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sea in floats unto the place that 17 And the king commanded, thou shalt appoint me, and will and they brought great stones, cause them to be discharged costly stones, and hewed stones, there, and thou shalt receive to lay the foundation of the them : and thou shalt accom

house. plish my desire, in giving food 18 And Solomon's builders for my household.

and Hiram's builders did hew 10 So Hiram gave Solomon them, and the stone-squarers :: cedar-trees and fir-trees accord- so they prepared timber and ing to all his desire.

stones to build the house. 11 And Solomon gave Hiram twenty thousand measures of

CHAP. VI. wheat for food to his household, and twenty measures of pure oil : thus gave Solomon to Hiram year by year.

AND it came to pass in the 12 And the LORD gave Solo- | four hundred and eightieth year mon wisdom, as he promised after the children of Israel were him: and there was peace be. come out of the land of Egypt, tween Hiram and Solomon ; in the fourth year of Solomon's and they two made a league to- reign over Israel, in the month gether.

Zif, which is the second month, 13 And king Solomon raised that he began to build the house a levy out of all Israel; and of the LORD. the levy was thirty thousand 2 And the house which king

Solomon built for the LORD, 14 And he sent them to Leba- the length thereof was threenon ten thousand a month by score cubits, and the breadth courses : a month they were in thereof twenty cubits, and the Lebanon, and two months at height thereof thirty cubits. home: and Adoniram was over 3 And the porch before the temple and of the oracle : and mandments to walk in them ; he made chambers round a- | then will I perform my word bout;

temple of the housel, twenty cu15 And Solomon had three- bits was the length thereof, acscore and ten thousand that barecording to the breadth of the burdens, and fourscore thou-house ; and ten cubits was the sand hewers in the mountains; breadth thereof before the house.

16 Besides the chief of Solo- 4 And for the house he made mon's officers which were over | windows of narrow lights. the work, three thousand and 5 And against the wall of the three hundred, which ruled over || house he built chambers round the people that wrought in the about, against the walls of the work.

house round about, both of the


the levy.

with thee, which I spake unto 6 The nethermost chamber David thy father : was five cubits broad, and the 13 And I will dwell among middle was six cubits broad, the children of Israel, and will and the third was seven cubits not forsake my people Israel. broad: for without in the wall 14 So Solomon built the house, of the house he made narrowed and finished it. rests round about, that the beams 15 And he built the walls of should not be fastened in the the house within with boards of walls of the house.

cedar, both the floor of the 7 And the house, when it was house, and the walls of the ciel. in building, was built of stone ing; and he covered them on made ready before it was the inside with wood, and cobrought thither ; so that there vered the floor of the house with was neither hammer, nor axe, planks of fir. nor any tool of iron heard in 16 And he built /twenty cuthe house, while it was in build- || bits on the sides of the house, ing

both the floor and the walls 8 The door for the middle with boards of cedar : he even chamber was in the right side built them for it within, even of the house : and they went for the oracle, even for the most up with winding stairs into holy place. the middle chamber, and out 17 And the house, that is the of the middle into the third, temple before it, was forty cu

9 So he built the house, and bits long. finished it; and covered the 18 And the cedar of the house house with beams and boards within was carved with knops of cedar.

and open flowers : all was ce. 10 And then he built cham- dar; there was no stone see bers against all the house, five 19 And the oracle he preparcubits high : and they rested ed in the house within, to set on the house with timber of there the ark of the covenant cedar.

of the LORD. 11 And the word of the LORD 20 And the oracle in the fore. came to Solomon, saying, part was twenty cubits in length,

12 Concerning this house and twenty cubits in breadth, which thou art in building, if and twenty cubits in the height\\ thou wilt walk in my sta- thereof: and he overlaid it with tutes, and execute my judg- pure gold, and so covered the

; ments, and keep all my com- altar which was of cedar.


21 So Solomon overlaid the and palm-trees, and open flowhouse within with pure gold : ers, within and without. and he made a partition by the 30 And the floor of the house chains of gold before the oracle; he overlaid with gold, within and he overlaid it with gold. and without.

22 And the whole house he 31 And for the entering of the overlaid with gold, until he had oracle he made doors of olivefinished all the house : also the tree : the lintel and sideposts whole altar that was by the ora. were a fifth part of the wall. cle he overlaid with gold, 32. The two doors also were of

23 And within the oracle he olive-tree ; and he carved upon made two cherubims of olive them carvings of cherubims, tree, each ten cubits high. and palm-trees, and open flow

24 And five cubits was the ers, and overlaid them with one wing of the cherub, and gold, and spread

gold, and spread gold upon five cubits the other wing of the the cherubims, and upon the cherub: from the uttermost palmpart of the one wing unto the 33 So also made he for the uttermost part of the other were door of the temple posts of ten cubits.

olive-tree, a fourth part of the 25 And the other cherub was wall. ten cubits: both the cherubims

ms 3 34 And the two doors were of were of one measure and one fir-tree: the two leaves of the size.

one door were folding, and the 26 The height of the one che- two leaves of the other door rub was ten cubits, and so was were folding: it of the other cherub.

35 And he carved thereon che27 And he set the cherubims rubims, and palm-trees, and within the inner house : and

open flowers; and covered they stretched forth the wings them with gold fitted upon the of the cherubims, so that the carved work. wing of the one touched the one 36 And he built the inner wall, and the wing of the other court with three rows of hewcherub touched the other wall ; ed stone, and a row of cedar and their wings touched one beams. another in the midst of the 37 In the fourth year was the house.

foundation of the house of the 28 And he overlaid the cheru- Lord laid, in the month Zif: bims with gold.

38 And in the eleventh year, 29 And he carved all the walls in the month Bul, which is the of the house round about with eighth month, was the house carved figures of cherubims, finished throughout all the parts



thereof, and according to all the 8 And his house where he fashion of it. So was he seven dwelt bad another court within

. years in building it.

the porch, which was of the like

work. Solomon made also an CHAP. VII.

house for Pharaoh's daughter,

whom he had taken to wife, like ORNAMENTS OF THE TEMPLE.

unto this porch. BUT Solomon was building 9 All these were of costly his own house thirteen years, stones, according to the mea. and he finished all his house. sures of hewed stones, sawed

2 He built also the house of with saws, within and without, the forest of Lebanon; the even from the foundation unto length thereof was an hundred the coping, and so on the outcubits, and the breadth thereof side toward the great court. fifty cubits, and the height there- 10 And the foundation was of of thirty cubits, upon four rows costly stones, even great stones, of cedar pillars, with cedar stones of ten cubits, and stones beams upon the pillars.

of eight cubits. 3 And it was covered with 11 And above were costly cedar above upon the beams, stones, after the measures of that lay on forty-five pillars, fif-hewed stones, and cedars. teen in a row.

12 And the great court round 4. And there were windows in about was with three rows of three rows, and light was against hewed stones, and a row of light in three ranks.

cedar beams, both for the in. 5 And all the doors and posts ner court of the house of the were square, with the win-Lord, and for the porch of the dows: and light was against house. light in three ranks.

13 And king Solomon sent 6 And he made a porch of and fetched Hiram out of Tyre. pillars; the length thereof was 14 He was a widow's son of fifty cubits, and the breadth the tribe of Naphtali, and his thereof thirty cubits: and the father was a man of Tyre, a porch was before them : and worker in brass : and he was the other pillars and the thick filled with wisdom, and underbeam were before them.

standing, and cunning to work 7 Then he made a porch for all works in brass. And he the throne where he might came to king Solomon, and judge, even the porch of judg. wrought all his work. ment: and it was covered with 15 For he cast two pillars of cedar from one side of the floor brass, of eighteen cubits high to the other.

a-piece : and a line of twelve


the top

cubits did compass either of the work of the pillars finished. them about.

23 And he made a molten sea, 16 And he made two chapi- ten cubits from the one brim to ters of molten brass, to set upon the other : it was round all the tops of the pillars : the about, and his height was five height of the one chapiter was cubits : and a line of thirty five cubits, and the height of cubits did compass it round the other chapiter was five cu- about. bits :

24 And under the brim of it 17 And nets of chequer-work, round about there were knops and wreaths of chain-work, for compassing it, ten in a cubit, the chapiters which were upon compassing the sea round about:

of the pillars; seven for the knops were cast in two rows, the one chapiter, and seven for when it was cast. the other chapiter.

25 It stood upon twelve oxen, 18 And he made the pillars, three looking toward the north, and two rows round about upon and three looking toward the the one net-work, to cover the west, and three looking toward chapiters that were upon the the south, and three looking top, with pomegranates: and toward the east: and the sea so did he for the other chapi. was set above upon them, and ter.

all their hinder parts were in19 And the chapiters that were ward. upon the top of the pillars were 26 And it was an hand-breadth of lily-work in the porch, four thick, and the brim thereof was cubits.

wrought like the brim of a cup, 20 And the chapiters upon the with flowers of lilies : it contwo pillars bad pomegranates tained two thousand baths. also above, over against the 27 And he made ten bases of belly which was by the net. brass ; four cubits was the work : and the pomegranates length of one base, and four were two hundred, in rows cubits the breadth thereof, and round about upon the other three cubits the height of it. chapiter.

28 And the work of the bases 21 And he set up the pillars in was on this manner : they had the porch of the temple : and borders, and the borders were he set up the right pillar, and between the ledges : called the name thereof Jachin: 29 And on the borders that and he set up the left pillar, and were between the ledges were called the name thereof Boaz. lions, oxen, and cherubims :

22 And upon the top of the and upon the ledges there was a pillars was lily-work : so was base above: and beneath the

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