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UPON SEVERAL OCCASIONS, To be used before the two final Prayers of Morning and Evening Service

For Fair Weather.

PRAY ERS 'A Prayer for Congress, to be used during their Session.

ALMIGHTY and most merciful

Father, we humbly beseech MOST gracious God, we hum

bly beseech thee,' as for the thee, of thy great gouaness. to Pecple of these United States in restrain those immoderate rains,

where with, for our sins. thou general, so especially for their

bast afflicted us : And we pray Senate and Representatives in

thee to send us such seasonable Congress assembled; that thou wouldest be pleased to direct and

weather, that the earth may, in prosper all their consultations, to

due lime, yield her increase, for the advancement of thy Glory,

our use and benefit; and give us the good of thy Church, the safe- grace, that we may learn, by thy ty, honour, and welfare of thy and for thy clemency to give

punishments, to amend our lives, people ; that all things may be so thee thanks and praise, through ordered and sellled by their en.

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. deavours, upon the best and surest foundations, that peace and

1 In T'ime of Dearth and Famine. happiness, truth and justice, re- O God, heavenly Father, whose ligion and piety, may be esta

gift it is that the rain dotb blished among us for all genera- fall, and the earth bring forth her ions. Tirse, and all other neces- increase; behold,we beseech thee saries for them, for us, and thy the afflictions of thy people; in whole Church, we humbly beg in crease the fruits of the earth bs the name and mediation of Jesus thy heavenly benediction; and Christ, our most blessed Lord and grant that the scarcity and dearth, Saviour. Amen.

which we now must justly suffer

for our sins, may, through thy 1 For Rain.

goodness, be mercifully turned O God, Heavenly Father, who, into plenty, for the love of Jesus by thy Son

Jesus Christ, hasi Christ our Lord; to whom, with promised to all those who seek thee and the Holy Ghust, be all thy kingdom and the righteous- honour and glory, now and for ness thereof, all things necessary

ever. Amen. o their bodily sustenance; send

I In Time of War and Tumults us, we beseech thee, in this our O Almighty God, the supreme Iecessity, such moderate rain Governor of all things, whose and showe-s, that we may receive power no creature is able to re the fruits of the earth to our com- sist, to whom it belongeth justly fort, and to ihy honour, through to punish sinners, and to be mer. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Iciful to those who truly repent


save and deliver us, we bumbly, and the benefit of ihy holy beseech thee, from the hands of Church, through Jesus Christ our our enemies; that we, being arm- Lord. Amen. ed with thy defence, may he pre-t in Time ojo great Sickness and Mortaserved evermore from all perils,

lity. to glorify theç, who art the only o Almighty God, the Lord of giver of all victory, through the life and death, of sickness merits of thy Son, Jesus Christ and health ; regard our supplicaom Lord. Amen.

tions, we humbly beseech thee;

and, as thou hast thought fit to For those who are to be admitted into Holy Orders, to be used in the Werks visit us for our sins with great preceding the stated Times of Ordina- sickness and mortality, in the

midst of thy judgment, O Lord, ALMIGHTY God, our heaven. remember mercy:

Have pity ly Father, who hast purchas- upo:3 us miserable sinners, and ed 10 thyself an universal Church, withdraw from us the grievous by the precious blood of thy dear sickness with which we are afSon; mercifully look upon the flicted. Play this thy fatherly same, and at this time so guide correction liave its due influence and govern the minils of thy ser-jupon us, by leading us to convanis, the Bishops and Pastors of sider how frail and uncertain cur thy flock, that they may lay life is; that we may apply cur hands suddenly on no man, but hearts unto that heavenly wisfaithfully and wisely make choice dom, which in the end will bring of fit persons, to serve in the sa- us to everlasting life, through cred ministry of thy Church. And, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amesi. to those who shall be ordained to

1 For a Sick Person. any holy function, give thy grace O Father of mercies, and God and heavenly benediction, that of all comfort, our cnly help by both their life and doctrine in time of need ; look down from they may show forth thy glory, heaven, we humbly bescech thee, und set forward the salvation of behold, visit, and ielieve thy sick all men, through Jesus Christ our serrant, for whon our prayers are Lord. Amen.

desired. Look upon him witb the

Jeyes of thy mercy; comfort him ALMIGHTY God, the giver of with a sense of thy goodness ; pre:

all good gifts, who of thy di- serve him from the temptations of vine providence hast appointed the enemy; give him patienceun. divers orders in thy Church; give der his afdiction; and, in thy good thy grace, we humbiy beseechjtime, restore him to healtís, and thee, to all those who are to be enable him to lead the residue o! called to any office ard adminis. his life in thy fear, and to thy tration in the same; and so re-glory: Di else give him grace so plenish them with the truch of to take thy visitation, that, after ihy doctrine, and endue them this painful life ended, he may with innocency of life, that they dwell with thee in life everläsi. may faithfully serve before thee,ling, through Jesus Cirris' our to the glory of thy great rame Lord. Amtil.

I Or this.

1 For a Sick Child.

we beseech thee, upon the sot ALMIGHTY God, and merci- rows of thy servant, for whomo

ful Father, to whom alone our prayers are desired. In thy belong the issues of life and wisdom thou hast seen fit to visit death; look down from heaven, him with trouble and to bring: we humbly beseech thee, with distress upon him. Remembe. the eyes of mercy, upon the sick him, O Lord, in meray; sanctity child for whom our prayers are thy fatherly correction to him desired. Deliver him, o Lord, in endue his soul with patience un thy good appointed time, from der his affliction, and with resig his bodily pain, and visit him nation to thy blessed will; com with thy salvation; that if it fort him with a sense of thy good should be thy good pleasure to ness; list up thy countenance prolong his days bere on earth, he upon him, and give him peace inay live to thee, and be an in- through Jesus Christ our Lord strument of thy glory, hy serving simen. thee faithfully, and doing good For Malefuctors, after Condensnation in his generation : Or else re

Or else the Prayer in the Visitation ceive him into those heavenly Frisoners, beginning, " o Fatier å habitations, where the souls of mercies," &c. may be used. those who sleep in the Lord Je O Most gracious and inercifu! sus enjoy perpetual rest and fc- Gou, we earnestly beseect licity. Grant ihis, O Lord, for the thee to have pity and compas love of thy Son, our Saviour, sion upon those persons recom Jesus Christ. Anien.

unended to our prayers, who now 17 For a Person, or Persons going to Sca. lie under the sentence of the law O Eternal God, who alone and are appointed to die. Visit

spreadest out the heavens, them, O Lord, with thy mercy and rulest thc raging of the sea ; and salvation; convince them ol we commend to thy Almighty the miserable condition they are protection, thy servant, for whose in, by their sins and wickedness; preservation on the great deep and let thy powerful grace proour prayers are desired. Guard duce in them such a godly ‘sorhim, we beseech ihee, from the row, and sincere repentance, as dangers of the sea, from sickness, thou wilt be pleased to accept from the violence of enemies, Give them a strong and lively and from every evil to which he faith in thy Son our blessed Sumay be exposed. Conduct rim viour, and make it effectual to in safety to the haven where he the salvation of their souls. O would be, with a grateful sense Lord, in judgment remember of thy mercies, through Jesus mercy; and whatever sufferings Christ our Lord. Amen. they are to endure in this world,

1 For a Person under Affliction. yat deliver them, O God, from the O Merciful God, and heavenly bitter pains of eternal deatdı

. Father, who bast taught us, Pardon their sins, and save their in tliy holy Woril, that thou dost souls, for the sake and merits o: not willingly afflict or grieve the thy dear Son, our blessed Se children of men; look with pity, viour and Redeemer 4mont,

1 For Rain.

- Xe Thanksgiving of Women afer this thy mercy, and will always

kild-Birth; to be suid when any Wo; declare thy loving kindness from man, being present in Church, shall have desired to return Thanks to Al- generation to generation, through mighty God for her safe Deliverance. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. O Almighty God, we give thee

I For Plenty. humble thanks, for that thou hast been graciously pleased to

O Most merciful Father, who

of thy gracious goodness hast preserve, through the great pain heard the devout prayers of thy and peril of Child-birth, this wo- Church, and turned our dearth snan, thy servant, who desires now and scarcity into plenty; we give to offer her praises and thanks- thee humble thanks for this thy givings unto thee. Grant, we special bounty; beseeching thee beseech thee, most merciful Fa-lio contime thy loving kindness ther. that she, through thy help. unto us, that our land may yield may both faithfully live and walk us her fruits of increase, to thy according to thy will in this life glory and our comfort, through present, and also may be partaker Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. of everlasting glory in the life to " For Peace, and Deliverance froin our come, through Jesus Christ our

Encues. Lord. Amen.

O Almighty God, who art a

strong tower of defence unto O God, our heaveniy Father, thy servants against the face of

who ly thy gracious provin their enemies; we yield thee cience dost cause the former and praise and thanksgiving, for our the latter rain to descend upon deliverance from those great and the carth, that it may bring forth apparent dangers wherewith we fruit for the use of man; we give were compassed; we acknowthee humble thanks that it hath!ledge it thy goodness that we pleased thee, in our great neces- were not delivered over as a prey sity, to send us at the last, a joy- unto them; beseeching thee still ful rain upon thine inheritance, to continue such thy mercies 10and to refresh it when it was dry. wards us, that all the world may to the great comfort of us thy un- know that thou art our Saviour worthy servants, and to the glo- and migiity Deliverer, through ry of ihy holy name, through ihy Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. wercies in Jesus Christ our Lord. For restoring Public Prace at Home. Hmeil.

O Eternal God, our leavenly # For Fair Weather.

Father, who alone makest O Lord God, who hast justly men to be of one mind in a house,

humbled us by thy late visita- and stillest the ontrage of a vin. tion of us with immoderate rain lent and unruly people; we bless and waters, and in thy mercy thy moly name, that it hath pleashast relieved and comforted our ed thee to appease the seditious Bouts by this seasonable and bles- tumults which have been lately sed change of weather; we praise raised up amongst us; most hum. and glorify iby koly name, foruly beseeching lee to grant to all of us grace, that we may been pleased to deliver from hus henceforth obediently walk in thy bodily sickness this thy serrant, holy commandınents; and, lead- who now desireth to return thanks ing a quiet and peaceable life in all unto thee, in the presence of all godliness and honesty, may con- thy peoplo. Gracicus art thou, tinually offer untu thee our sacri- O Lord, and full of compassion fice of praise and thanksgiving to the children of men. May his for these thy mercies towards us, heart be duly impressed with a thruagh Jesus Christ our Lord. sense of thy merciful goodness, .Imen.

and may he devote the residue of : For Deliverance from great Sickness his days to an humble, holy, and and Niortality.

obedient walking before thee, O Lord God, who hast wounded us for our sins, and consumed through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Amen. us for our transgressions, by thy late heavy and dreadful visita- 1. For a safe Return from Sen.

ion; and now, in the midst of Most gracious Lord, whose judgment remerbering mercy, mercy is over all thy works ; hast redeemed our souls from the we praise thy lioly naine, tha! jaws of death; we offer unto thy thou hast been pleased to conduct fatherly goodness ourselves, our in safety, through the perils of souls and bodies, which thou hast the great deer, this thy servant, delivered, to be a living sacrifice who now desire!h to return ht:. unto thee; always praising and thanks unto thee, in thy holy magnifying thy mercies in the Church: May hc be duly senzi. midst of thy Church, througlı ble of thy merciful providence to Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. wards him, and cver express his

TT For a Recovery froin Sickness. thankfulness by a holy trust in O God, who art the giver of life, thee, and obedience to thy laws,

of health, and of safety; we through Jesus Christ our Lori, bless thy name, that thou hast Amen.


COLLECTS, EPISTLES, AND GOSPELS, used throughout the Year.

The first Sunday in Adrene. Ito visit us in great humility; that The Collect.

in the last day, when he shall ALMIGHTY God, give us grace come again in his gloridis Ma.

that we inay cast a way the jesty to judge both the quick and works of darknoss, and put upon dead, we may rise to the lise im is the armour of light, now in mortal, through him who liveth the tin of this mortal life, in and reigneth with thee and the which thy Sou Jesus Christ came Holy Ghost, now and ever. Amen

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