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The life of Edward White Benson, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury Arthur Christopher Benson

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Benson, Arthur Christopher. Life of Edward White Benson.

London and N. Y. Macmillan, 1899. 2 v. illus. portraits, plates, O. $8 The authorized biography of Edward White Benson, archbishop of Canterbury 1883-96 ; by his son ; contains correspondence with J. B. Lightfoot, Miss E. Wordsworth, A. J. Mason and others; a detailed account of Benson as student at Cambridge, Master at Rugby, Head. Master at Wellington, Chancellor of Lincoln, Bishop of Truro, and Archbishop, with much relating to the Lincoln trial, ecclesiastical legislation, and relations with the Colonial Church, the Eastern Church and the Roman Catholic Church; of great value to the student of the ecclesiastical history of the time. Ath. 1899. 2:855.

W. Dawson JOHNSTON, May, 1900

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