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563. Letters, from a Blanka-complaining of a choleric


564. On making a just Estimate of the Characters of

Mankind ......

565. On the Nature of Man-of the Supreme Being.. ADDISON

566, Letters on Military Life, by various Soldiers....UNKNOWN

567. Method of Political Writers affecting Secresy-



568. Coffee-house Conversation on the preceding Paper

-The Whole Duty of Man turned into a Libel..

569. On Drunkenness..

570. On petty Ambition..

571. Advantages of seeking the Protection of the Su-

preine Being..

572. On Quacks ..


573. Letter from the President of the Club of Widows . UNKNOWN

574. Advantages of Content ......


575. The present Life preparatory to the Happiness of


576. On Singularity; the Dread and Affectation of it..

577. Letter from a Person supposed to be crazed-Pe-

tition of John a Nokes and Tom a Styles......

578. On personal Identity--Story of Fadlallah.

...... UNKNOWN

579. On Adultery-Dogs which guarded the Temple of



580. On the Glories of Heaven..

581. The Author's Answer to his Correspondents Let-

ters from a Lover and young Lady.


58%. On the Itch of Writing...


583. Duty of being usefully employed-on Planting

584. Story of Hilpa...

585. The same concluded.

586. The Use of Dreams

587. The Vision of Hearts...


588. On Self-love and Benevolence..

589. On Planting-Folly of destroying Wood. . . . . . UNKNOWN

590. On Eternity...

...... ADDISON

591. Questions and Cases of Love..


592. Dramatic Improvements—Criticisms....


593. On Dreams, how to be improved.


594. On Calumny.


595. On the Abuse of Metaphors..

596. Distresses of a very amorous Gentleman

17. The Dreams of various Correspondents

598. On a merry and serious Cast of Temper. ....ADDISON

599. The Cave of Trophonius, a Dream.


600. Various Opinions of future Happiness..... ADDISON

601. On Benevolence-Causes which obstruct it.


602. Advantages of an Air of Importance in making



603. Phoebe, a Poem ..

604. On a Desire of knowing future Events.

605. A difficult Case in Love resolved.....

606. Embroidery recommended to the Ladies.

607. Qualities necessary to make Marriage happy—the

Flitch of Bacon....

608. List of Persons who demanded the Flitch of


609. Letters, on the improper Dress of young Clergy-

men-On Antipathies—Against Embroidery...-

610. Applause of Men not to be regarded—Story of

Gyges. .

611. Letter from a Lady insulted by her Seducer-Re-

flections on the subject......

612. On the Pride of Genealogy......

613. Letters, on Ambition-Eloquence of Beggars-

from a Lady marked by the Small-pox..

614. Questions on Widows, answered by the Love Ca-

suist-Custom of Enborne.

615. On Fear...

616. On vulgar Phrases--Specimen....

617. On strained and pompous Phrases-Specimen..

618. On epistolary Poetry....

619. Answers to various Correspondents..

620. The Royal Progress, a Poem....


621. On improper Pride...


622. Memoirs of an honest Country Gentleman.

623. Account of the Custom of Enborne .

624. Division of Mankind into Classes-Pursuits of

Avarice, Ambition, &c........

625. Questions in Love solved by the Love Casuist....
626. On Novelty..
627. Letter to Želinda from her Lover-his Death. ..UNKNOWN
628. On Eternity.....

Translation of Cato's Soliloqny.
629. Absurd Claims of Reward
630. Church Music recommended - Improper Behaviour

in Church


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