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's Books of the New Testament, cited by Anthors con

temporary with the Apostles, and owned for genuine both by the Jews and Heathens, p. 363. Many of the Eye-witnesses to the Miracles of our Saviour and his Apostles, lived to a great Age, p. 364. The chief Points of the Christian Religion were testified in Apologies written from time to time to the Heathen Emperors,

ibid. CHA P. XVIII. of the Do&trines çontained in the Holy Scrip

tures, The Christian Religion teacheth an universal Righ

teousness both towards God and Man, p. 368. The Scriptures propound to us the only true Principles of Holiness, p. 370. The Christian Religion proposeth the most effe&tual Motives to Obedience and Holiness of Life, p. 372. It affordeth the greatest Helps and Asistances to an Holy Life, P: 374.

in the ances Compasion and Condefcenfion to our Infirmities, p. 374. The Propagation of the Gospel

has ever bad great effećts towards the Reformation and Happiness of Mankind, p: 376. The highest Mysteries of the Christian Religion are not meerly speculative, but have a necessary relation to Practice for the advancement of Piety and Vertue amongst Men,

p. 382

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Hat there is no other Divine Revelation, but

that contained in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and Nero Testament,

*** p. 385


P. 389

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News .04.CH A P. I.

The Novelty of the Heathen Religions.
The Pretences of the Ægyptians to Antiquity exa-

amined, p: 387 of the Chaldæans, ibid. Of the Chinese,

CH A P. II: of the Defect in the Promulgʻation of the Heathen

Religions. The Heathen Religions, never extant in Books to be

publickly read, P. 392. Every Country had its peculiar Deities. They prevailed only by the Temporal Power. Though the Heathens more in Number, yet the Religion of Chriftians more promulged,

p. 392

CH A P. III. Of the Defect of the Prophecies and Miracles of the

Heathen Religions. Of the Oracles of the Heathens; p. 394. That they

were uncertain and ambiguous, p. 396. But they could not be all counterfeit, P: 398. The cessation of Oracles gradual, p. 399. Their Miracles never wrought

to confirm any found and useful DoEtrine. The Confessions of the False Gods, when they were adjured by Christians,

P. 401 CHA P. IV. The Defeet, in point of Dočtrine, in the Heathen

Religions. The Theology of the Heathens absurd, p. 403. Their

Religious Worship wicked and impious, p.405. Humane Sacrifices customary in all Heathen Nations,

P. 406.

p. 406. No Body of Laws, nor Rules of Good Life, proposed by their Oracles, p. 409. but IdoLatry and Wickedness approved and recommended by them,

ibid. CH A P. V. Of the Philosophy of the Heathens. The Heathen Philosophy very defctive and erroncons,

P. 411. Whatever there is of Excellency in tbe Philosophy of the Heathens, is owing to Revelation, p. 423. If the Heathen Philosophy had been a's certain and as excellent as it can be pretended to be, yet there had been great need of a Divine Rea velation,

p. 429 CH'A P. VI. The Novelty and Defeet in the Promulgation of the Mahomet an Religion,

p. 436 CHA P. VII. The want both of Prophecies and Miracles in the Man hometan Religion,

p. 439 CH A P. VIII. The Alcoran is false, abfurd, and immoral, p. 441


of Mahomet That he was Luftful, Proud and Cruel, appears from the Alcoran it felf,

P. 443

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3,1.4. CH A P. I. Hat there is as groas Cortaining of the Truth of

the Chriftian Religion, as there is of the Being of Gode

P. 447

The Refolution of Faith.
The Scriptures confidered, (1.). As Historically true :

(2.) As to their Doctrine, which concerns Eternal
Salvation, p: 481,452: From both these Confide- .
rations, it follows, that they are infallibly True,
2:455, in many cases, there is as much cause to
believe what we knoto from others, as what we see
and experience our felves, P.456. And thus it is
in the present case, concerning the Resolution of
Faith, p. 400. The Evidence of Sense, and of
Humane Testimony in this case, compared, p.462.
The Certainty of both ultimately resolved into the

Divine Veracity, &c. ibid. An Objection from Joh. XX. 29. answered, p. 467. The Truth of the Christian Religion evident even to a Demon ftration,

p. 470


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N the Preface, pag. I.L. 14. read when though Tych; p.4.l.s.r.

Men; p.143 1.2. for that r. they; p.2soluit. the mistnal. In the Book, P: 13: 1.176

for mind r. knowledge sp. 38. 130. 1 before or at the same time, or after ibid. J. ult. c.if

before, or at the same time;, p. 66. 1. 13, dele she Comma at Fire, and place it after Chaldeans ;* P: 96. L ult. r. And Kimchi and after him p. 190. 118.dele for ; p.113.1. 10. r.was soon ; p. 130. 1,16.5. (which woms like soile produced by Kircher) p.133.marg. c.Tavern. Voyage de Perfe; p. 136.1.27. r. Mahomet ; p. 140. 1. 11. 1. Ages ago p. 154. 1.1. for greater 1. better ; p.176. 1. 10. for performed r. preserved; P: 930, 1. 3. r, the Book sof the Prophets ; p.252. 1. ult. r. Device; P. 290. 1.23. for repeated r. done ; p. 325. 1.6. r. denied, P. 322. 1. 26. r. Saul, P. 131. 138. Drought : P: 372. l. 2. for of r. to p.393. I.10.r.particular ; p. 403. 1. 19.8. and Eusebius besides makes; p.405. marg.r. Quint, Inftit, lib.arg. 1.

Horat.Serm. lib.i, fat. 2. Gic. pro

1. dangers only 5.9.408,1.8.ra final; M.Cálio s'p. 422. 1. 16. for .that; p. 426. 1. 29. dele Comma at Phere. sydes)P: 431.1: 31. 1. to avoid the being a Stoicks 1.2.4 434.1, 30. T. in it ; P. 436,1.19. for them r. Men ;, p.440.1.18.for Inspiration r. Revelation ; P.464. 113. ri Teftimony of others ; p. 470.1, 17. r. fincere.

Other mistakes, as idea for Ides. Afcention for Afcenfion, Meltiades for Miltiades, Spartianas för Spartianus, &c. are left to the Reader's candour. sin Ipinos

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