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distinguish between the gifts and the graces of the spirit; as many who were highly favoured and enjoyed peculiar privileges, and had partaken largely of the gifts, but not improving or using them to the honour and glory of God, and falling into sin, have never known nor experienced the grace of the Spirit. Such were Balaam and Judas.

We must also be careful how we do despite to the Spirit of grace,by indulging an unholy temper and disposition, or living in any allowed sin. Men frequently exclude themselves from ever experiencing the aid and assistance of the Holy Spirit by disbelieving or denying his divine power, and neglecting those means of grace through which the promised blessings are conveyed: unless these are sought for, and we pray devoutly and earnestly to be directed, governed, and sanctified both in body and soul, it is vain to expect either the consolations or the support of the Spirit. And till the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts, we shall never duly estimate the benefits and privileges which are abundantly bestowed upon those who desire and aspire after that communion with the Father of our spirits, as the Holy Ghost is promised to assist us in making, through the intercession of him who so loved us as to pour out his soul unto death, ai^'W^c^fh fcfe" Hie foiled Hot constantly to prater alt who should believe in his name.

i■liet tistheh seek to have our hearts established by Faith, that we may be rooted and gkferifled m love—'that pure and ardent lOVS which is the fruit of the Spirit: so shair we hot only glory and rejoice in tribulatiotiVBut we shall triumph in the name of the Lord, giving thanks to the Father by hiffitCfi3- i■ ■' "'

* Ihapplying what has been said, there are several important inferences to be drawn, which will enable us to discover how far we are under the guidance and influence of the Holy Spirit, or seeking for his especial grace and favour, which we have from our infancy been taught to implore and call for by diligent prayer. And if this is our happy experience, we shall be rejoicing in hope— patient in tribulation—continuing instant in; prayer—distributing to the necessity of saints—given to hospitality; and then may we be assured that even tribulation, under divine grace, cannot fail to work such a devout, humble, and happy disposition of mind as is strengthened by exercise, and worketh for us an eternal weight of glory.

{But to those who know nothing either of the gifts or graces of the Spirit, how deplorable is 'their state! When tribulation and DISCOURSE X.

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Psal. lxvi. 14.

O come hither and hearken, ye that fear God, and I will tell you tehat he hath done for my soul.

Amidst the various mercies which a penitent and convinced sinner is sensible of, there is not any thing which more frequently occupies his mind, or forms a more delightful subject for meditation, gratitude, and praise, than that which hath been done for his soul.

From the conviction of what hath been accomplished in the great work of redemption, and that which is still accomplishing and completing for the good of immortal souls, and that notwithstanding his unworthiness, Christ hath invited him to participate in the high privileges purchased by his death; he does not hesitate to accept the gracious invitation; at.the same time earnestly inquiring, "Lord,vwhat wouldst thou have me to do?" but in deep humility exclaims, "What can I render unto huft for his inestimable benefits!" r ,-';

The Holy Spirit then teacheth him aU things, and bringeth all things to his remembrance, convincing him of his sins, and leading him to true and unfeigned repentance, and amendment of life. He then desires and prays more and more to be taught of God, that he may know himself even as he is known; and he searches the Scriptures daily, that he may understand the whole will of his Lord; and then doth he by faith see and receive the Saviour into his heart. Let us, then, my friends, seriously ask ourselves, Have we so received Christ? If we have, love and gratitude must, or ought to constrain us to serve truly, in sincerity of heart, all the days of our lives, our great benefactor and deliverer —the Saviour of our souls; and then may we have confidence towards God, if we do the things which he commandeth.

The true believer will also show his willingness1 to bear the cross of his Lord, by . c.7 .; ». j , .

1 Ps. ex. S. "Thy people shall be willing in the day of ihy power." The blessed effects of

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