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Job's Losses and Temptations, CHAP 1 Job accused of divers Sins, CHAP. 22 Job smitten with Boils, 2 God's Decree is immutable,

23 Job curseth the Day of his Birth, 3 Sin goeth often unpunished,

24 Eliphaz reproveth Job,

4 Man cannot be justified before God, 25 Aflictions are from God,

5 Job reproveth Bildad, Job wisheth for Death,

6 The Hypocrite is without Hope, 27 Job excuseth his Desire of Death, 7 Wisdom is the Gift of God,

28 Bildad sheweth God's Justice, 8 Job bemoaneth himself,

29 The Inrocent often afflicted, 9 Job's Honour turned to Contempt,

30 Job expostulateth with God, 10 Job professeth his Integrity,

31 Zophar reproveth Job, 11 Elihu reproveth Job,

32 God's Omnipotency maintained, 12 Elihu reasoneth with Job,

33 Job's Confidence in God,

God cannot be unjust,

34 The Conditions of Man's Life,

14 || Comparison not to be made with God, 35 Eliphaz reproveth Job, 15 The Justice of God's Ways,

36 Job reproveth his Friends, 16 God's great Works,

37 Jol's Appeal to God, 17 God's Wisdom is unsearchable,

38 Bildad reproveth Job, 18 God's Power in his Creatures,

39 Job's Complaint of his Friends, 19 Job humbleth himself to God,

40 The Portion of the Wicked, 20 God's Power in the Creation,

41 The Destruction of the Wicked, 21 Job's Age and Death,


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The Happiness of the Godly, PSALM Obedience the best Sacrifice, PSALM 40 The Kingdom of Christ, 2 | God's Care of the Poor,

41 The Security of God's Protection, 3 | David's Zeal to serve God,

42 4 David prayeth for Audience,


David prayeth to be restored, David's Profession of his Faith,

5 The Church's Complaint to God, 44 David's Complaint in Sickness, 6


The Majesty of Christ's Kingdom, The Destruction of the Wicked,

7 The Church's Confidence in God, 46 God's Love to Man, 8 The Kingdom of Christ,

47 God praised for his Judgments, 9 The Privileges of the Church,

48 The Outrage of the Wicked, 10 Worldly Prosperity contemned,

49 God's Providence and Justice,

God's Majesty in the Church,

50 David craveth God's Help, 12 David's Prayer and Confession,

51 David boasteth of Divine Mercy, 13 David's Confidence in God,

52 The Natural Man described, 14 The Natural Man described,

53 A Citizen of Zion described, 15 David's Prayer for Salvation,

54 David's Hope of his Calling, 16 David's Complaint in Prayer,

55 David's Hope and Confidence, 17 David's Promise of Praise,

56 David praiseth God, 18 David in Prayer fleeth to God,

57 David prayeth for Grace, 19 David describeth the Wicked,

58 The Church's Confidence in God, 20 David prayeth for Deliverance,

59 A Thanksgiving for Victory,

21 David's Comfort in God's Promises, 60

22 David's Complaint and Prayer,

David voweth perpetual Service,

61 David's Confidence in God's Grace, 25 No Trust in worldly Things,

62 God's Worship in the World, 24 David's Thirst for God.

63 David's Confidence in Prayer,

25 David's Complaint of his Enemies, 64 David resorteth unto God,

The Blessedness of God's Chosen,

65 David's Love to God's Service, 27 David exhorteth to praise God,

66 David blesseth God, 28 A Prayer for God's Kingdom,

67 Why God must be honoured,

29 A Prayer at the Removing of the Ark, 68 David's Praise for Deliverance, 30 David's Complaint in AMiction,

69 David rejo.ceth in God's Mercy, 91 David's Prayer for the Godly,

70 Who are blessed,

32 David's Prayer for Perseverance, 71 God is to be praised, 33 David's Prayer for Solomon,

72 Those are blessed who trust in God, 34 The Righteous sustained,

73 David prayeth for his own Safety,

35 David prayeth for the Sanctuary, The Excellency of God's Mercy, 36 David rebuketh the Proud,

75 David persuadeth to Patience, 37 God's Majesty in the Church,

76 David moveth God to Compassion, 38 David's Combat with Difidence,

77 David's Care of his Thoughts, 39 God's Wrath against Israel,




The Psalmist's Complaint, PSALM 79 The Vanity of Idols,

PSALM 115 David's Prayer for the Church,

80 David studieth to be thankful, 116 An Exhortation to praise God,

81 God praised for his Mercy and Truth, 117 David reproveth the Judges, 82 David's Trust in God,

118 The Church's Enemies,

83 Meditation, Prayer, and Praise, 119 David longeth for the Sanctuary, 84 David prayeth against Doeg,

120 David prayeth for Mercies, 85 The Safety of the Godly,

121 David's Complaint of the Proud, 86 David's Joy for the Church,

122 The Nature and Glory of the Church, 87 The Godly's Confidence in God, 123 David's grievous Complaint, 88 The Church blesseth God,

124 God praised for his Power, 89 A Prayer for the Godly,

125 God's Providence set forth,

90 The Church prayeth for Mercies, 126 The State of the Godly, 91 The Virtue of God's Blessing,

127 God praised for his great Works, 92 Those blessed that fear God,

128 The Majesty of Christ's Kingdom, 93 The Haters of the Church cursed, 129 David's Complaint of Impiety, 94 God to be hoped in,

130 The Danger of tempting God, 95 David professeth his Humility,

131 God praised for his Greatness, 96 David's Care for the Ark,

132 The Majesty of God,

97 The Benefits of the Saints' Communion, 133 All Creatures exhorted to Praise, 98 An Exhortation to bless God,

134 God to be worshipped,

99 God praised for his Judgments, 135 God to be praised cheerfully,

100God praised for manifold Mercies, 136 David's Profession of Godliness, 101 | The Constancy of the Jews,

137 God's Mercies to be recorded, 102 David's Confidence in God,

138 God blessed for his Constancy, 103 David defieth the Wicked,

139 God wonderful in Providence, 104 David's Prayer for Deliverance, 140 The Plagues of Egypt, 105 David prayeth for Sincerity,

141 Israel's Rebellion, 106 David's Comfort in Trouble,

142 God's manifold Providence,

107 David complaineth of his Grief, 143 David's Confidence in God,

108 David's Prayer for his Kingdom, 144 David's Complaint of his Enemies, 109 God's Help to the Godly,

145 The Kingdom of Christ, 110 David voweth perpetual Praise,

146 God praised for his Works,

111 God praised for his Providence, 147 The Happiness of the Godly,

112 All Creatures should praise God, 148 God praised for his Mercy, 113 God praised for his Benefits,

149 An Exhortation to Praise,

114 Il God praised upon Instruments, 150




7! CHAP. I.


6 And her adversary also provoked her sore, for to make her

fret, because the LORD had shut NOW there was a certain up her womb. man of Ramathaim-zophaim, of 7 And as he did so year by mount Ephraim, and his name year, when she went up to the was Elkanah the son of Jero- house of the LORD, so she proham, the son of Elihu, the son voked her; therefore she wept, of Tohu, the son of Zuph, an and did not eat. Ephrathite :

8 Then said Elkanah her hus. 2 And he had two wives; the band to her, Hannah, why weepname of the one was Hannah, est thou ? and why eatest thou and the name of the other Pe- not? and why is thy heart grieva ninnah : and Peninnah had chil- ed ? am not I better to thee than dren, but Hannah had no chil- ten sons ? dren.

9 So Hannah rose up after they 3 And this man went up out had eaten in Shiloh, and after of his city yearly to worship and they had drunk. Now Eli the to sacrifice unto the Lord of priest sat upon a seat by a post hosts in Shiloh. And the two of the temple of the Lord. sons of Eli, Hophni and Phi- 10 And she was in bitterness nehas, the priests of the LORD, of soul, and prayed unto the were there.

Lord, and wept sore. 4 And when the time was that 11 And she vowed a vow, and Elkanah offered, he gave to Pe. said, O Lord of hosts, if thou

'LORD ninnah his wife, and to all her wilt indeed look on the afflicsons and her daughters, portion of thine handmaid, and re

member me, and not forget 5 But unto Hannah he gave a thine handmaid, but wilt give worthy portion ; for he loved unto thine handmaid a manHannah: but the LORD had child, then I will give him unto shut up her womb.

the Lord all the days of his life,

tions :

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and there shall no razor come 20 Wherefore it came to pass, upon his head.

when the time was come about 12 And it came to pass, as | after Hannah had conceived, she continued praying before that she bare a son, and called the Lord, that Eli marked her his name Samuel, saying, Be. mouth.

cause I have asked him of the 13 Now Hannah, she spake in Lord. her heart; only her lips moved, 21 And the man Elkanah, and but her voice was not heard : | all his house, went up to offer therefore Eli thought she had unto the LORD the yearly sabeen drunken.

crifice, and his vow. 14 And Eli said unto her, 22 But Hannah went not up; How long wilt thou be drunk- for she said unto her husband, en? put away thy wine from I will not go up until the child thee.

be weaned, and then I will bring 15 And Hannah answered and him, that he may appear before

said, No, my lord, I am a wo- the LORD, and there abide for man of a sorrowful spirit: I ever. have drunk neither wine nor 23 And Elkanah her husband strong drink, but have poured said unto her, Do what seemout my soul before the LORD.

eth thee good; tarry until thou 16 Count not thine handmaid | have weaned him ; only the for a daughter of Belial: for LORD establish his word. So out of the abundance of my the woman abode, and gave her complaint and grief have I spok- son suck until she weaned him. en hitherto.

24 And when she had weaned 17 Then Eli answered and him, she took him up with her, said, Go in peace : and the God with three bullocks, and one of Israel grant thee thy petitionephah of flour, and a bottle of that thou hast asked of him. wine, and brought him unto 28 Therefore also I have lent | them among princes, and to him to the LORD; as long as he make them inherit the throne of liveth he shall be lent to the glory: for the pillars of the LORD. And he worshipped the earth are the Lord's, and LORD there.

18 And she said, Let thine the house of the Lord in Shihandmaid find grace in thy loh : and the child was young. sight. So the woman went her 25 And they slew a bullock, way, and did eat, and her coun- and brought the child to Eli. tenance was no more sad.

26 And she said, O my lord ! 19 And they rose up in the as thy soul liveth, my lord, I morning early, and worshipped | am the woman that stood by thee before the Lorv, and returned, here, praying unto the Lord. and came to their house to Ra. 27 For this child I prayed ; mah : and Elkanah knew Han- and the LORD hath given me nah his wife ; and the LORD my petition which I asked of remembered her.

him :

he hath set the world upon

them. CHAP. II.

9 He will keep the feet of his

saints, and the wicked shall be HANNAH'S SONG.

silent in darkness; for by AND Hannah prayed, and strength shall no man prevail.

. said, My heart rejoiceth in the 10 The adversaries of the LORD LORD, mine horn is exalted in shall be broken to pieces; out of the LORD; my mouth is enlarg- heaven shall he thunder upon ed over mine enemies; because them: the Lord shall judge the I rejoice in thy salvation. ends of the earth; and he shall 2 There is none holy as the give strength unto his king, and LORD: for there is none beside exalt the horn of his anointed.

' thee: neither is there any rock

11 And Elkanah went to Ralike our God.

mah to his house; and the child 3 Talk no more so exceeding did minister unto the Lord beproudly; let not arrogancy come

fore Eli the priest. out of your mouth: for the 12 Now the sons of Eli were · LORD is a God of knowledge, sons of Belial; they knew not and by him actions are weighed. the Lord.

LORD 4 The bows of the mighty men 13 And the priest's custom are broken, and they that stum- with the people was, that, when bled are girded with strength. any man offered sacrifice, the

5 They that were full have priest's servant came, while the hired out themselves for bread: flesh was in seething, with a and they that were hungry ceas- flesh-hook of three teeth, in his ed: so that the barren hath hand; borne seven; and she that hath 14 And he struck it into the many children is waxed feeble.

pan, or kettle, or caldron, or 6 6 The LORD killeth, and pot; all that the flesh-hook maketh alive: he bringeth down brought up, the priest took for to the grave, and bringeth up. himself. So they did in Shiloh 7 The LORD maketh poor,

unto all the Israelites that came and maketh rich: he bringeth thither. low, and lifteth up.

15 Also before they burnt the 8 He raiseth up the poor out of fat, the priest's servant came, the dust, and lifteth up the beg. and said to the man that sacrifi- . gar from the dunghill, to set ced, Give flesh to roast for the

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