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A. D. 29.*


20. Jesus is BAPTIZED and retires to the desert. Mar.

2. The Priests and Levites come to the Baptist.

3. Christ returns to him, at Bethabara.

4. John and Andrew follow Jesus.

5. Our Lord calls Philip and Nathanael.

6-8. The marriage festival at Cana. Our Lord's FIRST MIRACLE.

9. Jesus goes to Capernaum.

19-25. First Passover. Christ drives the traders from the Temple; converses with Nicodemus.

26. Our Lord goes into the neighbouring country.


9. The walk through the corn-fields.

20. Conference at Sychar with the Samaritan woman.

27. Jesus at Cana cures the sick youth at Capernaum. May.

8-14. Pentecost. Jesus at Jerusalem.

14. Cure of the infirm man at Bethesda.

"*The reader is requested to observe, that the dates in this Calendar are, to a considerable degree, conjectural; but that the order of the events does not depend upon the correctness of them. The dates of the Passover (and consequently of the other Festivals) have been ascertained by calculation; and admitting their accuracy, sufficient accuracy may have been obtained in adapting English dates to the following arrangement. In a few cases, besides the Festivals, this adaptation is founded on express testimony; but more usually it is founded on a calculation of the time necessary for the several events. — Hence the dates can only be an approximation to the truth; but if they prove consistent with internal evidence, and with what external evidence we possess, they will materially assist the mind in forming a distinct view of the order of events, and in retracing the several parts of it."

† Jewish Sabbaths.

A. D. 29.


15. Christ departs into Galilee, spending the time during Herod's residing in Galilee, and during the intense heat of the summer months, in comparative retirement, till the Feast of Tabernacles.


13-19. Feast of Tabernacles; a little before which the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod.

16. Jesus reaches Jerusalem.

19. The Great Day of the Feast.

20. Restoration of the blind man. (N. B. This day was a Sabbath by Lev. xxiii. 39.) After this miracle Christ immediately return

ed to Galilee, and BEGINS HIS PUBLIC FREACHING there.

23. The call of Peter, Andrew, James, and John.

24. Cure of the dæmoniac, Peter's wife's mother, &c.

25. First Progress through Galilee; at the close of which,


16. Our Lord delivers his Sermon on the Mount, heals the leper, &c.

17. The widow's son raised from the dead.

20. Christ returns to the Lake, and stills the storm.

21. The dæmoniacs cured in the land of Gadara.

23. The cure of the paralytic. Call of Matthew.

24. Christ at Matthew's house; raises the daughter of Jaïrus, &c. 25. Second Progress through Galilee.

26. Christ chooses the Twelve Apostles.



12. The disciples of the Baptist come to Christ.

17. Mission of the Seventy. About this time our Lord delivered the parable of the Good Samaritan; and cured the ten lepers. 25. The visit of Martha and Mary at Bethany.

A. D.

26. Christ again rejected by the Jews, at the Feast of Dedication; and immediately retires to Bethany, in Peræa. In this district he appears to have spent the whole of December, and to near the close of January, A. D. 30. Before the end of his sojourn in Peræa, the Seventy returned to him, with some of the Twelve.



27. Our Lord leaves the Perea for Bethany.

28. Christ raises Lazarus, and soon after retires to Ephraim.


18.+ Cure of the man with the withered hand; about which time the Baptist was beheaded: and about the beginning of March the rest of the APOSTLES RETURN.


5. The feeding of the Five Thousand.

A. D. 30.


6. Jesus discourses in Capernaum; and works miracles in Gennesaret. He afterwards goes to the neighbourhood of Tyre and Sidon, and returns through the Decapolis to the eastern shore of the Lake.

14. The miracle of the Four Thousand.

15. Jesus crosses from the neighbourhood of Magdala to Bethsaida in Galilee, and restores sight to the blind man.

18. Peter's avowal of the Messiahship of Jesus, near Cæsarea Philippi. 25. The Transfiguration.

27. The tribute-money demanded at Capernaum.

28. Our Lord's DEPARTURE FROM GALILEE: he enters Samaria, and passes over into the Peræa.

31. The visit of Zacchæus at Jericho.


1.f Our Lord arrives at Bethany.

2. Sunday. Entry into Jerusalem. Voice in the Temple.

3. Monday. The barren fig-tree. The Temple again cleared.

4. Tuesday. Discourses with the Rulers, Herodians, Sadducees, &c. 5. Wednesday. On the Mount of Olives, Christ foretells the destruction of the Temple. Supper at Bethany.

6. Thursday. Jesus eats the Passover.

7. Friday. The Crucifixion.

8. Saturday. The Jews seal the sepulchre and set a watch.

9. Lord's Day. The RESURRECTION. Jesus goes to Emmaus. 16. Lord's Day. Our Lord appears to Thomas, &c.



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