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Man, a compound being ...

averse by nature to religion......
changes when he becomes religious...
depravity of........
dissolution of his frame..
forms false views......
ignorant without the gospel.....
intellect associated with morals.
loves the present world......
loves the present world ...
miserable when left to himself.
pardon offered to.....
pristine condition..
pristine condition.
without God.
subject to bitter afflictions.

unwilling to be reproved .
Mercy of God in redemption.....
Ministers, ambassadors dignity of.........

are watchmen on the walls of Zion..
ascribe all success to God......
charge, compared to a ship’s crew..

.Lessey.. 217
.. Foster.. 280
Hughes.. 129
.Parsons.. 70

.Lessey.. 219
Sumner.. 148
.Rafles.. 20
.Melville.. 34
Chalmers.. 44

Lessey.. 216
Williams.. 425
Anderson.. 502

· Lessey.. 219
..Foster.. 175
Anderson.. 499
. Williams.. 420
Parsons.. 174
Budd.. 331

.Parsons.. 329
Abbé Jean.. 237


Ministers, danger attends a lofty intellect.......

dignity of calling...
duties of........
endeared to their flocks..
exhibit their subject, not themselves.
holy life important to....
infiuence of.....
influence of, after death .
instruct from house to house...
preach Christ......
precepts to...
responsibility of..
should aim to profit all..
should be above suspicion..

faithful to their Master
prayed for .....
willing to bear hardships.

use scripture language.
to whom sent..
the servants of Christ..

wicked-a curse after death....
Ministry, young men to be educated for the..
Missionary candidate.......

barriers to-success.
effort must be mingled with devotion..
party singularities to be avoided in-labour.
success to be followed up.......
worldly excitement to be avoided in-efforts.

worthy of a generous confidence.
Missions, appeal to the friends of ......

deserve the support of the young.
nobility of.......

opposition to—on the decrease
Money, axioms respecting
Moral discipline....

Cumming.. 460
· Cumming.. 460

Walton.. 292
Binney.. 316
Wardlaw.. 226
Ec. Rev... 280
.. Herbert.. 215

· Binney.. 317
· Cumming.. 457
..Sumner.. 184
Newton.. 113
Garrick.. 462

. Reed.. 255
Con. Mag... 224

..Le Bas.. 118
Wardlaw.. 228
.Fletcher.. 192
Wardlaw.. 229
Chalmers.. 255

.. Budd.. 330
...Le Bas.. 117
Cumming.. 457

..Hall.. 183

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Rafles.. 24
Melville.. 345
.Hamilton.. 94
· Hamilton.. 96
.. Hamilton.. 98
. Hamilton.. 96
. Hamilton.. 97

Collyer.. 399

Collyer.. 397
· Hamilton.. 91.
Hamilton.. 90

Sinclair.. 463

Paganism ....
Parents' influence after death.....
Patience in suffering......
Paul a proud Pharisee before conversion...

a furious persecutor...
converted to the faith.

minister and hero...
Penitence, genuine ...
Press, mighty influence for good or evil
Prayer, connected with a minister's success.

honours the agency of God....
importance of...


.. Watson.. 205
Cumming.. 456

...Voel., 170
.Newton.. 53
.Fletcher.. 185
Fletcher.. 185
Newton.. 63

James.. 101
Cumming.. 455
..Fletcher.. 191
Fletcher.. 190

Foster.. 119


Wilson.. 83
Foster.. 75



Prayer, true character of.......
Providence, recognition of........
Pulpit Gallery, I. Rev. T. Chalmers.

II, J. Parsons, York
III. (late) J. Fletcher, vicar of Madeley...
IV. (late) Bishop Latimer.....

V. Timothy East, Birmingham
VI. (late) Robert Hall.......
VII. (late) Bishop Wilson ..
VIII. Hon. and Rev. G. T. Noel...
IX. Joseph Fletcher, D.D., Stepney..

X. William Jay, Bath......
XI. (late) Henry Martyn..
XII. Thomas Raffles, D.D., Liverpool...
XIII. W. Bengo Collyer, D.D........

XIV. Robert Philip, Maberly chapel.
Religion, comforts of ....

danger of delaying attendance to....
demands the homage of the mind
insufficiency of natural .....
more than amiability of character
neutrality impossible in
presents great subjects to the mind.

strengthens the powers of the mind .......
Resurrection, a pure doctrine of revelation..

great change at the........
instantaneous and universal
influence of the doctrine....

re-union of good men in the
Rousseau and Byron .


Sommerville.. 214
Sommerville.. 212

..Le Bas.. 116
. Collyer.. 395
Bennett., 473

Wilson.. 81
Sommerville.. 207

. Melville.. 34
Melville.. 32
Benson.. 339
Benson.. 342
Benson.. 340
Benson.. 344

Hall.. 99
Chalmers.. 39


Saints, example of the

trial of ancient
Satan to be resisted by the Word of God...

the service of...
Sin, beginnings of....

diffusion of..
origin of..
progress of......
punishment of, duration and nature.
justice and proportion of.....

when inflicted...
Souls perishing......
Spirit of bondage and adoption.

..Noel.. 169
..Noel.. 167

.Taylor.. 485
Sommerville.. 208

. East.. 108


East., 110
James.. 104


. Sherman.. 452
.... Watson.. 300

Temple, dedication of.

greater glory of the latter..
Temptation to be resisted..
Tihertas, reflections at

Grant., 347
Grant.. 348
.. East.. 112
Jowett.. 321

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THERE stands the messenger of truth! there stands
The legate of the skies ! his theme divine,
His office sacred, his credentials clear.
By him the violated law speaks out
Its thunders; and by him, in strains as sweet
As angels use, the gospel whispers peace.


The Pulpit, whether we view it with the eye of the Legislator watching for the welfare of the state; of the Learned, jealous for public science and taste; of the Moral Philosopher, anxious for the virtue of the community; or of the devout Christian, weighing every thing in the balance of eternity ;—the Pulpit must, in every light, appear an object of vast importance.-Eclectic Review.

The pulpit has spoken all languages, and in all sorts of style. It has partaken of all the customs of the schools, the theatres, and the courts of all the countries where it has been erected. It has been a seat of wisdom, and a sink of nonsense. It has been filled by the best and the worst of men. It has proved in some hands a trumpet of sedition, and in others a source of peace and consolation. But on a fair balance, collected from authentic history, there would be no proportion between the benefits and the mischief which mankind have derived from it; so much do the advantages of it preponderate! In a word, evangelical preaching has been, and yet continues to be, reputed foolishness, but real wisdom, a wisdom and a power by which it pleaseth God to save the souls of men.-R. Robinson.


O Lord Jesus Christ, who at thy first coming didst send thy messenger to prepare thy way before thee, grant that the ministers and stewards of thy mysteries may likewise so prepare and make ready thy way by turning the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, that, at thy second coming to judge the world, we may be found an acceptable people in thy sight, who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Spirit, ever one God, world without end. Amen.


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