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their joys, while they gather honey in abundance.

If any should impede them in their aerial journeys to or from the trees enriched with such dews, how should they be made to smart by their keen stings for such interruptions. In like manner, the saints delight in, and constantly attend on the stated ordinances of grace, but especially do they take pleasure in the more solemn ordinances of the gospel, even in the holy sacraments, these peculiar memorials of Christ's love and death: In these precious seasons, heavenly dews fall abundantly for the refreshment of his people ; then it is believers call forth every grace, in lively exercise: before, they contented themselves with the ordinary institutions of the gospel, these salutary herbs and flowers planted in the church, but now they soar higher on the wings of faith and love, and feast on Christ himself, the tree of life, who inviteth them, saying, “ Eat, O “ friends ; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O " beloved," Cant. v. 1.

When such showers of blessing are falling, were the world, the devil, or the flesh,


“ bal,” i Cor. xiii. 1. they come and go to ordinances, and are never a whit the better; either with respect to principles or practice; and even though many be enticed thereby to settle in Christ by a nominal profession, saying unto him, “ Lord, Lord!" yet will he profess unto them, he never knew them, Matth. vii. 21---23. unless through the energy of the Holy Ghost they be planted in him.

sitt. PTC to Top How much doth it then concern all gospel hearers to know whether divine efficacy have gone along with the word preached, uniting them by faith and love to Christ Jesus, seeing that “ many are called, but few are cho“ sen,” Matt. xxii. 14. 1Do


Jang en het Owners of bees feed their stocks only in winter, rainy, and cold seasons, when these insects are not able to fly abroad in quest of their subsistence, or when no flowers are to be found in the fields : and is not the Lord very gracious in feeding the souls of his people in private and secret ordinances, when they are deprived of attending upon him in public, either through persecutions, diseases, infirmities, age, or other necessary


postpone all till Sabbath ; and I am afraid, if grace prevent not, those who habitually do so, will be ranked among Sabbath-breakers, and despisers of the ordinances at last.

I remember a charge I have somewhere heard, which a considerable farmer used to give on Sabbath to his family and servants ; which was, not to stay at home from the public ordinances of the gospel, unless they had such an excuse as they could carry to the judgment of the great day. O that this charge may sound freshly in the ears of my soul every Sabbath, and in the ears of all privileged with gospel opportunities !

In every hive, naturalists inform us, there are a number of drones (and these work not) which often fly about towards the approach of night, making a greater buzz than any of the other bees; yet are they necessary to be preserved for a while, being the only males, so that workers may be propagated.

And are there not likewise a number of drones in the world, even men who do nothing

at all for the glory of God, or the good of · society? These, like those drone bees, make

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