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Chap. r.

Heeling os the Britijh Parliament.His Majesty's Speech from the Throne
respecling the high Price of Provisionsarid recent Communications front
the French Government.Addresses of Thanks.Amendments proposed.
Debates.Proceedings relative to tlie Dearth of Provifions.Divers Bills.
Royal Proclamation.Industry and Zeal of the Legislature in devising
Means for alleviating the public Distress. . . . [I


The Imperial Parliament ajfembicd.Speech from the Throne.Motionjcir
an Addie/s.Amendment proposed.Debates thereon.Amendment re-
jected.Address curried ly a great Majorityand presented lo Ma-
je/Iy. '. . . . ' . [tt


Political Views of Buotiaparte, a/ter c Pacifieatton mlh Austria.— The Cha-
racter now asjtmmd-hy France,——Buonaparte cas files Paul I .—and revives the
jtrmed Neutrality of 17 SO, again/1 Great Britain.—Convention on the
Principles of that Confederation between France and America.Ambtfshdor
sent to the United American States from Denmark.Disputes between

- Sweden and Great Britain.•Caplitre mid Condemnation of a Stembfii

Convoy,—-A Swedish I'cgel pressed into tha Naval Service qf England.

Complaints of this made by Spain and Holland.—Dignified Conduct an lid

Occasion qf the King of Sutdsn.Reflections Oh the Question concerning

the Liberty of the Sias.—■History of this Question.Sweden and Denmark

hostile to England. . . . . . [76

CHAP. vr.

Pacific State of Denmark, A. D. ISOO.—O-igin of Differences bettreen Den-
mark-and Gnat Britain.—"Di.n'jh Ships captured by the English.Resist-
ance.—Capture of a Danish Frigate and Cvnvny.— The Difference between
the Courts of London and Copenhagen, in consequence of this Incident,
amicably hujhed by a British Plenipotentiary, backed by a British Squadron
in the Baltic, for a Timebut wt finally fettled.Revival qf the armed
Neutrality of 17 SO-—in which the kad is taken by the Emperor of Russiain
r'fotafion of recent Treaties:An Embargo laid on all tin Engiijh Skippng
iH (he Ports nf Russia, and tkeir Masters and Crews marched into the Inte-
rior of Russia.—A Confederacy formed against the maritime Claims of
Britain, b:i Russia, Sweden, Denmark, aud Prussia.Motives far this.—
Prussian Troops enter the Bailiwick of Ritzcbultel.The Danes seize Ham-
burgh.Bloody Battle at Copenhagen.—Death qf Paul I.The Disputes
between Great Britain and the northern Powers amicably fettled. [9 J

ton.Nota Chancellor of the Exchequer.Animated Conversation respecting
the Changes in the Administration.—Slate of Parties.Characters of
parlies—and of their Leaders. . . > [l 17


Committee of Supplies.National Estimates.Ways and Means.Veal
Tares.Summary R'-vieu- of the Slate of Great Britain, with respect to the
Public Revenue and Expei,ditnre at 'the Commencement of IsOl—And of
tlic general Safety and Prof/ic'rify-ofthe Nation. . [113

C H A P. IX.

Order oh/erred in our Accounts of the Proceedings in Parliament."Measures
for the internal Security and Petite cf" the Empire.Marlins I Aw in Ire-
land.The Suture, Extent,' and lurking Remains of Rebellion in Ireland.
'Select Committee cf the House of Commons, for inquiring into the Stale of
Ireland and the Conduct of certain disaffected Persons in Great Britain.—
'Report ffoni this Com mit tee into Consideration.Revival of A els for
suspending the HabeasCorpus- Act, and preventing seditious and tumultuous
Meetings.Apology for entering so fully info the Speeches of the Irish
Members.Select Committee of the Hoa'e of Lords J err inquiring into thi
State of Ireland and other P orpofes .-^Report of the fame.Reflections
thereon.A Bill of Indemnity for Ireland. . ■. [153

Botfn'ibs on the Importation of G-o'.i.Improvement of CommonsAnd
Waste Ijtnds.—Cultivation of Pota': a.Inquiry into the Sill-Duties, and
the Means for remedying the huomenicices arising'from t'nence.-'—Repeal
, Of Brown Bread AR.Relief of I solvent Debtors.Liu- for preventing
the A ire/2 of Aliens in Great Brit, in for Debs', contrasted in Pro K' pre-
vious to the Revolution:Clergymen c'erl. red iner.pab'c of bcii.g Members
of the lloti le of Commons.Poor House/, si, -rs relieved from Poors Rale.
Censorial Functions of Parliament.Rewards.—Motions j or li.ont'ries
•- tending to Disgrace atid Punishment.India Budgets for tiro Years pre-
tedingihe 25th of March, 1 SO I .—Mr. Dundas's Plan font/to Government
•f India. . . . , . [ISO

C H A P. XI.

Discussions concerning a sic: Trade between Great Britain and Indifc.-w-Mi.lion
in the House of Common..-, relative lo tiiis, fy Sir II Uliani Pi/i.'tney.
Disci flitHi and Delates thereon in the Intfiu-Iloufe,Hi/toiy, or Origin,
of the Que/lion.Difference if Opi-iion between the F..tJt~ladia-lIouJe and
the Board of Control. -Letter from Mr. Duutlas to the Court of Directors,
containing his Opinion and An'vice respecting the Mode vf carrying t/n the
Trade between Great Brilain aud India-.T-lakcii iiUa.jPepfidcx:ation by a
Vol. XLIII O O Committee


Extended Sphere os the European Republic.If ar in Egypt.Situation os tit

French Army there at the Departure of Buonaparte, aud the Sucerfpon, in

the Command, 0/ General KUhcr.-r-l real), at Et /frisk for the EmcuatH/n

es Egypt.—Policy of Kleber, who ■see/es Occasion of Quarrel tri/k Me

Turks.Restful of the British Government to Sanction the Treaty of Ei-

Arijh.—Renewal of Hostilities.Buttle ot Isliopolis.Insuireftitm in

Cairo.Dr adsnl Outrages oj the Insurgents on the French and oth-r Euro-

peans.—Opposite Influence of thr M.homcdan Religion, as rightly ittfrr-

preied, and as understood by the f ulgar.Plan of Nnzuff-Bajhax, the

chief Commander of the Turkish Forces.The French Army recalled from

(UffereiU Quarters to quell the Insurrection.Bomhardvienl of Cairo.

Various Attempts and Encounters.■F.nihitfiafiic Zeal, Courage, mud Acti-

vity of the Musfulmen.Military Skill aud Bravery of the Frenchand

Juirig ues with tiie different Tribes of the Mahometans.Capitulation signed

by the military Chiefs, but rejected by the-Ri nglcaders of the Inhabitants of

Cairo.Correspondence and Negotiation between General Kleber and Mu-

rad-Bey.The Contagion of Insurrection spread front Cairo tu other Parts

es Egypt.The Insurrections in those Parts subdued.Artifices us He

Leaders to keep up the Spirits of the Insurgents of Cairo.B^ttlac taken by

Storm.An unlimited Pardon proclaimed to all the h habitants.—A gene-

ral Attack on Cairo, which surrenders on Capitulation.—r*2iis Tuii'jfi

Army, evacuating Cairo, returns to Syria. , . [2QJ

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