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18 23 John mess of the evil; but if well, why smitest thou me? Now Annas had sent him bound unto Caiaphas the high priest.


N.B. Here John brings in the history of Peter's third denial. See at Luke xxii. 58. p. 289. Mar. And the chief priests and all the council sought



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Witness against Jesus to put him to death, and found none.

Mat. Now the chief priests, and elders, and all the council, sought

False witness against Jesus, to put him to death, but found none.

Mat. Yea, though many false witnesses came,
Yet found they none.

Mar. For many bare false witness against him,
But their witness agreed not together.
Mar. And there arose certain, and bare false witness
against him, saying,

We heard him say, I will destroy this tem-
ple that is made with hands,

And within three days I will build another made without hands,

Mat. At the last came two false witnesses, and said, This fellow said, I am able to destroy the temple of God,

And to build it in three days.

Mar. But neither so did their witness agree together, Mar. And the high priest stood up in the mids, and asked Jesus, saying,

Answerest thou nothing? what is it which these witness against thee?

Mat. And the high priest arose, and said unto him, Answerest thou nothing? what is it whick these witness against thee?

Mat. But Jesus held his peace.

Mar. But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Luke The priests asked him, saying, Art thou the Christ? tell us. And he said unto them, if I tell you, you will not believe. And if I also ask you, you will not answer me, nor let me go. Mat. And the high priest answered and said unto him,

I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ the Son of God.

Mar. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him,

Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? Mar. And Jesus said, I am;

And ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power,

And coming in the clouds of heaven. Mat. Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: Nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye

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Luke Then said they all, Art thou then the Son of
God? and he said unto them, Ye say that I am,
Mat. Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying,
He hath spoken blasphemy; what further
need have we of witnesses?

Mar. Then the high priest rent his clothes, and saith,
What need we any further witnesses?
Mar. Ye have heard the blasphemy.
Mat. Behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy.
LukeAnd they said, What need we any further wit-
ness? for we ourselves have heard of his own

Mat. What think ye?

They answered and said, He is guilty of


Mar. What think ye?

And they all condemned him to be guilty of death.

Mat. Then did they spit in his face and buffeted him, And others smote him with the palms of their hands,

Saying, Prophesy unto us, thou Christ, who is he that smote thee?

Mar. And some began to spit on him,

And to cover his face, and to buffet him, And to say unto him, Prophesy: Mar. And the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands.

N. B. Here Matthew and Mark bring in the history of Peter's denials. See at Luke xxii. 56. pag.289.

Sect. 138. Jesus is brought before Pilate. Judas bangs himself.

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Mar. And bound Jesus, and carried him away, and delivered him to Pilate.

Luke And the whole multitude of them arose, and led him unto Pilate.

18 28 John Then led they Jesus from Caiaphas unto the

hall of judgment:

Mat. And when they had bound him, they led him away and delivered him to Pontius Pilate the governor.

John And it was early, and they themselves went not

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18 28 John into the judgment hall, lest they should be defiled; but that they might eat the passover. Mat. Then Judas which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself. &c. to ver. 11.

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Sect. 139. Pilate refuses to judge Christ, and declares him innocent.


29 John Pilate then went out unto them, and said, What accusation bring you against this man? They, answered and said unto him, If he were not a malefactor, we would not have delivered him up unto thee. Then said Pilate unto them, Take ye him, and judge him according to your law. The Jews therefore said unto him, It is not lawful for us to put any man to death: that the saying of Jesus might be fulfilled which he spake, signifying what death he should die. LukeAnd they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Cesar, saying, that he himself is Christ a king.

33 John Then Pilate entered into the judgment-hall again, and called Jesus,

Mat. And Jesus stood before the governor;

Mat. And the governor asked him, saying, Art thou the king of the Jews?

And Jesus said unto him, Thou sayest. Mar. And Pilate asked him, Art thou the king of the Jews?

And he answering said unto him, Thou savest it.

Luke And Pilate asked him, saying, Art thou the king of the Jews?

And he answered him and said, Thou say-
est it.

John And said unto him, Art thou the king of the

N. B. After returning the answer which the other evangelists have mentioned, Jesus added as follows in John.


34 John Jesus answered him, Sayest thou this thing, &c. to verse 38. Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? and when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.

Luke Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man.

Sect. 140. The governor sends Jesus to Herod. Luke And they were the more fierce, saying, He stirreth up the people, teaching throughout all Jewry, beginning from Galilee to this place. Mar. And the chief priests accused him of many things; but he answered nothing. Mat. And when he was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing. Mat. Then saith Pilate unto him,


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Hearest thou not how many things they witness against thee?

Mar. And Pilate asked him again, saying, Answerest thou nothing?



Behold how many things they witness against thee?

Mar. But Jesus yet answered nothing,
So that Pilate marvelled.

Mat. And he answered him to never a word, Insomuch that the governor marvelled greatly.

Luke When Pilate heard of Galilee, he asked whether the man were a Galilean, &c. to ver. 13.

Sect. 141, Pilate offers three times to release Jesus. Mat. Now at that feast the governor was wont to release

Unto the people a prisoner, whom they would.

Mar. Now at that feast he released

Unto them one prisoner, whomsoever they

Mat. And they had then a notable prisoner, called

Mar. And there was one named Barabbas,

Mar. Which lay bound with them that had made in. surrection with him, who had committed mur. der in the insurrection. See John xviii. 40. Luke xxiii. 19. 25. And the multitude crying aloud, began to desire him to do as he had ever done unto them.

Mar. But Pilate answered them, saying,

Mat. Therefore when they were gathered together,
Pilate said unto them,

18 39 John But ye have a custom that I should release unto you one at the passover:

Mat. Whom will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas or Jesus which is called Christ?

John Will ye therefore that I release unto you the king of the Jews?

Mar. Will ye that I release unto you the king of the


Mat. For he knew that for envy they had delivered


Mar. For he knew that the chief priests had delivered him for envy.

Mat. When he was set down on the judgment-seat,

his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou no thing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream be cause of him.

Luke And Pilate, when he had called together the chief priests, and the rulers, and the people, said unto them, Ye have brought this man unto me, as one that perverteth the people; and be. hold, I having examined him before you, have found no fault in this man touching those things


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Luke whereof ye accuse him, no, nor yet Herod, for I sent you to him, and lo nothing worthy of death is done unto him (or rather by him). I will therefore chastise him, and release him. For of necessity he must release one unto them at the feast.

Mat. But the chef priests and elders persuaded the multitude


That they should ask Barabbas, and de-
stroy Jesus.

Mar. But the chief priests moved the people,
That he should rather release Barabbas
unto them.

18 40 John Then cried they all again (λ, in return), saying,

Luke And they cried out all at once, saying,
Away with this man, and release unto us

Not this man, but Barabbas. Now Barabbas was a robber.

Luke(Who for a certain sedition made in the city, and for murder, was cast in prison). See Mark, ver. 7, 8. Luke, ver. 25.

Luke Pilate therefore, willing to release Jesus, spake again to them.

Mat. The governor answered and said unto them,' Mat. Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you?

Mat. They said, Barabbas.

Mat. Pilate saith unto them,

What shall I do then with Jesus, which is called Christ?

Mar. And Pilate answered and said again unto them,
What will ye then that I shall do unto him
whom ye call the king of the Jews?
Mar. And they cried out again, Crucify him.
Mat. They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.
Luke But they cried, saying, Crucify him, crucify him.
Mat. And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he



Luke have found no cause of death in him: I will therefore chastise him, and let him go.

Then Pilate said unto them, Why, what evil hath he done?

And he said unto them the third time, Why, what evil hath he done?

Luke And they were instant with loud voices, re-
quiring that he might be crucified.
Mar. And they cried out the more exceedingly.
Crucify him.

Mat. But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified.

Mat. When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multi


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