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beg to offer them, if not as an evidence of the zeal with which the trust committed to me has been discharged, as testifying the grateful sense under which it was accepted.

Whatever be the feeling, with which the offering is received, I will venture to hope, that in the particular form, in which my

views are now embodied; the principle derives, from the subject to which it is applied, that interest and importance which may give it some claim to attention. The determination of the epochs of the Assyrian or Egyptian chronology, by the genethliacal or canicular cycle, have but a secondary recommendation; as the result brings confirmation to the sacred records, or leads to the subversion of speculative systems, by which they would be opposed or controverted. But in the establishment of the dates of Prophecy by the sabbatical cycle: as tending to the establishment of our faith, by a new and demonstrative species of evidence; the highest interests of humanity are promoted, in the confirmation which is brought to Revealed Religion.

The principle, which I venture to submit, with these claims to your Grace, I am fully aware, must derive its chief recommendation from its practical effect and utility. But the range and nature of its application may, I hope entitle it to a favorable consideration, as lightening the pains of inquiry into its pretensions. As the great scheme of divine providence, for the recovery of mankind from the curse of sin and sorrow, is progressively submitted, in the course of discussion, to the chronological test; the scene which


in review is arrayed in all that is calculated to attract or fix attention, from being great and glorious. It is generally allowed, that a purely sabbatical tendency is manifest in the end purposed in his dispensation by the Deity; who has bound himself under the most solemn obligation to lead his elect people into a holy rest. And it may be easily proved, that the same character pervades the entire system of his providence, from the first revelation of his gracious purpose.

In the bare statement of these subjects, a sufficient inducement is offered to stimulate inquiry into their reality, however they may be deemed incapable of strict demonstration. And if, as the subjoined work professes to prove, the pervading principle, which gives this sabbatical character to the entire system of Revelation, furnishes in the cycles, by which the festivals were ordered, and the principal epochs determined a graduated scale, whereby the CHRONOLOGICAL PROPHECIES admit of establishment in their circumstances and dates: beyond the statement of this object, it must be not merely needless, but presumptuous, to offer a word in its recommendation.

The object thus proposed in the developement of a system,—wherein the Omnipotent himself must be regarded as the agent, and man's restoration to eternal happiness the end to be effected,-must indeed suffer, under any effort to do it justice. In committing it without further comment to your Grace; I trust the solemnity of the subject, with the importance of which I am fully impressed, however inadequate to express my sense of it, will at least shelter me from the imputation of insincerity, in the declaration with which I commend it to your protection. As your Grace's exalted station and eminent qualifications confer every title to decide upon its pretensions; whatever reason I may have to apprehend the decision of such a judge, I have the most confident reliance upon his kindness. . Those to whom your Grace is known, although they may condemn my temerity, will not

question my judgment in adding,—that, as I know no judge on whose decision I could with equal confidence rely, there is none to whose sentence I shall submit with such cheerful acquiescence.


I have the honor to be

Your Grace's

Most obliged, obedient, humble Servant,


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