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I. 100. Append. 41. What are the only Sa-
crifices now to be offered up, I. 108, 413.
Salvation, what is not to be depended upon for
obtaining it. 1. Not the Republication of the
Law of Nature, 2. Not Chrift dying an Ex-
ample, nor in Teftimony of the Truth that
God is of a reconcileable Difpofition. 3. Not
Repentance grounding upon the forgiving
Goodness of God in contempt of the Mediator.
What is to be depended upon, viz. the Death
of the Mediator. See Mediator.

Sanction of Law, fupport of all Government in
Heaven and Earth, I. 291.

Satisfaction, what kind the Mediator made, I.
283, 288, 345, 360, 363, 373.

Sceptick, the Folly and Inconfiftency of his Pro-
ceedings, II. 265. The Wickedness of them,
274. Their Objections answer'd, 269.
Seal of the New Covenant once put by the Blood
of Chrift, recogniz'd by both Parties of the
Covenant, in the two Sacraments, I. 144.
Scriptures, holy, why the Rules of Method and
artificial Eloquence neglected, I. 251. A per-
fect Rule of Morals, ib. The Deifts Incon-
fiftency as to various Readings, 258. II.
277. The Authority of Scripture neceffary, I.
257. They only give the true Knowledge of
God, Ourselves, and Happiness, I. 258. Per-
fpicuity of them against the Deifts, 267. Pru-
dential Rules of Interpretation, 277. Who
the unlearned that wreft Scripture, 269. The
Things hard to be understood, ib. II. 162.
Infallible Interpreter of Scripture of no use to
prevent wrefting, I. 269.
Self-Advantage, Good, Affection, Happiness,
Intereft, duly diftinguifh'd, the Spring of all
human Action, II. 42. maintained to be the



genuine Spring of Virtue against all Oppofers,
47, &c.

Self-denial, Reafon and Rule of, I, 273, 414.
Shame before Men, for falling fhort in the Vir-
tue or Service due to Society and the Publick,
II. 83. before God inherent to the Sin of the
Soul, as blushing is to the Body upon fome
Occafions, I. 83, 98. Deifts deny this Shame,

II. 50.
Sin, the Turpitude and Enormity of it, why
Enmity against God, I. 294, 355, 359. For-
giveness of it, through the Mediator, the great
News and Affair of the Gofpel, 48, &c. God's
Hatred of it in the Death of the Mediator, 355.
Heathens had no Notion of the Forgiveness of
Sin, 295.

Sin, or Blafphemy against the Holy Ghost. See
Holy Ghost.

Spirit, worshipping the Father in Spirit and Truth,
I. 94. Spirit, holy, an Advocate for Chrift
on Earth, 398. An Advocate to the Regent
Power of Man's Actions, II. 1, &c. Neceffity
of Affiftance, 3. &c. I. 398.
I. 398. A Counter-
balance to the evil Spirit, II. 7. What it is to
be spiritually minded, 10, 24, 165. A new
Principle to the Flefh, 10, 21. Gifts extra-
ordinary, 14. Helper of our Infirmities in
Prayer with Groans that can't be utter'd, I,
87. Notes. II. 11, 12. How an Earneft,
14. How a Monitor, Advocate, Affiftant,
16, &c. Born of the Spirit, the Occasion of
it, 24. How God the Giver of a new Heart,
&c. 25. All his Operations consistent with
our Liberty, 23, 26, True Notion of human
Liberty, ib.


Socinian Objections to the Revenge and Cruelty
of the Father, answer'd, I. 343. their unrea-
fonable Corruption and Contempt of Faith
fhewn, II. 258, &c.

Socrates, in what Senfe a Chriftian, acting in Ex-
pectation of future Rewards, II. 303, 338.
favoured and advised Idolatry, I. 110. the best
Deist upon Record excepting Job, H. 89.
Solifidians, Enemies to Faith and Reafon, II. 220.
Sublime, the true Kind wherein it confifts, I. 39,
382. II. 108, 152, 326.

Sufficiency of Deifts hateful before God, an im-
moral Contradiction to the dependent State of
Man, I. 60, 73, 210, 260, 309, 314, 320.
406. II. 246, 251. diftinguished into remote,
and proximate, II. 311.

Superftition falfly charged by the Deifts on the
Pofitives of Chriftianity, they being the Cure
of that, and of Idolatry, I. 197, &c. truly
chargeable upon the Deifts, 201, 302.
Swearing reduced by Chriftianity from Exceffes,
and confined to its Religion and Ufe, I. 40.
Symbols, the Ufe of in Baptifm, I. 123, 178. in
the Lord's-Supper, 149, 178.


ALENTS, one, two, five, explain'd, II.
296, 329, 331.


Temperance, Rule and Reason of, I. 273, 314.
Thanksgiving to God, how improved by Chrifti-
anity, I. 40. religious Worfhip of our first
Parents in Paradife, confifted in Thanksgiving,
exclufive of Prayer, 8o. the Reafon of Thankf
giving doubled in our prefent State, 82.
Time, Fitnefs of, for promulging the Gospel, II.
312, 322, 324. Fulnefs of, I. 429.

Trust in God, improved by Cbr tianity, I 38. Turks, a moral Character of, I. 116. the Want of a their Religion, II. 314. they are one Branch of Antichrift, 316.


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IRTUE, when diftinct from Religion, I. 121. when the fame, ib. Love of, for its own Sake, a fallacious Principle, II. 92, &c. The moral Virtue of Faith, 222. Rewards of Virtue not the natural Confequence of it, I. 318. II. 120, &c. 223.


WILL of God, the End of Actions fixed

by it, Means appropriated by it to refpective Ends, II. 69. Arbitrarinefs excluded from it, 77, Moral Reafon, Relation, Fitnefs of Things, how depend upon it, 77. What the Rectitude of the Divine Will, 78.

Will of Man, Governefs over all his Actions, the Paffions derive from it, owe their Object and Conduct, to its Choice; Love being the Adhefion of the Will to its own Choice, II. 87. Controuls his Understanding, 222. compared with 34.

Worship, publick, founded in Natural Religion as we are fociable Creatures, II. 130. Danger of forfaking it, 131. why none but general Rules in Scripture for it, 134.

N. B. The Edition of Chriftianity as old, &c. referr'd to, is Octavo, 1730.


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