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than that star the stars among
Lucifer, the name of the planet Venus, or
morning star. It is called Lucifer when appear-
ing in the morning before the sun : but when it
follows it, and appears some time after its setting,
it is called Hesperus.

Friend to mankind, she glitters from afar,
Now the bright evening, now the morning star.

BAKER. 143 .

and into fraud Drew many, whom their place knows here no

more; There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job, and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God and eschewed evil. Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also

them. And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on earth. Then Satan answered the Lord; and said, Doth Job fear God for nought? But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. With this authority the evil spirit went forth from the Divine presence, and put all his engines in motion against Job, managing them with dexterity, in order to destroy his integrity and confidence in God. What a climax of miseries, and how dreadfully are they poured one or another, with fury, like the crash likeness of the throne was the appearance of a


man above upon it. Ezekial, 1, 26. 758

inlaid with pure Amber,

And I saw, as the colour of amber, as the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard the voice of one that spake.

Ezekial, i. 28. 760 He, in celestial panoply well arm'd Of radiant Urim,

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Eph. i. 11. Our only strength is in the Lord, and in the power of his might, by whom alone we can be kept in safety, and may be made even more than conquerors in all things ; and, therefore, pointing us to this, at the same time that he sets forth the difficulty of the combat, and sounds a charge for battle, he shews the provision made for our defence, and calls us to put on the complete

armour of God. 767 Attended with ten thousand thousand saints,

Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousand of his saints. Jude xiv. The Lord

comes with myriads of his holy ones, attended with legions of angels, in his descent for this important purpose ; for he comes to execute judgment upon all,

according to their respective works. 769 And twenty thousand (I their number heard) Chariots of God,

The chariots of God are twenty thousand,

even thousands of angels; the Lord is among

them as in Sinai, in the holy place. 1776

his sign in heaven; And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. Matt. xxiv. 30. And then shall there evidently appear such a remarkable hand of providence, in avenging my quarrel upon this sinful people, that it shall be like the sign of the Son of man in heaven at the last day; and all tribes of the land shall then mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming, as it were in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory: For that celestial army, which shall appear in the air, marshelled round the city shall be a sure token to them, that the angels of God, and the great Lord of those heavenly hosts, are set as it

were against them. 808 Vengeance is his, or whose he sole appoints ;

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is mine I will repay, saith the Lord. Rom. xii. 19. Beloved brethren, whatever wrongs you may receive, revenge not yourselves on those that have injured you, but rather yield and give place to the wrath of the enemy; for God hath forbidden us to indulge any of the vindictive passions, as it is written, (Deut. xxxii. 35.) Vengeance is mine ; that is, it properly belongs to me, and I will recompense the deserved punishment, saith the Lord. And, indeed, it requires the wisdom, as well as the dignity and

majesty of a God, to claim and manage it aright. 815 Kingdom, and pow'r and glory appertains,

Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever, Amen. For thine is the kingdom of universal nature, and the fulness of Almighty power, and the glory of infinite perfection, and to thee be the praise of all ascribed for ever.

Amen. 825 His countnance too severé to be beheld.

Hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of his wrath is come ; and who'shall

be able to stand! Rev. vi. 16, 17.
827 At once the Four spread out their starry wings,

With dreadful shade contiguous, and the orbs
Of his fierce chariot roli’d, as with the sound
Of torrent floods, or of a numerous hest.

And I saw visions of God. And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them; and when the living creatures were lift up from the earth, the wheels were lift up. And when they went I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty'; the voice of speech as the noise of an host : when they stood, they let down their wings. Ezekiel,

i. 19, 24. 833 The stedfast empyreán shook throughout.

The pillars of heaven tremble, and are astonished at his reproof.

He divideth the sea with his power; and, by his understanding, he smiteth through the proud.

Lo, these are parts of his 'ways; but how little

a portion is heard of him: but the thunder of his power who can understand? Job, xxvi. 11,

12, 14.

842 That wish'd the mountains might be again.

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the

Lamb. Rev. iv. 15, 16. 859 With terrors and with furies to the bounds And crysta! walls of heaven.

Even as I have seen, they that plough iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. By the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of his

nostrils are they consumed. Job, iv. 8, 9. 865

eternal wrath
Burnt after them to the bottomless pit.

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth; and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. Rey.

ix. 1. 882 To him all tuis saints who sitent stood

I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands. And cried, with a loud voice, saying: Salvation to

our God which sitteth on the throne, and unto the Lamb. Rev. vii. 9, 10. Let us persevere, steadily and faithfully, as they did ; and the day will come, when our robes shall be as white, and our crowns as radiant, and our palms as verdant as theirs. Let

then bear with patience,


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