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Christian Religion

Chaplain to the Right Honourable the E ARI

of EXET E R, and late Fellow of St. John's
College in Cambridge.

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Printed for Peter Buck, at the sign of the Terspieg
near the Inner-Temple-Gate, in Fleer-Street,


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May it Please Your LORDSHIP,

H E general Décay and Con9 tempt of the Christian Religion

amongst ws, bas made me think, that I could not better employ the Leifure, mbicb, ky Tour Lordsbip's favour, I enjoy

, tban in ufing my best Endesvours to show the Excellency and the Certainty of it. And what I have done, is bere humbly presented to your Lordship, as of Right, and upon many Accounts, it onight to be.


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The Honour and the Satisfaction which I have often bad to hear Your Eordship Speakin the behalf of Religion and Vertue, encourage me to hope, that a Performance, though but such as this, upon that Subjest, may obtain your Acceptanče.

And the Name only

of a Person of your LordSpip's Honour, and Learning, and Knowledge of the World, may perhaps be of more advantage to the Cause I undertake, than any tbing I have been able to write.

Religion may seem, by Descent, and as it were, by Inheritance, to belong to Your Lordfbip'á Cáre: The Wisdom and Piety of Your Great-Ancestor appear to diftant Ages in the Reformation, which, through the Blessing of God, mas great a measure, by His means, eltablish'd in this. Kingdom. And I have witb, joy often thought, that I cold obferve the Spixit and Genius of my Lord Treas furer Burg HL'E Y now exenting it felf morethan ever in your Noble Family. From whence, methinks, we may presage Hapa


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piness to the Nation, and may yet expect to fee a true fenfe of Religion revive, and may hope, that even in our days, Christienity, amangf English men, fall

. be more than a Nament which is evergir where spoken against.est

bucht An eminent Kertue is a Pablick Goods There is a powerful and commanding Force in Great Examplesito countenance Kertue, and discourage Kiae and Prot fanenefs to make Irreligian sappear, as it is, bafe and contemptible in the World to, degrade it, and thrust it down among the lower and untanght part of Mankindo Much is not to be expected from the Schools and from the Gown, under fucli Contempt and Discouragement. But the Great and the Honourable bave it in their power to do great things's things worthy's of Themselves, and før the advancement of God's Glory. Perfogs of High Birth, and both by Nature and Education fitteda for the Higbolt Undertakings, mbole Vera tues shall froierish with their ears, and add New Luftre to their Hereditary Hers li

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