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Committee of the Court of Directors.- Report of that Committee.- Couse

quent Refolutions.-- Second Letter to the Court of Directors from Mr. Diludus Letter to the Direflors on the Sribject of free Trade from the Gov'rnor General of British India, the Marquis of Wellesley.--Taken izco Confideration by a Committee of the Court of Directors.- Report of thal Committee.- Motion in the India-House for the Production of printed Papers respecting a frec Trade with India.--Debates thereou.-- Motion negatived. -Sir William Pulleney's Motion in the House of Commons carried.- Prorogation of Parliament.


CH A P. XII. Extended Sphere of the Europeau Republic.--War in Egypt.- Situation of this

French Army there at the Departure of Buonusarle, and the Succeffon, in the Command, of General Kleber.- Treaty at El Arish for the Evacuation of Egypt.--Policy of Kleber, who seeks Occasion of Quarrel with the Turks.-Refufal of the British Gorernment to Sanction the Treaty of ElArifh.-Renewal of Hopilities. --Balile of Il.liopolis.- Insurredion in Cairo.- Dr. adful Qurages oj lhe Insurgents on the French and other Europeans.Opposite Influence of the Mahomedan Religion, as rightly intrpreted, and as undirstood by the Fulgar.Plan of Nazuff-Bahau, the chiej Commander of the Turkish Forces. The French Army recalled from different Quarters to quell the Insurrection. -- Bombardment of Cairo.Various Attempts and Encounters.--Enthufiaftic Zeal, Courage, and Allie vity of the Mifulmen.— Military Skill and Bravery of the French-and Intrigues with the different Tribes of the Mahomedans.--Capitulation figued by the military Chiefs, but rejected by the Ring leaders of the Inhabitants of Cairo.-Correspondence and Negotiation belueen General Kleber and Murad-Bey.-The Contagion of Insurrection spread from Cairo to other Parts of Egypt.-The Infurrections in those Parts fubdued.--Artifices of the Leuders to keep up the Spirits of the Infurgents of Cairo.-Buluc taken ty Storm.-- An unlimited Pardon proclaimed to all the Inhabitunts.-d general Attack on Cairo, which surrenders on Capitulation. The Turkish Army, evacualing Cairo, returns to Syria.


CH A P. XIII. Effect of the Vidory at Helipolis on the Minds of the Egyptians.-Judicious Regulations curried into Effect by General Kleber.- Turkish Fleet off

Alexandria.-- Differences between the Generals Kleber and Menou,- Kleber affiliated.-Succeeded in the Command of the Army by General Menou. Dilentions in the French Army.- Conjectures concerning the perfonal Vieu's of Menou.- Military Preparations of the Turks. Their Timidity and Irrefolution.--Orertures for Peace, from the Grand Vizier, rejedled by General Menou.— rrival of an English Armanent on the Coaji of Egypt. ---Landing of the Troops on the Peninsula of Aboukir.Engagenient an the 13th of March.- Fort Aboukir capitulates.- Battle of the 218.-Sir R. Abercromby mortally wounded, and succeeded in the Command of the


Army hy Major-General Hutchinfon.-The French driven from Thamanich
to Caird-Fron whence a Detachment inarches against the Turkish Army
near Bell.eis.But are repulsed.--Capture of n valiable French Convoy.
Capitulation of Cairo. A British Army arrines in Egypt from India.-
Capitulation of Alexandria.- Evacuation of Egypt by the French and the
English - The Beys seized and sent to Conflantinople.-Government by
Bajhaws established in Egypt.



Ineapon of Britain in flat-bottomed Boats.--By wham firf projeled.--The

Policy of Buonaparte in his Menaces of Invason.To which his boasled
Preparations were inadequate.--Gallant Exploits of British Gun-boats and

Cruizers.- French Ports blockaded.--And Coasts insulted.-Yet French
Vessels of War steal from one Place to unother, alongshore. - Their great
· Place of Rendezvous, Boulogne.The French and English on the opposite
Sides of the Channel keep each other on the Alert.-The Tiec of Var turned
by the English from offenfive to defenfive.--- French Preparation for Self-
defence.-The War between France and Brilain assumes an Ajpect extremely
interesting.-The oppofte Preparations of War seen from the oppopale
The Harbour of Boulogne described.- Frerich Encampments and
0 02

Fortifications. -

Fortifi:ations.-Bembardment of the loftels in the Harbour of Boulogne Its Effect::--Second truck on Boulogne.--Singular Pricantions of the French or defending, and securing their Vifuls from being carried off by the Engl!", Plan of the track.-Circumjances that inoked ils Vifcar. riage:---D'eat and Dirper.- Lord Viljor, leaving a fiefficient Force before Bouleg nie', zerens to Deal.-Ilumane Allentions of Lord Veljou to the woundid Suilors.


CH A P. XVII. Singular Modify of the French, ajter the Repulse of the second Allack as

Boulogne-sherunted for -- Confiderations inclining the French G27mi!çnt 10 P122.- gas of Trmee.-- Amiddl continued Preparulions on katsz Sides jor l'ar and sentral Iurifon.-gotiation for Peace-Brought to. Concilian.--Pieliwanaries of Peace announced in the London Gazette.Enitrifiafic Jay at the Riturn of Peace, buth in London and Paris, and cil oiher Parts of Frunce cind Britain.-try different Emotions cuited by this Ev"t in the Breaji of the French Loyali/s.-Their Ciufe dejerled by the laih Power in which they had fill hitherto reposed fome slopes and Cone fidence. --New Hopes reforted to by the French Emigrants,- Their Sitija tion describe'i Refleclions.Peace velueen France and the Ollonia Porte.-- Bitueen France and the E'edor Palati: e of Buraria.- Betereen France and Ruffit.- Deluen Great Britain and Russia, and, aceeded to by the other Northern Maritime Pouers.--Convention belaecu Bucnaparts and the Pope fo: the Re efablishment in France of the Catholic Religia. The Conduct of the Emigrant Bishops of France coniraped with that of the Conftitutional Billips. drid with that of the Erzlijl Clergy in the leigu of Henry III.-Rijections.


CH A P. XVIII. Alteration of Political Power betrecen Dispotism and Democracy-General Plan

or Principles oj Butiparti's Gomernment.-Ilis privale Conduct or De poriment. -- !Iis Ripresentation of the State of Frarci, involving a fiamnary View on the State oj Europe, tuwards the Conclufort of 1801. diviliad Remarks on the State of Euripe.- Agitutions in Germany, Suitzerland, and the French Woji Indies. --Varover eracuated by the Prifians.-Tollere ing State of thin Turkith Epire.---- {nurreaus in the two lspublic of lic Seven Tjies.-General Piece of the State of Britijk Iridiu.


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London Gazette Extraordinary, April 15, 1801
London Geatte, April 21
London Gazette Exiraordinary, May 3
Landon Guzette; May 9
London Gazette Extraordinary, May 15

91. London Gazeta Extracrdinary, 7470 5

93 London Gazette Extraordinary, July 15

ib. Loridon Gazette Extracrainary, July 21 London Gazette Extraor linary, August 23 London Gazette Extraordinary, October 22 London Gazette, November 14 London Gazette, November 17 London Gazette, May 12 Londor: Gazette, june 2 London Gazette, Aug eft i London Gizette Exirrordinary, August 3 London Gazette, Augift 8 An Account of all Grain, sc imported into Great Britain, letzvein Oa 1, 1800, and Etober 1, 1801

135 Account of the Amount of Bank of England Notes in Circulation, fiem 251

of October, 1800 Account of the Nett Revenue of the Poft Office, from 1760 to 1800 Account of the Total Produce of the Taux u on income for the itar errding the

5th of April, 1801 Account of the actual estimated Expense of Celleiing thi' Tax upon Income for the 7 edrs 1799 and 1800

ibid. Account of the Nett Product of the permanent l'axes of Great Britain, for 1800

143 Account of Moneys advanced for Public Services from the Civil Liji (not being

Part of the orinary Exp 12 Iture of ite Civilist) Account of the Dyirieur zon of a sun g an eats its laj fly to enable !imio

fulfil sich Engagements, and to tune jisen tucjonit's us the Exizincy of Affairs may require

145 Account of the several Sums of niny an variedky 17" 13 of loan or Suljoviy

10 diferent Staiis, from the Commencem ni of print Wur 146 Account of a!i fublafting Pensions pazulle ut ihe LXmy or

147 The like of all Penjins charged upon bis Majeily's Civil Extda boment for Scotland

153 General View of the findicial riffairs of India from the Budget opened Mr. Dundas in the house of Cennon', Jure' 12, 13,1

163 Average Price of Il'hear in each icar prom 1595 191.00 inclusive Variations in the Prace of tive Quartern Lwuf undag 1391 Abftract of the Populution of Eulant and it'ales, luken in 1801

169 First Report of the Committee of the House of Commons relative to treasonable Practices in Great Britain ana Irelanit

174 Second


and 1801




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Second Report General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 1800 10 December 1801

281 Average Prices of Corn for the Year 1801

182 List of ships taken from the Enemy during the war

ibid. Prics of Stock for the Year 1801

183 Supplies granted by Parliament for the rear 1801

184 Taxes imposed in the Year 1801

193 Public has passed in the Firji Sellion of the Firf Parliament of the United Kingdom

196 Meteorological Table for 1801



Odober 29



His Majesty's Speech on opening the Imperial Parliament, Feb. 2, 1801 207 Message to the Commons, Feb. 16

208 The like, May 14

209 The like, June 3

ibid. The like. June 8

ibid. Communication read in the House of Lords, by the Chanceller, for prereging the present Seffion, July 2

ibid. His Majesty's Speech on opening the Second Session of the Imperial Parlicutzt,

210 Convention between Rusia and the United Kingdom, June 5

212 Separate, additional, and declaratory Articles ihereto

216 Act of Accession thereto by the King of Denmark

218 The like by the King of Sweden Curvention for the Evacuation of Egypt by the French Troops under General Belliard

221 Addi:ional Note thereto Preliminary Articles of Peace between bis Britannic Majesty and the French Republic, Oétober i

226 Declaration of the King of Denmark, relative to the Maritime Cengention

229 Note from Lord Cary fort to the Fruffian Minifier of State

ieid. Subtance of Lord Grenville's Answer to the Rufian Mirifter on the Subject of Malta

233 Order of Council for laying an Embargo on Rujian, Danish, and Suredite Ships

ibid. X te presented by Lord Grenville to the Danish and Swediß Minifiers on the above Order of Council

234 Answer of the Danish Ambasador Answer of the Swedish Ambalador

236 Note from Lord Carysfort to the Pruffian Minister of

237 Answer of the Pruffian Minifier

239 Nóte from the Danish to the British Minister

242 Anfwir

243 Second Note and Answer

ibid. Note from the Swedish to the British Minifter,



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