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king of Gath: and they told | kingdom was established in the Shimei, saying, Behold, thy hand of Solomon. servants be in Gath. 40 And Shimei arose, and sad

CHAP. III. dled his ass, and went to Gath to Achish,to seek his servants and SOLOMON CHOOSETH WISDOM.

; Shimei went, and brought his AND Solomon made affinity servants from Gath.

with Pharaoh king of Egypt, 41 And it was told Solomon and took Pharaoh's daughter, that Shimei had gone from Je- and brought her into the city of rusalem to Gath, and was come David, until he had made an again.

end of building his own house, 42 And the king sent and call and the house of the LORD, and ed for Shimei, and said unto the wall of Jerusalem round him, Did I not make thee to about. swear by the Lord, and pro- 2 Only the people sacrificed in tested unto thee, saying, Know high places, because there was for a certain, on the day thou no house built unto the name of goest out, and walkest abroad the Lord, until those days. any whither, that thou shalt 3 And Solomon loved the surely die? and thou saidst unto LORD, walking in the statutes me, The word that I have heard of David his father : only he sais good.

crificed and burnt incense in 43 Why then hast thou not | high places. kept the oath of the Lord, and 4 And the king went to Gibethe commandment that I have on to sacrifice there; for that charged thee with?

was the great high place : a 44 The king said moreover to thousand burnt-offerings did Shimei, Thou knowest all the Solomon offer upon that altar. wickedness which thine heart is 5 In Gibeon the LORD appearprivy to, that thou didst to Da- ed to Solomon in a dream by vid my father: therefore the night: and God said, Ask what Lord shall return thy wicked- I shall give thee. ness upon thine on head; 6 And Solomon said, Thou

45 And king Solomon shall be hast shewed unto thy servant blessed, and the throne of Da- David my father great mercy, vid shall be established before according as he walked before the Lord for ever.

thee in truth, and in righteous46 So the king commandedness, and in uprightness of heart Benaiah the son of Jehoiada ; | with thee; and thou hast kept which went out and fell upon for him this great kindness, that him, that he dicd. And the thou hast given him a son to sit


on his throne, as it is this day. 14 And if thou wilt walk in my

7 And now, O LORD my God, ways, to keep my statutes and thou hast made thy servant my commandments, as thy fa.. king instead of David my fa- ther David did walk, then I will ther: and I am but a little child : lengthen thy days. I know not how to go out or

15 And Solomon awoke; and, come in.

behold, it was a dream. And he 8 And thy servant is in the came to Jerusalem, and stood midst of thy people which thou before the ark of the covenant hast chosen, a great people, that of the LORD, and offered a

up cannot be numbered nor count- burnt - offerings, and offered

ed for multitude.

peace-offerings, and made a feast 9 Give therefore thy servant an to all his servants. understanding heart to judge 16 Then

Then came there two thy people, that I may discern women, that were harlots, unbetween good and bad: for who to the king, and stood before is able to judge this thy so great him. a people?

17 And the one woman said, 10 And the speech pleased the O my lord, I and this woman LORD, that Solomon had asked dwell in one house; and I was this thing.

delivered of a child with her in 11 And God said unto him, the house. Because thou hast asked this 18 And it came to pass the thing, and hast not asked for third day after that I was cielirthyself long life; neither hast ered, that this woman was deasked riches for thyself, nor hast livered also: and we were togeasked the life of thine enemies; ther; there was no stranger with but hast asked for thyself un- us in the house, save we two in derstanding to discern judg- the house. ment ;

19 And this woman's child 12 Behold, I have done ac- ied in the night: because she cording to thy words: lo, I have overlaid it. given thee a wise and an un- 20 And she arose at midnight, derstanding heart; so that there and took my son from beside was none like thee before thee, me, while thine handmaid slept, neither after thee shall any arise and laid it in her bosom, and like unto thee.

laid her dead child in my bo13 And I have also given thee som. that which thou hast not asked, 21 And when I rose in the both riches, and honour: so that morning to give my child suck, there shall not be any among the behold, it was dead: but when I kings like unto thee all thy days. had considered it in the morn


ing, behold, it was not my son

CHAP. IV. which I did bear.

SOLOMON'S PROSPERITY. 22 And the other woman said, Nay ; but the living is my son, SO king Solomon was king and the dead is thy son.


over all Israel. this said, No; but the dead is 2 And these were the princes thy son, and the living is my which he had ; Azariah the son

Thus they spake before of Zadok the priest ; the king.

3 Elihoreph and Ahiah, the 23 Then said the king, The sons of Shisha, scribes ; Jehoone saith, This is my son that shaphat the son of Ahilud, the liveth, and thy son is the dead : recorder; and the other saith, Nay; but 4 And Benaiah the son of Jethy son is the dead, and my son hoiada was over the host : and is the living

Zadok and Abiathar were the 24 And the king said, Bring | priests : me a sword. And they brought 5 And Azariah the son of a sword before the king.

Nathan was over the officers : 25 And the king said, Divide and Zabud the son of Nathan the living child in two, and give was principal officer, and the half to the one, and half to the king's friend : other.

6 And Ahishar was over the 26 Then spake the woman household : and Adoniram the whose the living child was unto son of Abda was over the tri. the king, (for her bowels yearn

bute. ed upon her son,) and she said, 7 And Solomon had twelve O my lord, give her the living officers over all Israel, which child, and in no wise slay it. provided victuals for the king But the other said, Let it be and his household : each man neither mine nor thine, but di- his month in a year made provide it.

vision. 27 Then the king answered

8 And these are their names : and said, Give her the living | The son of Hur, in mount Ephchild, and in no wise slay raim : it; she is the mother there. 9 The son of Dekar, in Ma. of.

kaz, and in Shaalbim, and Beth28 And all Israel heard of the shemesh, and Elon-beth-hanan : judgment which the king had 10 The son of Hesed, in Aru. judged ; and they feared the both; to him pertained Sochoh, king: for they saw that the wis- and all the land of Hepher : dom of God was in him, to do 11 The son of Abinadab, in judgment.

all the region of Dor; which had Taphath the daughter of and unto the border of Egypt : Solomon to wife :

they brought presents, and serv12 Baana the son of Ahilud ; ed Solomon all the days of his to bim pertained Taanach and life. Megiddo, and all Beth-shean, 22 And Solomon's provision which is by Zartanah beneath || for one day was) thirty measures Jezreel, from Beth-shean to of fine flour, and threescore meaAbel-meholah, even unto the sures of meal, place that is beyond Jokneam : 23 Ten fat oxen, and twenty

13 The son of Geber, in Ra- oxen out of the pastures, and moth-gilead ; to him pertained an hundred sheep, besides harts, the towns of Jair the son of and roebucks, and fallow deer, Manasseh, which are in Gilead; and fatted fowl. to him also pertained the region

24 For he had dominion over of Argob, which is in Bashan, all the region on this side the threescore great cities with walls river, from Tiphsah even to and brazen bars :

Azzah, over all the kings on this 14 Ahinadab the son of Iddo side the river/: and he had

peace bad Mahanaim :

on all sides round about him. 15 Ahimaaz was in Naphtali; 25 And Judah and Israel dwelt he also took Basmath the daugh- safely, every man under his vine ter of Solomon to wife :

and under his fig-tree, from Dan 16 Baanah the son of Hushai even to Beer-sheba, all the days was in Asher and in Aloth : of Solomon.

17 Jehoshaphat the son of Pa- 26 And Solomon had \forty ruah, in Issachar :

thousand stalls of horses for 18 Shimei the son of Elah, in his chariots, and twelve thouBenjamin :

sand horsemen. 19 Geber the son of Uri was 27 And those officers proviin the country of Gilead, in the ded victual for king Solomon, country of Sihon king of the and for all that came unto king Amorites, and of Og king of Solomon's table, every man Bashan ; and he was the only in his month : they lacked noofficer which was in the land, thing.

20 Judah and Israel were ma- 28 Barley also and straw for ny, as the sand which is by the horses and dromedaries the sea in multitude, eating brought they unto the place and drinking, and making mer- where the officers were, every ry.

man according to his charge. 21 And Solomon reigned over 29 And God gave Solomon all kingdoms from the river wisdom and understanding exunto the land of the Philistines, ll ceeding much, and largeness of

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heart, even as the sand that is which were about him on every on the sea shore.

side, until the Lord put them 30 And Solomon's wisdom under the soles of his feet. excelled the wisdom of all the 4 But now the Lord my God children of the east country, hath given me rest on every and all the wisdom of Egypt. side, so that there is neither ad

31 For he was wiser than all versary nor evil occurrent. men; than Ethan the Ezrahite, 5 And, behold, I purpose to and Heman and Chalcol and Dar- build an house unto the name dathe sons of Mahol: and his fame of the LORD my God, as the was in all nations round about. LORD spake unto David my fa

32 And he spake three thou- ther, saying, Thy son, whom I sand proverbs : and his songs will set upon thy throne in thy were a thousand and five.

room, he shall build an house 33 And he spake of trees, from unto my name. the cedar-tree that is in Leba- 6 Now therefore, command non, even unto the hyssop that thou that they hew me cedarspringeth out of the wall : he trees out of Lebanon ; and my spake also of beasts, and of servants shall be with thy serfowl, and of creeping things, vants: and unto thee will I give and of fishes.

hire for thy servants according 34 And there came of all peo- to all that thou shalt appoint : ple to hear the wisdom of So- for thou knowest that there is lomon, from all kings of the not among us any that can skill earth, which had heard of his to hew timber like unto the Siwisdom.


7 And it came to pass, when CHAP. V.

Hiram heard the words of Solomon, that he rejoiced greatly,

and said, Blessed be the LORD AND Hiram king of Tyre | this day, which hath given unto sent his servants unto Solomon; David a wise son over this great for he had heard that they had people. anointed him king in the room 8 And Hiram sent to Solomon, of his father : for Hiram was saying, I have considered the ever a lover of David.

things which thou sentest to me 2 And Solomon sent to Hi- for : and I will do all thy desire ram, saying,

concerning timber of cedar, and 3 Thou knowest how that Da- | concerning timber of fir. vid my father could not build an 9 My servants shall bring them house unto the name of the down from Lebanon unto the Lord his God, for the wars sea : and I will convey them by


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