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ligion, p. 90. Testimonies of the Heathen concerning the Jews, and their Religion, p.115. There have ever been divers Memorials and Remembrances of the True Religion among the Heathen, p.117. of the Sibylline Oracles, p. 121. Tbe Gospel had been preached in China and America, before the late Discoveries, p. 129. The confeffions both of Protestants and Papists, as to this matter, P.132. Christians in all Parts of the World,p.135. A Se&t called the Good Followers of the Messiah, at Constantinople, p.136. Though great part of the World are still Unbelievers, yet

there is no Ne tion but has great opportunities of being converted, P. 141.

The case of particular Persons confidered,

P. 142

Of Moses and Aaron.
The Sincerity of Moses in his Writings, p. 146. He

was void of Ambition, p. 149. Aaron and He
had no contrivance between themselves to impose up,
on the People,

P. 151 CHAP. IV.


of the Pentateuch. The Pentateuch written by Moses, p. 152. The great

impartiality visible in these Books, p. 153. The Book of Genesis an Introduction to the rest, p.154 The principal Points of the History of the Jews, confessd by the Heathen,

P. 155
CH A P. V.
of the Predi&tions or Prophecies contained in the

Books of Moses.
The Promise of the Mellias, P. 158. The Predictions

of Noah, ibid. The Promises made to Abraham,
p. 159.' The Prophecies of Ifaac,&c. p. 160. of
Jacob, p.161. of Balaam, p. 162. of Moses,p.163



C H A P. VI. Of the Miracles wrought by Moses. 1. The Miracles and Matters of Faềt contained in the

Books of Moses, as they are there related to have been done, were at first sufficiently attested, p. 170. II. The Relations there set domn, are a true Account of the Miracles wrought by Moses, and such as we may depend upon, p. 188. For, (1.) These things could not be feigned by Moses and Aaron, and others concerned with them in carrying on such a Design, p. 189. (2.) The Miracles could not be feigned, nor the Books of Moses invented or falsified by any particular Man, nor by any confederacy or combination of Men, after the death of Moses, p. 191. (3.) The Pentateuch could not be invented nor falsified by the joint consent of the whole Nation, either in Moses's time, or after it, p. 206. Of what consequence the Proof of the Dis vine Authority of the Pentateuch is towards the proving the rest of the Scriptures to be of the fame Authority,

Of Joshua, and the Judgesand of the Miracles and

Prophecies under their Government.
Joshua, the Author of the Book under his name, p.215.

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The Book of Judges written by Samuel, p. 216. The Waters of Jordan divided, p. 217. The Males Circumcised, at the first coming into Canaan, and thereby disabled for War, contrary to all humane Policy, p. 219.

The Walls of Jericho thromn doron, and the Prophecy concerning them, ib. The Integrity of Joshua, p. 220. of Eli, p. 221. of Samuel,

p. 222



be ze 0.

Of the People of Israel, under their Kings:
From the Revolt of the Ten Tribes, an argument

for the Truth of the Law of Moses. Prophets in the Kingdoms both of Israel and Judah, p. 223

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Of the Prophets, and their Writings.
The kinds of Prophecy amongst obe Jems, p. 224. The

Freedom and Courage of the Prophets, and the Re-
verence paid to them even by bad Princes, p. 226.
They laid down their Lives, in confirmation of
their Prophecies, p. 227. Many of their Prophe-
cies fulfilled during their own lives, p. 228. Their
Prophecies committed to writing, ibid. They

( as well, as the Lato) were carefully preserved, : during the Captivity in Babylon, p. 229. The

Books of the former and of the latter Prophets; the Books of Samuel, by whom written, p.231. The Books of Chronicles, and of Kings, by whom written, ibid. Of the Psalms. Mofes and the Prophéts comprehend the whole Old Testament, p.233. The Hebrer Tongue sufficiently understood by the

Fers, when- they returned from Babylon, ibid. 3. The Seriptuires could not be carrupted afterwards,

p.235 .;; 73

Of the Prophecies and Miracles of the Prophets.
Jolah Prophefjed of by Name, long before his birth;

ihe circumstances of that Prophecy, p. 236. The
fulfilling of Elijah's Prophecies, p. 238. The
confeffion of Julian the Apoftate, p.240. Divers
other Prophecies and. Miracles, ibid. Cyrus pro-
øbefied of by Name, long before his Birth, p. 241.


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Jeremiah's Prophecies of the Deftru£tion of Jerufalem, p. 243. The contradiction which was then thought to be betwixt the Prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, a manifest proof of the truth of the Prophecies of them both, p. 245. Other plain Prophecies fulfilled, p. 247 These Prophecies and Miracles manifeftly true,

p. 249 C H 4 P. XE. Of the dependance of the several parts of the Scriptures upon each other, and that she Old Testament

proves che Ner, and the New again proves the Old, as the Cause and the Effect, ij.p.252

Of the Person of our Bleffed Saviour,
Our Blessed Saviour's undeniable Innocence and Holi-

nefs of Life, p. 257. Judas himself gave Testimony to it, p. 259. The Prophecies concerning the Birth of the Melkasy fulfilled in him, p. 265. The Prophecies concerning his life fimulfilled, 277. The Propheciesconcerning his death fulfilled; p.280. and chose canoerming boss Refurrection and Afoenfion,

P. 286 CH A P. XIII. Of the Prophecjes and Miracles of our Bleffed Saviour. Our Saviour foretold the Treachery of Judas, and the manner of his own Death,p.287. The Propagation of his Religion, p.288. The Destruction of Jerusalem, with the circumstances of it, and the Pradigies attending it, ibid. His Miracles verified the Prephecies which had been concerning the Messias,p.290

CH A P. XIV. Of the Resurrection of our Blessed The Refurre{tion of our Blessed Saviour prophefied of, i and typified, p. 293. The Apostles, who were Wit


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nesses of our Savionx's Refurradtion, could not badeceived themselves in it, p. 295. They would not deceive others, p. 306. They alledged fuch Cir. cumstances, as made it inipossible for them to de ceive,

p. 307 CHA P. XV.

Of the Apostles and Évangelifts.
The Apostles were Men of sufficient Understanding,

to know what they testified, p.312. They had fuffi-
cient Means and opportunities to know it, p.313;
They were Men of Integrity, and truly declared
what they knew ; for they had no wortály Interest
to serve,

by their Testimony, but suffered by it, and had a certain prospect of suffering, p. 315. There are peculiar marks of Sincerity in all iheir Writings,

p. 319 C H A P. XVI. Of the Prophecies and Miracles of the Apofttes, &c. Of their Prophecies, p. 328. Of their Miracles,p.330. The Miracles wrought by the Apostles themselves, p. 331. A Porper

A Power of working Miracles, communicated by them to others, p. 336. Their Supernatural Courage and Resolution, p. 342. This tikewife was communicated to their Followers, P. 351

Of the Writings of the Apostles and Evangelifts.
The History of our Saviour's Life and Death contains

so notorious and publick circumstances, that it was
an Appeal to that Age, whether the things related,
mere true or not, we


The other Books of tial to the Gospel, or History of Christ; and besides, thefe likewise contain many memorable and publick Matters of Falt, p. 361. The Gospel, and other


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