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of stone, and to buy timber and | Joash, and all that he did, are hewed stone to repair the breach- they not written in the book of es of the house of the LORD, and the chronicles of the kings of for all that was laid out for the || Judah? house to repair it.

20 And his servants arose, and , 13 Howbeit, there were not made a conspiracy, and slew made for the house of the LORD Joash in the house of Millo, bowls of silver, snuffers, basons, which goeth down to Silla. trumpets, any vessels of gold, 21 For Jozachar the son of or vessels of silver, of the mo- Shimeath, and Jehozabad the ney that was brought into the son of Shomer, his servants, house of the LORD:

smote him, and he died; and 14 But they gave that to the they buried him with his fathers workmen, and repaired there- || in the city of David : and Ama. with the house of the LORD. ziah his son reigned in his stead.

15 Moreover, they reckoned not with the men, into whose

CHAP. XIII. hand they delivered the money

ELISHA'S DEATH. to be bestowed on workmen : for they dealt faithfully.

IN the three and twentieth 16 The trespass-money and year of Joash the son of Abazisin-money was not brought into | ah king of Judah, Jehoahaz the the house of the LORD: it was son of Jehu began to reign over the priests'.

Israel in Samaria, and reigned 17 Then Hazael king of Syria | seventeen years. went up, and fought against

2 And he did that which was Gath, and took it: and Hazael evil in the sight of the Lord, set his face to go up to Jerusa- | and followed the sins of Jerobolem.

am the son of Nebat, which 18 And Jehoash king of Ju- | made Israel to sin ; he departed dah took all the hallowed things not therefrom. that Jehoshaphat, and Jehoram, 3 And the anger of the LORD and Ahaziah, his fathers, kings was kindled against Israel, and of Judah, had dedicated, and his he delivered them into the hand own hallowed things, and all the of Hazael king of Syria, and ingold that was found in the trea- to the hand of Ben-hadad the sures of the house of the LORD, son of Hazael, all their days. and in the king's house, and 4 And Jehoahaz, besought the sent it to Hazael king of Syria: Lord, and the LORD hearkened and he went away from Jerusa- unto him : for he saw the oplem.

pression of Israel, because the 19 And the rest of the acts of || king of Syria oppressed them.


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5 (And the Lord gave Israel | his might wherewith he fought a saviour, so that they went against Amaziah king of Judah, out from under the hand of the are they not written in the book Syrians: and the children of of the chronicles of the kings of Israel dwelt in their tents, as Israel? beforetime.

13 And Joash slept with his 6 Nevertheless, they departed fathers; and Jeroboam sat upon not from the sins of the house his throne : and Joash was bu. of Jeroboam, who made Israel ried in Samaria with the kings sin, but walked therein : and of Israel. there remained the grove also 14 Now Elisha was fallen sick in Samaria.)

of his sickness whereof he died. 7 Neither did he leave of the And Joash the king of Israel people to Jehoahaz but fifty came down unto him, and wept horsemen, and ten chariots, and over his face, and said, O my ten thousand footmen; for the father, my father, the chariot of king of Syria had destroyed Israel, and the horsemen there- . them, and had made them like of. the dust by threshing.

15 And Elisha said unto him, 8 Now the rest of the acts of Take bow and arrows. And Jehoahaz, and all that he did, he took unto him bow and arand his might, are they not written in the book of the chro- 16 And he said to the king of nicles of the kings of Israel ? Israel, Put thine hand upon the

9 And Jehoahaz slept with his bow. And he put his hand fathers; and they buried him upon it: and Elisha put his in Samaria : and Joash his son hands upon the king's hands. ' reigned in his stead.

17 And he said, Open the 10 In the thirty and seventh window eastward. And he year of Joash king of Judah, opened it. Then Elisha said, began Jehoash the son of Jeho. | Shoot. And he shot.

. . And he ahaz to reign over Israel in said, The arrow of the LORD's Samaria, and reigned, sixteen deliverance, and the arrow of years. \

deliverance from Syria : for 11 And he did that which was thou shalt smite the Syrians in evil in the sight of the Lord; Aphek, till thou have consum. he departed not from all the sins ed them. . of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, 18 And he said, Take the ar. who made Israel sin : but he rows. Arid he took them. And walked therein.

he said unto the king of Israel, 12 And the rest of the acts of Smite upon the ground. And

. Joash, and all that he did, and he smote thrice, and stayed.

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19 And the man of God was | times did Jcash beat him, and 'wroth with him, and said, 'Thou recovered the cities of Israel. shouldest have smitten five or six times, then hadst thou

CHAP. XIV. smitten Syria till thou hadst

AMAZIAH REIGNETH. consumed it : whereas now thou shalt smite Syria but IN the second year of Joash 'thrice.

son of Jehoahaz king of Israel, 20 And Elisha died, and they reigned Amaziah the son of buried him. And the bands Joash king of Judah. of the Moabites invaded the 2 He was twenty and five land at the coming in of the years old when he began to year.

reign, and reigned twenty and 21 And it came to pass, as nine years in Jerusalem. And they were burying a man, that, his mother's name was Jehoadbehold, they spied a band of dan of Jerusalem. men ; and they cast the man 3 And he did that which was into the sepulchre of Elisha : right in the sight of the LORD, and when the man was let yet not like David his father : down, and touched the bones he did according to all things of Elisha, he revived, and stood as Joash his father did. up on his feet.

4 Howbeit, the high places 22 But Hazael king of Syria were not taken away: as yet oppressed Israel all the days of the people did sacrifice and burn Jehoahaz.

incense on the high places, 23 And the LORD was graci. 5 And it came to pass, as soon ous unto them, and had com- as the kingdom was confirmed passion on them, and had res- in his hand, that he slew his pect unto them, because of his servants which had slain the covenant with Abraham, Isaac, king his father. and Jacob, and would not de- 6 But the children of the murstroy them, neither cast he them derers he slew not : according from his presence as yet.

unto that which is written in 24 So Hazael king of Syria | the book of the law of Moses, died; and Ben-hadad his son wherein the LORD commanded, reigned in his stead.

saying, 'The fathers shall not be 25 And Jehoash the son of put to death for the children, Jehoahaz took again out of the nor the children be put to death hand of Ben-hadad the son of for the fathers; but every man Hazael, the cities which he had shall be put to death for his own taken out of the hand of Jehoa-l sin. haz his father, by war. Three 7 He slew of Edom in the valley of Salt ten thousand, and down the wall of Jerusalem from took Selah by war, and called the gate of Ephraim unto the the name of it Joktheel unto

corner gate, four hundred cuthis day.

bits. 8 Then Amaziah sent mes- 14 And he took all the gold sengers to Jehoash the son of and silver, and all the vessels Jehoahaz, son of Jehu king of that were found in the house of Israel, saying, Come, let us the LORD, and in the treasures look one another in the face. of the king's house, and hos

9 And Jehoash the king of tages, and returned to SamaIsrael sent to Amaziah king of ria. Judah, saying, The thistle that 15 Now the rest of the acts of was in Lebanon sent to the Jehoash which he did, and his cedar that was in Lebanon, say- might, and how he fought with ing, Give thy daughter to my Amaziah king of Judah,are they son to wife : and there passed not written in the book of the by a wild beast that was in Le- chronicles of the kings of Israel? banon, and trode down the this- 16 And Jehoash slept with his tle. 1

fathers, and was buried in Sama10 Thou hast indeed smitten ria with the kings of Israel ; Edom, and thine heart hath and Jeroboam his son reigned lifted thee up: glory of this, in his stead. and tarry at home : for why 17 And Amaziah the son of shouldest thou meddle to thy | Joash king of Judah, lived after hurt, that thou shouldest fall, the death of Jehoash son of Jeeven thou, and Judah with hoahaz king of Israel, fifteen thee?

years. 11 But Amaziah would not 18 And the rest of the acts of hear. Therefore Jehoash king Amaziah, are they not written of Israel went up; and he and in the book of the chronicles of Amaziah king of Judah looked the kings of Judah ? one another in the face at Beth- 19 Now they made a conspishemesh, which belongeth to Ju-racy against him in Jerusalem : dah.

and he fled to Lachish; but 12 And Judah was put to the they sent after him to Lachish, Worse before Israel ; and they and slew him there. fd every man to their tents. 20 And they brought him on

13 And Jehoash king of Isra- horses : and he was buried at el took Amaziah king of Judah, Jerusalem with his fathers in the the son of Jehoash the son of city of David. Ahaziah, at Beth-shemesh, and 21 And all the people of Jucame to Jerusalem, and brake dah took Azariah, which was sixteen years old, and made him || not written in the book of the king instead of his father Ama- chronicles of the kings of Is

| ziah.

rael ? 22 He built Elath, and restor- 29 And Jeroboam slept with ed it to Judah, after that the his fathers, even with the kings king slept with his fathers. of Israel; and Zachariah his

23 In the fifteenth year of son reigned in his stead.
Amaziah the son of Joash king
of Judah, Jeroboam the son of

Joash king of Israel began to

AZARIAH'S LEPROSY. reign in Samaria, and reigned forty and one years.

IN the twenty and seventh 24 And he did that which was year of Jeroboam king of Israevil in the sight of the LORD: el began Azariah son of Amahe departed not from all the ziah king of Judah to reign. sins of Jeroboam the son of 2 Sixteen years old was he Nebat, who made Israel to sin. when he began to reign, and he

25 He restored the coast of reigned two and fifty years in Israel, from the entering of Ha- | Jerusalem. And his mother's math unto the sea of the plain, name was Jecholiah of Jerusaaccording to the word of the lem. LORD God of Israel, which he 3 And he did that which was spake by the hand of his ser- right in the sight of the LORD, vant Jonah, the son of Amittai according to all that his father the prophet, which was of Gath- Amaziah had done ; hepher.

4 Save that the high places 26 For the Lord saw the af- were not removed : the people fliction of Israel, that it was sacrificed and burnt incense still very bitter : for there was not on the high places. any shut up, nor any left, nor 5 And the LORD smote the any helper for Israel.

king, so that he was a leper unto 27 And the LORD said not the day of his death, and dwelt that he would blot out the name in a several house. And Jotham of Israel from under heaven : the king's son was over the

| but he saved them by the hand house, judging the people of of Jeroboam the son of Joash. the land.

28 Now the rest of the acts of 6 And the rest of the acts of Jeroboam, and all that he did, Azariah, and all that he did, are and his might, how he warred, they not written in the book of and how he recovered Damas- || the chronicles of the kings of cus, and Hamath, which belong. Judah ? ed to Judah, for Israel, are they 7 So Azariah slept with his

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