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mind long after conscience had asserted its secret power, and so brought on the soul the guilt likewise of actual transgression. The influence of evil example begins to operate even in babyhood; and the poison thus early instilled is not to be counteracted by the antidote tardily administered, without many a sore struggle and bitter pang. We speak, of course, of what can be done instrumentally to influence the outward conduct, and no one who desires to see the rule of Satan interrupted and his power checked, but must own the importance of even an outwardly moral deportment, while the means of grace are sedulously employed to reach the heart, and lead to true repentance.

This work is the especial care of the excellent Society in question, who go to the root of the matter, by carefully teaching the teachers, training the trainers of the young. Their plan is before the public, their labours are before the Lord; and we would say to such as may be able to lend a hand in this great and good work, Examine the matter, judge for yourselves, and remember how very many there are among the infant objects of the Society's tender care, concerning whom in the great day the Lord shall proclaim, "Inasmuch as ye did it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye did it unto me."



THE mighty work is done,

The Lord hath sat him down;

For he has numbered all

The jewels of his crown.

And GLORIOUS is his form!
Enthroned in dazzling light;

E'en on his hands and feet,

The wounds themselves are bright!

Dread was the strife and fierce,

But GLORIOUS is the rest;

And now around him stand

The millions of the blest!

They make the harp's high note
Of GLORY is the song;
Unto the Lamb, they cry,
GLORY and praise belong.

And GLORY gilds each brow,
Each bears his name's impress,

His will is now their food,

Their robe His righteousness!

The light in which they dwell,

Streams from his blood-dyed vest;
Eternity's too short to tell

HOW GLORIOUS is that rest!

Whitsunday, 1842.

E. M. G.


In the last times there shall be a general flight unto the Baitu-l-Mukaddas, (the temple of Jerusalem) and the ark, and the gracious presence (Shechinah) of God, shall be lifted up on high in this Temple Here shall be the general gathering of all men, the general resurrection: unto the holy abode shall God come in the darkness of thick clouds, amidst his angels; and all creatures shall burst through their graves without difficulty, and all the inhabitants of Paradise shall come down again with pomp on the day of judgment to this Temple, and here shall the Seraphim blow the trumpet on the wall of the Temple, and proclaim those great and terrific words-' O flesh torn from the bones! O bones gnawed and cut! Come forth unto your reckoning, and let your breath breathe forth again, and receive the recompense of your deeds.'

(Imam-Jalal. Addin-Al-Sinti, A.D. 1444.)


NOTWITHSTANDING the ancient superstition that shrinks from edged gifts under the idea that they may 'cut love,' we are much pleased with the following proposition, and with a very handsome specimen that we have seen of our correspondent's projected stock. His name is, we believe, sufficient guarantee for the excellence of the articles to be furnished; and the conspicuous decoration of that much-loved word, JERUSALEM, elegantly engraven on the blade, cannot but recal the declaration to which we trust our Christian readers heartily subscribe, "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget"-There are many growing institutions in the Holy City under the Bishop's management calling for support; we may especially mention the Hospital: and to this we would gladly devote the produce of our friend's ingenious plan.


HAVING long felt greatly interested in the temporal and eternal welfare of God's chosen people, whose cause is so ably advocated in the Christian Lady's Magazine; I shall consider it a great privilege to assist in obtaining contributions to the fund for supporting the Bishop of Jerusalem, from those who have not yet subscribed, and further aid from those who have, without any additional tax upon

their liberality. My plan is the following. I would have a set of patterns of scissors, penknives, razors, table knives, &c. made up, which should be placed in the hands of some active friend of the cause in London, who would receive orders for them at the prices marked, which would be the same as charged by the respectable London shopkeepers. This would leave a considerable profit to the fund, as a Manufacturer of established reputation will supply the articles at the price they cost manufacturing. The scissors, penknives, and razors will have "Jerusalem " etched upon the blades, which would I trust induce many to purchase them as a memorial of the dawning of brighter days for persecuted Israel, when a Protestant Jewish Bishop is sent to preside over the spiritual welfare of the inhabitants of the Holy City.

The patterns would comprise articles of the best qualities to suit every class from the peasant to the peer. If you approve of the plan and support it with your powerful pen, I have no doubt but that considerable orders may be obtained, and thus not only aid the Jerusalem fund, but furnish employment, (at this time of general distress) to a number of respectable artizans, at good wages, as the manufacturer alluded to pays a remunerating price to his workmen for their labour. Should the plan be adopted, I will with the patterns point out a way for the articles to be made up, so as to give the least possible trouble to the party who receives the orders.

I am Madam,

Your's most respectfully,


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