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The original design of this work (first published in 1823, under the title of “Practical Remarks on the Prophecies,”') was to answer objections made to missionary exertions from particular views of prophecy, and to show that all Christians had a clear title to the spiritual promises of the Old Testament. As subsequent editions have been called for, the Author has been led on to a more extensive study of the subject of Prophecy than he anticipated, and has endeavoured to take a general view of the whole of that important part of divine truth.

The earnestness of the prophets, enquiring and searching diligently what or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ signified, 1 Pet. i. 10, 11; and the weeping much of the favoured apostle when no man was found worthy to open the sealed book, Rev. v. 4, reprove that neglect and indifference with which too many Christians have hitherto regarded this truly scriptural and edifying subject. The Author cannot but hope that this neglect is passing away, and giving place to an increased attention.

He has read as far as he had opportunity, and considered what has been published on prophecy since the former edi. tions of this work, and especially has sought to weigh any remarks on the side opposed to his own views. The result, without weakening his assurance of the piety of those from whom he differs, has been an increasing conviction, with slight modifications, of the substantial truth of his own views. The signs of the times are indeed so remarkable, as powerfully to call all to earnest attention to this subject, and to give increasing evidence of the very important character of the events before us.

Farther research has convinced the Author that but a small part of the full scripture testimony to the præ-millennial advent has yet been brought out from the sacred volume, and but a small part of the full historical proofs of prophecy already fulfilled, has yet been brought to illustrate, by the providence of God, in past events, the predictions which had been previously given. In many of the additions made, the author has been much indebted to the suggestions of a dear friend with whom he has the happiness of being intimate. Believing the views


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