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To conclude this Discourse. By what hath been faid upon this Argument it will appear, with how little truth, and reason, and regard to the interest of our common Christianity it is so often said by our Adversaries, that there are as good arguments for the belief of Transubstantiation as of the Doctrine of the Trinity : When they themselves do acknowledge with us that the Doctrine of the Trinity is grounded upon the Scriptures, and that according to the interpretation of them by the consent of the ancient Fathers : But their Doctrine of Transubstantiation I have plainly shewn to have no such ground, and that this is acknowledged by very many learned men of their own Church. And this Doctrine of theirs being first plainly proved by us to be destitute of all Divine warrant and Authority, our Objections against it from the manifold contradictions of it to Reason and Sense are so many Demonstrations of the falsehood of it. Against all which they have nothing to put in the opposite Scale but the Infallibility of their Church, for which there is even less colour of proof from Scripture than for Transubstantiation it self. But la fond are they of their own Innovations and Errours, that rather than the Dictates of their Church, how groundless and absurd soever, should be calld in question ; rather than not have their will of us in imposing upon us what they please, they will overthrow any Article of the Christian Faith, and shake the very foundations of our common Religion : A clear evidence that the Church of Rome is not the true Mother, since she can be so well contented that Christianity should be destroyed rather than the Point in question should be decided against her.


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A Catalogue of the several Cases , &c.

Perswalive to Communion with the Church of "AE

England. 2. A. Resolution of some Cafes of Conscience which respe& Church-Communion.

3. The Case of Indifferent things used in the Worship of God, proposed and stated, by considering theso Questions, &c.

4. A Discourse about Edification,

5. The Refolution of this Case of Conscience, Whether the Church of Englands Symbolizing fo far as it doth with the Church of Rome, makes it unlawfull to hold Communion with the Church of England:

6. A Letter to Anonymus, in answer to his three Letter's to Dr, Sherlock about Church-Communion.

7. Certain Cases of Conscience resolved, concerning the Lawfulness of joyning with Forms of Prayer in Publick Worship. In two Parts.

8. The Case of mixt Communion: Whether it be Lawfull to Separate from a Church upon the account of promiscuous Congregations and mixt Communions a

9. An Answer to Dissenters Objections against the Common Prayers and some other parts of Divine Service prescribed in the Liturgy ofthe Church of England.

10. The Case of Kneeling at the Holy Sacrament stated and resolved, &c. In two parts.

11. A Discourse of Profiting by Sermons, and of going to hear where Men think they can profit most.

12. A serious Exhortation, with some important Advices relating to the late Cases about conformity, recommended to the present Dissenters from the Church of England.

13. An Argument to Union; taken from the true interest of those Dissenters in England who profess and call themselves Protestants.

14. Some

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