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barbarous idolaters to address, we have withhold ? “Shall he not with him, also, the devotees of a more dangerous idolatry. freely give us all things ?" O Christian Self and Christ are every where opposed. parents ! if you have never felt that blessIf Satan reigns by means of an ignoranting as yet, may He, who has given his own idolatry, he reigns also by means of a Son for us, give you that faith to-night, corrupted refinement. An “ ambassador which, in surrendering your children 10 for Christ" is alike needed : the qualifica- God, divests you of all painful anxiety for tion is the same both for ministers at them, and makes your happiness secure. home, and for missionaries abroad ;—they 4. I must address the young. We look must" put on the Lord Christ.”

chiefly to you for our supply of Mission3. I address parents. If we have a aries. Christ has conferred this chief Missionary College, we want a Missionary honour upon you. How infinitely is this nursery

also. If you are Christian pa- beyond all the other objects that can rents, you have already devoted your stimulate your ambition! In all the others, children to God;" to fight under the ban- you are useful for time: in this you laner of Christ, against sin, the world, and bour for eternity. Is holiness the truest the devil; and to continue Christ's faith- happiness? is usefulness the brighest ful soldiers and servants unto their lives' honour ? is the work of saving souls from end." In the teeth of this engagement, sin, and guilt, and wrath, the most worare you seeking for them wealth, honour, thy zeal and energy? Then is this work distinction? Are you seeking the grati- of a Missionary superior to all others. fication of what you have vowed to re- How poor are the achievements of Greek nounce, or coveting what you have pro- and Roman youths, recorded on the page mised to suppress? or are you withholding of history, and celebrated by poets, comthem from God, to whoin you professed pared with the labours of Paul ! and may to devote them? We want not examples we not say of Brainerd, of Martyn, and of of such resignation. Oh, man!” said Ileber also, who sought, above all besides, the dying Haliburton to his son, “ if I had the good of others and the glory of their as many sons as there are hairs in your God ? head, I would bestow them all to God. I 5. I address the great congregation. would rather have you a Missionary and Remember how you are encouraged to a martyr than a monarch!” And said the support this great work. I speak not of mother of the Wesleys, “ Had I twenty Bible Societies or translations—or Missons, I should be glad to see them going sionary colleges or of agents sent out to as Missionaries, and should rejoice that Mahommedans and Jews; I speak not they were so employed, though I should particularly of any institutions established never see them more!" And what is said to benefit the bodies or the souls of men, in commendation of Abraham? “ Now I and to spread the name of Christ throughknow that thou fearest God, seeing thou out the world: but I speak of the union of hast not withheld thy son, thine only son, all these at the present moment, as augurfrom me." And what are we who are ing better and more glorious days at hand. now here but the fruits of that very act of The prophecies are accomplishing—the faithful obedience; for we are part of his prayers of the church for six thousanu spiritual seed, and blessed in him. Or years are receiving their answer—prayer shall we carry the example still higher ? is still presenting, that Jerusalem may be “God so loved the world, that”-what? made the praise of the whole earth—evanhe made it? maintained it? blessed it? gelical principles are spreading_amidst No; neither of these, nor all of these, the pressure of the times, funds are not were the “80,” the intenseness of his withheld-missionaries are offering themlove. He “so loved it, that he gave his selves for the work--reconciliation to only begotten Son, that whosoever believ- God is proclaimed, and the world listens eth in him should not perish, but have to it; and success is by no means wanteverlasting life.” And if He “spared not ing. The heathen are crying out for help; his only Son,” what can his love now and, remembering that the weapons of VOL. I.-43


and help

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our warfare are not carnal, but mighty pared with the cause of Christ, and his through God,” let us take courage, for glory in the earth. surely " the Lord is gone out before us." But is this all ? Do we not want a

Let us remember also our obligations. greater manifestation of faith-of Chris• Freely we have received, freely let us tian holiness of humility—of love-of give."! Remember what you were ; deadness to the world-of less display in among the darkest of the nations: re- person, in furniture, in habits, in dress? member what you are ; perhaps the most Is all, in these respects, as it should be enlightened in the world. Six hundred in men of God? Let the consciences of millions of human beings are still sunk in all reply! darkness, and cry, “Come over,

We want a Christian education also. us!" Among these are more than a hun. Here is the root of all our mischief! We dred millions of your fellow-subjects. have virtually forsaken the Bible, “ the Remember the value of but one soul, pos- fountain of living waters; and have hewn sessed of an eternal duration, and deprived out for ourselves cisterns, broken cisterns of the glories of salvation during that that can hold no water." We give six eternity! Remember how little has been days to Mythology, and scarcely one to done, and how much remains to be done! the Bible; and then wonder that things Remember where you live, and when you are as they are. At the baptismal font live in England, and in the middle of we vow regard to the souls of our chilthe nineteenth century of Christianity : dren, and then devote the whole of our remember, too, why you live; and aim to attention to their temporal interests! And honour Christ, and glorify God. Remem- then, of course, ber that “the whole creation groaneth We want Missionaries. Why? Only and travaileth in pain together until now, consider the wants we have already waiting for the manifestation of the sons named-a bolder avowal of the gospel of God." And remember that, with unity among the people of Christma abundant promises of the Spirit's influ- Christian conversation—a Christian eduence, God has eminently committed to cation. If we had these, we should have you the gospel of reconciliation to a lost Missionaries, and the world might soon world.

rejoice in the salvation of God. But are we prepared for this holy work? In one word, brethren, are you " reconAllow me here to speak plainly and une- ciled to God?" If so, you have given your quivocally. We want a bolder arowal in hearts to God; and if he has your hearts, our personal religion—in the family—the he has your all; your affections, your social circle—the magistracy—the legis- children, your money, your talents, your lature the cabinet—but, above all, in the faculties of body and soul, are all His. pulpit,—“I am for Christ!" We want Your prayers, your praises, your aspirathat zeal, that boldness, for the glory of tions—all in nature, all in grace are His. Christ crucified, which shone in Cranmer, Do you love mankind, your friends, your and Ridley, and Latimer, and Bradford, children, yourselves? Love Christ, and and Philpot, and others, the martyrs of you show the best love to them—serve the Reformation. Let us live and preach Christ, and you serve them-advance the as they, and their success shall be ours. cause of Christ, and you advance their in

We want unity also; both in the Esta- terests also. Christ, and all connected blished Church, and in the church of God with Him, are alone immortal. Your at large. I should hail the union of all money must pass away—your friendsthe efforts of the people of God, as a proof your children-your estates-yourselves that God was indeed at work. The love must pass away the world passeth of Christ can alone effect this. Let the away, and the lust thereof;" love of Christ be paramount to human

But fix'd his word, his saving power remains; selfishness, and all seeming differences Thy realm for ever lasts, thy own Messiah would appear “ trifles, light as air,"com


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But some men will say, How are the dead raised ? and with what body do they come ?"

1 Cor. xv. 35.

Of all the doctrines which the gospel will be hereafter—a compound of matter has brought to light, when making known and spirit; and that the same being who lo us that life and immortality which is on earth is faithful to his Saviour will, purchased by the merits of the sacrifice in heaven, be glorified by that Saviour ; of Jesus Christ, the most inexplicable to that he who disbelieves or disobeys his human reason is that of the resurrection Lord's will, in the same form in which from the dead, the reunion of the body he sinned in this state of pilgrimage, be and soul in another and a better world, condemned to everlasting and unavailing where there will be no disease to weaken, anguish in the appointed state of retribuand no death again to dissolve the con- tion. This was the promise of Jesus to nexion which will then be once more his followers; and to illustrate and conformed. The Grecian and Roman philo- firm that promise, he himself burst the sophers might have some faint notion of bands of death, and showed himself alive a future state, in which the soul would after his passion to his various disciples, either be happy or miserable for ever, and after forty days ascended visibly according to the merits of the being in with his body into the heavenly regions. whose vile tabernacle it dwelt on earth. He had declared to them, not only that But that future state was to consist, in where he was they should be also, but their view, not of another union to the as he was they also should become. body, but in a complete and permanent Now, they had beheld him mounting up separation from the bondage of the flesh, into heaven; into heaven, therefore, they from pain, and suffering, and decay. themselves, also, were to obtain an enThey looked upon the body as the prison trance. They had beheld him carrying and the degradation of the soul; and con- up thither the body in which he had ceived its only hope of felicity to be walked with them, and talked with them, placed in an emancipation from its dun- during the course of his earthly ministry: geon of earthliness. Nor have the deists, with the same body therefore with which in the latter days, ever conceived a doc- they had accompanied him-with the trine of a different kind : they have deem- same eyes which had looked on himed it necessary to disembody the spiritual with the same ears that had heard him part of man in order that it might be and with the same hands that had happy for ever.

handled him, they themselves were to But the doctrine of Christianity is of a follow him into the heavenly places, and different character; it promises to man a become the companions of angels, princi. perfection and an eternity of happiness palities, and powers. It was a glorious both in body and soul : it tells the disci- doctrine; and, convinced of its truth by ple of the gospel that as he is now so he every necessary testimony to their senses,

and every reasonable reliance upon the spirit; while the faithless and impeniSaviour's words, they went forth and tent, the extortioner and adulterer, the preached Jesus and the resurrection, as worldly-minded and the lover of pleasure the two fundamental principles of the and folly, will be left to slumber on for religion of the gospel. But it was one ever in the unconsciousness of the grave. of the most wonderful and unexpected The wicked sometimes hope that, but doctrines, and many who embraced the they cannot hope with any foundation faith of Christ were yet often dwelling in the Scriptures. All that are in their on its singularity; and, with a vain and graves shall hear the voice of the Son of useless effort to clear up the whole mighty man, and shall awake; some, indeed, to mystery, were often asking the questions everlasting glory, but some to everlasting of the text, and confounding both them- shame and contempt. « There will be a selves and their teachers, by demanding resurrection,” says the apostle, “both how the dead shall be raised up, and of the just and of the unjust.” And with what body shall they come.

while the bodies of the saints shall inIt is not to presume to answer these herit the kingdom prepared for them from inscrutable questions in the fullest extent the beginning of the world; the flesh of that I have chosen these words for the the ungodly shall rise to live for ever subject of our present consideration. The likewise, and living to find for ever the event alone can tell us the means and the worm that dieth not, and burn for ever in mode by which God will operate this the lake of fire prepared for the devil and astonishing renovation of the whole hu- his angels. man race: and, in a question so confess Whatever be the meaning of these siedly beyond the reach of man's present militudes, doubtless they are similitudes faculties, it is far better to leave the solu- of an anguish of a most fearful nature; tion of the wonder to the appointed time. and doubtless it is an anguish which will

But there is one sense in which every fall at the resurrection both upon the Christian may be allowed to adopt the bodies and upon the souls of the ungodly. questions of the text; and that is in the Remember the recompense due for the scriptural sense. Every one may, and, misdeeds of the body when united to the if he duly esteem and make it his study spirit. It is well that we should ever and delight, he will and ought naturally bear engraven on our memories this to inquire what the Scriptures themselves thought: because the Bible, when it have taught us concerning the manner speaks of the resurrection, speaks so and the order in which the dead shall be constantly, and so much more copiously, raised up, and the nature of that body of what will be the fate of those who are with which they will come out from saved through Christ, than of those who their graves. This is the information are lost and condemned, that we may be which we may legitimately seek; and I liable to lose the awakening recollection will, therefore, in the remainder of this of what horrid sufferings will then fall discourse, endeavour to lay before you a upon the wicked. few of the leading and undoubted cir The second assurance which we derive cumstances which may be gleaned from from the word of God concerning the the different portions of the apostolic manner of the resurrection is this—that it writings concerning the resurrection of will be instantaneous as well as universal. the dead.

At one time—at one sound-by one act of The first point which is most forcibly almighty power, the whole mass and mal. laid down is, The universality of this re- titude of sleepers shall awake. Death union of the body and soul. It is not a does his work of desolation by successive favour reserved only for the redeemed changes: his conquests are slow and who will be called out from the cham- gradual; and generation after generation, bers of the dead to enjoy, in body and and man after man, are bowed down at spirit, the reward of that obedience which his unwelcome bidding. But the Lord they have paid to God both in body and / of life will declare his superior and irre

sistible might, by breaking at once the of rising again. Those who are alive bonds of all who have been the conquer- and remain on the earth as its inhabitants or's captives. It is not because the first and it is clear that some must so live parents of the human race were the earli- and remain when the general resurrection est who tasted the bitterness of dying, takes place shall none of them sleep, as that they will therefore be the earliest to other men have done, in the dumb forgettaste the sweetness of reviving. It is fulness of the grave; but they shall all be not because Abraham and Isaac, and the changed; a change will pass over them prophets, are dead, and have mouldered equivalent to death and the resurrection, some thousands of years ago, that they but death and the resurrection they will will therefore spring up from the dust not literally know. Nor will even this with a proportionable priority of time, wondrous and momentary change hapbefore all their children who have since pen to them until all the rest of mankind fallen victims to the same law of mortal- have been revived into everlasting existity. There is one-and but one-hour ence. appointed for the sea to give up the dead The whole process of this singular that are in it, and death and hell to give operation is distinctly recorded in the last up the dead that are in them, and the verses of the fourth chapter of the first forest and the wilderness, and the sepul- Epistle to the Thessalonians.

16 This we chre to restore the bones of the bodies say unto you by the word of the Lord”which were intrusted to their keeping. mark how solemnly he brings forward In that hour the patriarchs and prophets this statement—"This we say unto you of the world, before and after the flood-by the word of the Lord, that we which the kings and the subjects of Babylon are alive and remain unto the coming of and Rome—the disciples of Moses and the Lord shall not prevent,” or go before, of Christ, however separated from each " them which are asleep. For the Lord other by the difference of time and place, himself shall descend from heaven with by the first birth, will spring up in this a shout, with the voice of the archangel, second generation the sons of the same and with the trump of God: and the dead day, contemporary children of the gene-in Christ shall rise first: then we which ral resurrection. “For the trumpet shall are alive and remain shall be caught up sound,” says the apostle, " and the dead together, to meet the Lord in the air: shall be raised incorruptible, in a moment, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. in the twinkling of an eye, at the last Wherefore comfort one another with these trump.” In a moment, in the twinkling words.” It is a wonderful scene which of an eye, at the last trump, the whole those men will behold—it is a wonderful valley of dry bones will be revived ; bone thing to which they will be subject. And will come to his bone, and sinews bind an imagination, even of the dullest cast, them, and flesh cover them, and spirit can scarcely help forming unto itself some be breathed into them; and they shall all picture of the strangeness of the event, become, what they once were, living, and the awfulness of the feelings with moving things—all at the last trump, and which it will be contemplated. not one shall be wanting.

We are in search of truth and profit, But “ behold,” says the apostle, to not of ideal representations: and having, whom we are indebted for almost all our therefore, seen in some measure how the dim conceptions of the future world, dead are raised-having seen that there “ behold, I show you a mystery,” a cir- will be a contemporaneous resurrection cumstance which reason could not have of the bodies of all the dead, both of the attained, and for which we are wholly just and of the unjust, in one appointed indebted to the revelation of the Spirit of day; and that, after all the dead have God. That mystery is this :-All will been raised, there will next pass a change not sleep; all who are dead will rise at on the bodies of the living; let us proonce, but all will not die, and, therefore, ceed to examine with what bodies the all will not be placed under the necessity | dead will rise, and with what bodies the

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