
Self-denial is inculcated the third time. See § 71. 93.
The parable of the labourers in the vineyard,

Jesus foretels his own sufferings a sixth time. See § 101.

125. Also his resurrection a fifth time. See § 73. 131.

His disciples strive for the chief posts a second time. See
§ 74. 130. He inculcates the necessity of humility,
Jesus in his way to Jerusalem, cures two blind beggars
near the city of Jericho,




Jesus is anointed by Mary in Bethany. See § 43. 125.


Jesus enters Jerusalem publicly, as Messiah.

He weeps

over the city. See § 91. 121.


Priests and elders are sent by the senate to ask Jesus con-
cerning his authority. The parable of the sons com-
manded to work in the vineyard,


The parable of the vineyard that was let out to husbandmen, 115
The parable of the marriage-supper is delivered the second

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One of the Scribes asks Jesus which is the great command-
ment in the law. See § 82. 105.


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