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Chilblains, treatment of, 86

Children's Hospital, Ormond-street, 207
Chloroform, 489; alleged death from, 153;
another death from, 388; in croup, 506;
impending death by; resuscitation by rais-
ing epiglottis, and direct insufflation, 571;
injections in the treatment of gonorrhoea,
6, 90; ointment for hemicrania and neur-
algia, 107
Cholera the, 251, 389; breaking out of the,
115; in Germany, 251; at Warsaw, 267,
457; Poland, 341; and sanitary regulations,
816; anticipations of, 317; position of the
profession in respect to, 245; progress in
Prussia, 300; at Berlin, 185, 365; at Dant-
zic, 162; at Magdeburg, 229; in Warsaw,
143, 207; sanitary measures, and the, 337;
sulphuric acid in, 354, 432, 455, 523, 581
Chowne, Dr., cases under the care of, 81; on a
remarkable case of hirsute growth, 51
Cider in Paris, baneful effects of bad, 58
City of Dublin Hospital, 311; City Ortho-

pædic Hospital, anniversary dinner, 43;
City of London Assurance Society, Mr. E.
F. Whitaker on, 68
Clark, Sir James, letter from, 87

Mr. Le Gros, cases under the care of,
35, 175, 422

Professor, note on Marischal College,
Aberdeen, 248

Clavicle and scapula, encephaloid disease of,

Cleft palate, illustrations of the successful treat-
ment of, 29

Climate of the hill stations in India, 579
Clinical notes, by Dr. M. Hall: Note I. Epi-
lepsy and its treatment by tracheotomy, 374;
Note II. On the malady of the late Duke of
Wellington, 393; Note III. On tracheotony,
a new mode of opening the trachea, 419;
Note IV. The series of cases in which tra-
cheotomy or tracheotony may be required,
table of cases, 437; Note V. On epileptic
torticollis, tracheotomy in, 463; Note VI.
Case of the beneficial effects of strychnia,
486; Note VII. On muscular tic, 510; Note
VIII. On epilepsy, 540: Note IX. On the
influence of posture in the treatment of epi-
lepsy, 564

Clinical instruction, 387, 445; and the best
modes of profiting by it, 351; illustrations
of sub-acute ovaritis, 53; instruction in
Edinburgh, 458, 572; Medicine, Lectures
on (review), 85; surgery, state of, in Edin-
burgh, 561

Clitoris, enormous enlargement of the; removal
of the mass, 468

Cobra de Capello, fatal bite from a; rapid
death; autopsy, 389, 397; engraving and
description of the serpent, 398; eau-de-luce,
as an antidote for the bite of a, 431; on the
manner of treating a case of, 411; poison
of the; treatment, 431; poison, to prevent
inflammation, 474

Cock, Mr., cases under the care of, 83, 442
Codeia, 490

Cod-liver oil, new way of taking, 58
Coffee, adulteration of; Treasury minute re-
scinded, 137, 158; regulation as to chicory,


Cogswell, Dr. Charles, on local action of poisons,

Colchester County Court, 229
College gossip, 365

College of Physicians and the Board of Health,
294; of Surgeons, the coming election of
councillors at, 15; election of fellows into
the council, 45; regulations respecting new
certificates in midwifery, 550; of Surgeons,
Ireland, and navy, 502; the New Medical,
498, 527

Coma, excessive vomiting in connexion with, 396
Common-councilman, medical, 273
Compliment to the medical profession, 317
Compression of the alæ nasi for epistaxis, 445
Congenital deficiency of the diaphragm, 430
Congress of the medical profession in Germany,


Conia, 490

Conjunctival, sub- dislocation of the lens, 486
Conolly, Dr., resignation of, at Hanwell, 45
Constriction of the thigh in utero, 326


Consultations with unqualified practitioners;
Mr. Toulmin, of Blackheath, 813; with
quacks, 318

Consumption, the Nature, Symptoms, and
Treatment of (review), 379

Contraction, hour-glass, of the uterus, 544
Contribution to clinical midwifery, 174; to the
surgery of rupture, by Mr. J. Gay, 464; Mr.
J. S. Bostock, letter from, 503
Cooke, Mr. Weedon, cases under the care of,

194; on infusoria in cancer of the mouth, 385
Cooper, Mr. B. B., on cases of hernia; opera-
tion by dividing the stricture; forcible taxis;
anomalies in the form of herniæ, 122; coagu-
lable lymph; diathesis, 125; cases under the
care of, 34, 300, 470

Copahine-Mège, M. Jozeau's; cases of gonor-
rhoea treated by, 422, 423, 424, 553
Copland, Dr. J., Dictionary of Practical
Medicine (review)

Corfu, medical inspector at, 251; fever at, 389
Coriander seeds, structure of, 63

Cork Lunatic Asylum, 251; New Lunatic
Asylum, 457

Coronership for north-eastern division of Somer-
set, 491

Coroner's inquest, extraordinary way of con-
ducting, 389; summoning witnesses on, 140
Correspondents, notices to, 21, 46, 70, 92, 116,
140, 164, 186, 208, 230, 274, 294, 318, 342,
366, 390, 412, 434, 458, 482, 506, 537, 560,
584, 600

Cottenham, sanitary condition of, 388
Cotyledon umbilicus in epilepsy, 239
Coulson, Mr., on the surgical treatment of some

forms of scrofulous disease, 452 (see Lectures)
Courts, medical, importance of, 62
Court of Requests, Sydney, 12; of Session,
Edinburgh (second division), 582
Cox and Bourn, the case of, 404, 437
Cox, Mr. W. A., letter from, on the case of
Bournv. Cox, 535; retirement from Pro-
vincial Association, 498

Mr. W. J., on the treatment of cholera by
sulphuric acid, 354, 455, 581; on a case of
tumour obliterating the vena cava, 100
Credulity and ignorance, the Suffolk imposture,



De la Rive on Electricity (review), 572
De l'Avortement Médical, by Dr. L. J. Hubert
(review), 471

Delirium tremens, use of opium in, 390
Denmark, vaccination in, 457, 505
Denny, Mr. J., on diarrhoea, its treatment by
sulphuric acid, 556

Destitution and sickness, 552

Diaphragm, congenital deficiency of the, 430;
deficiency of the muscular fibres in the left
half of the, 327

Diarrhoea, treatment of by sulphuric acid, 323,
495, 556

Dick, Dr., on Mr. Mackarsie's case of convulsions,

Dictionary of Practical Medicine (review), 572
Dietetics of the Soul (review), 443
Difficult question, a, 140

Difficulty, suggestions to meet a, 537
Diffuse aneurism of the femoral artery, 470
Dinner in honour of Dr. R. D. Thomson, 433
Diphtheritic exudation in scarlet fever, &c., 503
Diplomas, the power of granting, by the Irish
medical corporations and the colleges, 14;
forged, note on, 227

Directory, British Medical, 92, 140, 164, 179,
182, 186, 208, 227, 230, 252, 274, 313, 318,
342, 366, 537, 550; London and Provincial,
and quackery, 131

Disclosures at Bethlehem Hospital, 335
Disease in Childhood (review), 195
Diseases of the eye, practical remarks on, 486
Dispensary, Alie-street, anomaly in the, 205;
Western, for Diseases of the Skin, 582
Distortion of the pelvis, in which premature

labour was induced by the water douche, 517
Dixon, Mr. J., practical remarks on diseases of
the eye; on the manner in which cataract is
developed in elderly persons, 260, 455, 486
Donations, S.C.A.L., Miss Mary Hill, 536
Douche, water, use of in inducing premature
labour, 517

Draught, amended, bill, 499
Druitt, Dr., on congenital deficiency of the dia-
phragm, 430; on the treatment of vesico-
vaginal fistula, 576

Drunkards, habitual, how are they to be re-
formed? 384

Crewkerne and Yeovil District Medical Asso- Duke of Wellington, tribute of respect to, 354;
ciation, 388

Cripps, Mr. F., on the medical profession and
assurance offices, 248

Critchett, Mr., cases under the care of, 54, 325
Critchley, Mr., donation to Gloucester Infirmary,


Croft, Mr. R. C., on a simple boot for atrophy
of the leg, 467

Crouch v. the Guardians of the Shepton Mallet
Union, 162

Croup, chloroform in, 506

Crystal Palace, the New, opening on Sundays,
and the public health, 414; sea-water com-
pany, 91

Cuba, medical practitioners in, 139
Cummin seeds, structure of, 64
Curling, Mr., cases under the care of, 241
Curry-powder and its adulterations, 63
Cutaneous exhalation, effects of clothing on, 263
Cyclopædia of Anatomy and Physiology (re-
view), 106

Cysts of the female breast in communication
with lactiferous tubes, 216; sanguineous
pelvic; pathology and treatment of 553

Dantzic, cholera at, 162
Davies, Dr. H., the Young Wife's Guide (re-
view), 472

Davey, Dr., testimonial to, 21

Deaf and dumb, Irish census returns, 365
Death of the president of the Western Medical
and Surgical Society of London, 579; from
atmopathic treatment, 505; from extravasion
of blood on the brain, 315; from alleged im-
proper medical treatment, 116; from the
formation of fibrinous concretion in the heart,
191; from eating poisonous fungi, 273
Declaration of the medical faculty of Leipsic, 12
Degradation of the title of M.D., 339, 364, 387,
456, 480

the medical treatment of, 355; and the medical
profession, 389; clinical note on the late, 303
Dumas, M., on compression of the alæ nasi for
epistaxis, 445

Duplex and another e. The Economic Life
Assurance Company, 206

Durham University, and medical degrees, 113;
and their power of making cheap physicians
and surgeons, 134; the M.B. degree at, 160
Durham, trial of Jane Harland at, for the
murder of her new-born child, 188
Dyastolic theory of the impulse of the heart, 467
Dynamics, obstetric, 178, 227
Dyspepsia, on a new method of treating, 77


Eastern Dispensary, Alie-street, anomaly in, 205
East India Company, and lectures on insanity, 21
East India medical service, 303; practical in-
struction at a lunatic asylum, required in the,

Eau-de-luce, as an antidote for serpent-bite, 431
Economic Life Assurance Company, Duplex
and another against the, 206
Ectropia vesica (absence of the anterior walls
of the bladder and pubic abdominal parietes),
directing the orifices of ureters into the rectum,


Elbow-joint, chronic inflammation of the, ex-
ploration, 521; excision of the, upon a child
of five years, 546; upon a child of twelve
years, 546; upon a child of eight years, 546;
recovery, 520; chronic disease, excision, 520;
removal of olecranon and coronoid process,
521; with enchondromatous inflammation, 35
Edinburgh, clinical instruction at, 413, 458,
572; Court of Session at (second division),
582; Royal College of Physicians, 305; Royal
College of Surgeons, 305; Surgeon's Hall,
306; state of clinical surgery there, 551;
University regulations, 305

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Edmonds, Mr. J. W., on unqualified assistants
and medical bill, 557; letter on gratuitous
medical services, 140

Edwards, Mr. E., on chloroform in croup, 506
Egan, Dr. Myles, tribute of respect to, 505
Elastic stocking, M. Bourjeaurd's, 473
Election of councillors of the College of Sur-
geons, 15; of physicians at St. Thomas's Hos-
pital, 573, 582; of Mr. R. Gardiner Hill, as
mayor of Lincoln, 476, 481
Electioneering at Bethlehem, 38

Electricity, a Treatise on, in Theory and Prac-
tice (review), 195

Ellis, Mr., Diseases in Childhood (review), 195
Emigrant ships, surgeons to, 46, 456; unqua-
lified surgeons to, 556, 580

Emperor of the French, his visit to the Hôtel
Dieu, 559

Emphysema, spontaneous or idiopathic, 385
Empyema, cases of, and the prevalent pleuro-

pneumonia, 405; and purulent effusion, 592
Encephaloid cancer in abdomen of child of five
years old, 493; disease of lower end of left
femur, 576; of the femur, cases of, 7, 8; of
pelvis and of the femur, 9, 10; of the hume-
rus, 33; of the cavicle and scapula, 34; of
the testicle, three cases, 35
Enormous enlargement of the clitoris, removal,


Epidemic carbuncular disease, letter from Dr.
Gregory on, 184

Enormously enlarged spleen, 362

Epidemic of carbuncular inflammation of the
lip, 174; mild variety, very simple variety,


Epidemics of Ireland, 229

Epidemiological Society, 44, 230, 388, 419, 437,
.463, 540

Epilepsy, clinical notes on, by Dr. M. Hall: on

the treatment by tracheotomy, 374; -case of,
successfully treated by tracheotomy, 337;
cotyledon umbilicus in, 239; influence of pos-
ture in the treatment of, 564; on the patho-
logy of affections allied to, by Dr. Radcliffe,
394, 478

Epileptic torticollis, 463

Epistaxis, compression of the alæ nasi for, 445
Epsom, the Medical College at, 444

Erichsen, Mr., cases under the care of, 104, 105
Eruptive diseases, treatment of, 46
Erysipelas, on the treatment of, by Mr. V.
Litchfield, 517

Ether, 489

Ethics of the profession; unworthy mode of
establishing a practice, 60
Etiquette, professional, 482, 600
Evidence afforded by naval and military sta-
tistics on the vaccine question, 38
Evils of the gratuitous advice system, 108, 181,
180; of passenger-ships carrying unqualified
surgeons, 574

Examinations, M.D., University of London,

558; second, M.B., University of London,
558; for honours, 558

Examining boards and quacks, 413
Excessive vomiting in connexion with profound
coma, 396

Excision of the elbow-joint; necrosis of the
humerus, 386, 520; chronic disease, 520
Erysipelas, death, 545; head of the humerus,


Exeter, alleged mal-practice at, 138

Exostosis and other diseases of the teeth, on, 544
Extra-uterine abdominal pregnancy, supposed,

Exudation, diphtheritic, in scarlet fever &c., 503
Extroversion of the bladder, two cases, 541
Eye, paralysis of the left, extirpation of the
globe, 58; practical remarks on diseases of
the, 260, 486


Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow,
and the Army Medical Board, 340
Falmouth, the general election, 21
Farr, Mr., and the income-tax, 247
Fatty degeneration of the uterine fibres after
delivery, 409

Faxon, Mr., on the transmission of liquid
vaccine lymph, 67


Fecundity, extraordinary, 115

Fees to medical witnesses, letter from Dr. S.
Holdsworth on, 316

Fellows, new, Royal College of Surgeons, 582
Fellowship examinations 21; of the college,
letter on, 228, 271; and Mr. W. Seth Gill,

Femoral artery, diffuse aneurism of the, oc-
curring six months after an injury, deligation
of the vessel, 470

Femur, cases of encephaloid disease of the,

Fergusson, Mr., cases under the care of, 106,
154, 176, 376

Fever and dysentery at the General Hospital,
Calcutta, 220

Fever from patent fuel, 230; scarlet, diphtheritic
exudation in, 503

Fibrinous concretions, Dr. Ogle on, 226, 315,

Fracture of the hand, compound, extensive
laceration, 127; of the os calcis, 177; un-
united, treated by the introduction of ivory
pegs, 152; ununited, of long standing, 205
Fractures, a new method of treating, 592
France, new School of Medicine, 841
Franchise, movement in favour of extending it
to the University of London, 525
Frauds of the homeopathic quacks, 87
Fraudulent medical partnerships, 358
Freeman, Daniel, case of, insanity and crime,

Freeman and Co., letter from, on potted meats
and essence of anchovies, 530
French Lunatic Asylum, Dr. Webster's report
on, 61, 246


President, the, and the medical pro-
fession, 388

Frightful evils from the indiscriminate sale of
poisons, 334

Fibrous tumour of the lower jaw, removal of Frog, anatomy of the heart of, 434
Fruits and vegetables, poisonous bottled, 138
bone, 424
Field, Mr. A. G., on removal of a carious os calcis, Fuchtersleben, Dr., Dietetics of the Soul (re-


Fife, a quack doctor at, 526

Fine arts, portrait of the late Mr. A. White,

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New mode of treating varicose aneurism, by
M. Malgaigne; a West Indian Remedy for
tænia solium, 37; amputation of a healthy
upper jaw, as a preliminary step to the re-
moval of a fibro-plastic tumour of the pharynx;
a new way of taking cod-liver oil; oculists
in Turkey; baneful effects of bad cider in
Paris, 58; operation' for hare-lip the day
after birth; nitric acid in rain water; pro-
fessional international courtesy; treatment of
chilblains, 86; chloroform ointment for hemi-
crania and neuralgia; foreign bodies intro-
duced into the urethra; ague treated by
terebinthinate liniment along the spine, 107;
alleged death from chloroform, aneurism of
bone, 155; gun-shot wound in the cervical
region, deligation of the vertebral artery,
necrosis of a portion of the body of the sixth
cervical vertebra, death, autopsy, 195;
curious case of neuroma pervading all the
nerves of the economy; discussion in the
Acadamy of Medicine of Paris, on induction
of premature labour, 219; treatment of vari-
cocele by cauterization; professional apho-
risms, 244; a new form of itch, observed by
M. Boeck, Professor at the Faculty of Medi-
cine of Christiania; bichromate of potash
as a substitute for mercury in the treatment
of syphilis, 427; traumatic aneurism after
venesection from the arm, cured by forced
flexion of the limb; compression of the alæ
nasi for epistaxis, 445; supposed extra-
uterine abdominal pregnancy, natural de-
livery; modification of the lithotrite; the
prize for the most useful improvements in
the treatment of urinary diseases; syphili-
zation in France; pruritus of the vulva; the
syphon-douche in England and France, 473;
chancre of the meatus, death probably caused
by catheterism; hydatid cyst of the ovary,
tapping of the tumour, injection of tincture
of iodine, recovery; impending death by
chloroform, resuscitation by raising the
epiglottis, and direct insufflation, 570
Forged diplomas, letter on, 227; testimonials
and quack pills, 504

Fowler, Dr., on a fatal case of variola contem-
poraneous with vaccinia, 239

Forster, Mr. J. C., on poisoning by strychnia,
33; note from, on death from extravasation
of blood on the brain, 315

view), 443

Fuller, Dr. H. W., on Rheumatism, Rheumatic
Gout, and Sciatica (review), 494
Funeral of the great Duke of Wellington, ab-
sence of the representatives of the profession
of medicine; neglect of medical men by the
state, 496

"performances," the late Duke of Ha
milton, 247

procession of the late Duke of Wel-
lington, 505

Fungi, deaths from eating poisonous, 273, 317
Furunculoid epidemic, Mr. Hunt, on the, 44, 149
Fussell, Mr. E. F., and the Marine Life and
Casualty Mutual Society, 535


Galium aparine, Dr. J. M. Winn on, 390
Garstang, Dr. W., on a case of death from
the formation of a fibrinous concretion in
the heart, 191, 315

Gay, Mr., cases under the care of, 218; con-
tributions to the surgery of rupture by, 464
Gazetteer, a General, by Dr. Brookes (review),


Generous conduct to a poor-law medical
officer, 449

Geoghegan, Dr., cases under the care of, 154
Ghost of an elderly gentleman from the
country, 390

Gibbs, Dr., on popliteal aneurism cured by
deligation, 396

Gill, Mr. W. Seth, and the fellowship of
the College of Surgeons, 537
Glasgow, Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons,
307, 340; University, election to the chair
of chemistry in, 449; University, 306
Glass, extraction of a piece from the trachea,


Godfrey's cordial, poisoning by, 341
Gold, on the therapeutical effects of, 455
Gonorrhea, chloroform injections in the treat-
ment of, 6, 90; chlorine in the treatment
of, 70
Gonorrhoeal ophthalmia, 28
Good, Mr., and the West of England Life
Assurance Company, 272
Gooseberries, preserved, 134
Governors' reply, the Bethlehem Hospital, 527
Gout and trismus following injury of the
foot, 215

from infancy, 126; Rheumatic, Rheu
matism, and Sciatica (review), 494
Grainger, Mr., visit to the Wolverhampton
Union, 381

Granular, incipient, fatty degeneration of the

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Green, Mr., cases under the care of, 35
Greengages, preserved, 135

Gregory, Dr., and the promoters of small-pox,

67; letter on the treatment of the carbun-
cular epidemic, 184
Gregory's powder, condensed, 474
Grieve, Dr., on the cotyledon umbilicus in
epilepsy, 239


122; irreducible femoral, operation, removal
of the adherent omentum and portion of sac,
218; tables of cases of strangulated, 465
Herault, on an epidemic, "suette miliaire," in
the, 480

Hey Society, Leeds, 354

Hickman, Mr. E., on the late death from the
bite of the cobra de capello, 411
Highmore, Dr., a contribution to clinical mid-
wifery, 174

Griffith, Dr, on the triple or ammonio-magne-
sian phosphate occurring in the urine and
other animal liquids, 151
Gull, Dr. W. W., on a case of bothriocephalus
latus (Russian and Swiss tape-worm), oc-
curring in an English child, cured by the
oil of male fern, 148
Gums, death from hemorrhage from lancing Hint to military surgeons, 412
the, 184

Hilton, Mr., cases under the care of, 7, 103, 152
Hill, election of Mr. R. Gardiner, as mayor of
Lincoln, 476, 481

Gun-shot wound, case of, left shoulder, 491;

in the cervical region, deligation of the
vertebral artery, 195

Guy's Hospital and Medical School, 281; in-
troductory lecture, 329; liberality of J. H.
Astell, Esq., M.P. to, 523


Hæmaturia, fatal, from peculiar growths in the
bladder, 565

Hæmorrhage from lancing gums, death from, 184
Hair, loss of, 116, 140

Hall, Apothecaries, 505, 582

Hall, Dr. Marshall, epilepsy treated successfully
by tracheotomy, 337, 349; clinical notes:
Note I. Epilepsy and its treatment by tra-
cheotomy, 374; Note II. On the malady of the
late Duke of Wellington; Note III. On trache-
otony, a new mode of opening the trachea,
419; Note IV. The series of cases in which
tracheotomy or tracheotony may be required
427; table of cases 437; Note V. On Epi-
leptic torticollis, tracheotomy in, 463; Note
VI. Case of the beneficial effects of strychnia,
486; Note VII. On muscular Tic, 510;
Note VIII. On Epilepsy, 540; Note. IX.
On the influence of posture in the treatment
of epilepsy, 564

Hamilton, the late Duke of, funeral perform-
ances, 247

Hancock, Mr., cases under the care of, 265, 587
Hanwell Lunatic Asylum, 69
Hare-lip, operation for, the day after birth, 86
Harland, Jane, trial of, at Durham, 138
Harrison, Mr. J. B., some Observations on the
Contamination of Water by the Poison of
Lead (review), 444
Harveian Society, Dr. J. Bird's introductory
address, 408

Harvey, Dr., public dinner to, 559

Hassall, Dr. A., on the development of torulæ
in the urine, and their relation to albuminous
urine, 531, 581

Hayward, Mr., remarks on the treatment of
typhoid fever by disulphate of quina, 324
Headland, Mr. F. W., an Essay on the Action
of Medicines in the System (review), 522
Health of London during the week, 69, 139,
163, 186, 230, 251, 274, 318, 341, 365, 389,
412, 434, 457, 482, 505, 559, 583

Health of Towns Act, 600

Heart and Lungs (review of works on the),
379; bullet found in the left venticle of the,
491; death from fibrinous concretion in the,
191; fibrinous concretions of the, 226, 315,
339; granular, incipient fatty degeneration
of the, 578; impulse of the, observations on,
467, 375, 566; observations on the structure
and connexions of the valves of, 420, 438;
polypoid growth in the, 548
Hemiplegia connected with diseased arteries
and ramollissement of the brain, 400; with
metastatic paralysis, 401

Hendry, Mr. W., letter on supposed occlusion
of the os uteri, 204

Herbarium, Nees von Esenbeck's, 116
Hernia, encysted, in the right inguinal canal,
239; inguinal, imperfect descent of the tes-
ticle; operation, 241; strangulated femoral,
mortification, rupture of intestine, 493; in
a child ten weeks old, 104; in a child five
months old, 105; two cases in children ten
weeks old,105; cases of, by Mr. B. B. Cooper,

Evans, and Co., letter on their vinegar,
252; letter from, 314

Hip-joint, disease of several years' standing, 106
Hirsute growth in the female, remarkable
case of, with observations on certain organic
structures and their physiological influences,


Histological demonstrations, 375

Hodgson, Mr. R., on the phallus fœtidus, 205
Holmes, Mr. A. N., the society of Apotheca-
ries and their regulations, 42
Holmfirth cholera fund, 600

Holt, Mr., cases under the care of, 469
Homicidal attack of a patient at Bethlehem
upon a keeper; evil effects of the late misma-
nagement, 403

Homœopaths' Directory, the, 411
Homœopaths' rejection of, at Bradford Infir-
mary, 412, 429

Homœopathic quacks, further frauds of, 87
Hooper, Mr. Daniel, on fatal hæmaturia from
peculiar growths in the bladder, 565
Hopkins, Mr. G. H., on a case of vaccinia and
variola, 54

Hospital, Bethlehem, and its irresponsible go-
vernors, 573, 502

St. Thomas's, the vacancy for the office
of physician at, 526
Hospitals:-regulations, lectures, hours of at-
tendance at, &c. :

British Lying-in Hospital, 312; Charing Cross,
280; City of Dublin, 311; Jervis-street, ib.;
the Hospital for Consumption and diseases
of the chest, 312; Guy's, 281; introductory
address at, 329; King's College, 282; intro-
ductory address, 330; London, 282; Middle-
sex, 284; introductory address, 330; Uni-
versity College, 285; introductory address,
332; Westminster, 286; introductory ad-
dress, 333; Queen's, Birmingham, 288; York,
289; St. Peter's Hospital, 291; hospital for
Discases of the Skin, 312; for women, ib. ; for
sick children, ib., 433, 458; Royal London
Ophthalmic, 312; Royal Free, 284; South
Eastern Lying-in, 312; St. Mark's Ophthal-
mic, ib.; St. Bartholomew's, 279; introduc-
tory lecture, 328; St. Mary's, 283; St.
Thomas's, 285; introductory address, 331;
St. George's, 280; introductory advice and
distribution of prizes, 329
Hospitals and workhouses, on, 552

for Sick Children, Ormond-street, 207
staff, 505, 582, 600; St. Luke's, 541


ture of both bones of the fore-arm; non-
union; pressure; ivory pegs; scraping of
the ends of the fragments; absence of con-
solidation, 154

cancer of the superior maxilla and malar
bone; death; autopsy; transformation of
both bones into medullary substance, 194
the left eye; extirpation of the globe, 58
extraction of a portion of broken glass, 471
ROCHDALE DISPENSARY-Polypoid growth in
the heart, 548

Hôtel Dieu, visit of the Emperor of the French
to, 559

Hughes, Dr., cases under the care of, 469
Huguier, Mr., supposed case of extra-uterine
abdominal pregnancy, 473

Hull Association for the Protection of the


Medical Profession, 430; injurious tendency
of the laws of, 448; and East Riding School
of Medicine and Anatomy, 304; Medical
Protection Society, 581

Humerus, encephaloid disease of the, 33; exci-
cion of the head of, 547

Hunt, Mr., on the furunculoid epidemic, 44,
149, 190, 236; prophylactic treatment, 350;
on constitutional treatment of ringworm,


Hunterian Museum, the, worthy of the support
of the country, 223; additions to, 457;
school of medicine and its students, 339;
regulations, 287; introductory address, 333
Hydatid cyst of the ovary; tapping of the
tumour; injection of tincture of iodine, 570
Hydrocyanic acid, 489; its influence on the
larynx and trachea, 363

Hydrophobia, prize for an essay on, 75; re-
marks on the pathology of, 41; case of, 41
Hyoscyamus, 490

Hysteria and phthisis, on the question of rela-
tion between, 454
Hysterical paralysis, 81


Idiot Asylum, Ipswich, 116

Ilium, case of encephaloid disease of the, 10
Immense doses of opiates, 572
Impending death by chloroform; resuscitation
by raising epiglottis and direct insufflation,


Impey, the late Dr. Alfred J. 412
Important decision, Blair v. Frost, 228
Imposture at Shottisham, 505
Improper medical treatment, alleged death
from, 116

Inadequate remuneration of medical men, 204
Income tax and the medical profession, 108
Incurables (France), 251

Indefatigable librarian, Mr. Panizzi, 536
India, climate of the hill stations in, 579;
health of the troops in, 451; vaccination in

Indian army, the medical department of, 475
Indigestion, treatment of, 138

Induction of labour by the water-dash, 431
Inequality in the numbers of patients in the
medical and surgical wards of the London
hospitals, 428

Inflammation of the uterus and connexion with
uterine disease, 571; of the knee-joint; pro-
tracted morbid state of the articulation;
amputation of the thigh, 471

Infusoria in cancer of the mouth, 385
Injuries and diseases of the joints, Mr. Solly
on, 121, 144

Injustice of life assurance offices to medical
men, 225

Insanity, lectures on, by Sir A. Morison, 21; its
Causes, Prevention, and Cure (review), 59;
and crime, case of Daniel Freeman, 109
Instruction, clinical, in Edinburgh, 572
Intermittent and remittent fever occurring at
sea, cases of, 440

Internal strangulation by adhesion of the
vermiform process to the ovary, 578; stran-
gulation, a specimen of, 407
Intestine, strangulated femoral hernia, mortifi-
cation and rupture of, 493

Introductory lectures, the, 413; opening of the
session, 336

Ireland, disease and fever in, 185; College of
Surgeons in, and the navy, 582
Irish epidemics, 229

Isle of Man, inoculation for small-pox in the,


Itch, a new form of, observed by M. Boeck, 427

Jackson and wife r. Roe, alleged mal-practice
138; Report of the Cause (review), 266
Jamaica, small-pox and cholera in, 207
Jejunum, case of rupture of the, caused by a
kick from a horse; peritonitis; death in
thirty-six hours; autopsy; remarks by Dr.
J. M'Cormack, 78; letter from Mr. Whitney
on, 138; letter from Dr. M'Cormack on; 184


Jervis-street Hospital, Dublin, regulations, 311
Johnson, Mr. H. C., cases under the care of, 9,


Joints, injuries and diseases of the, 121, 144
Jones, Dr. B., on albuminous and fatty urine,


Mr. G. F., on a case of placenta prævia,
and fœtal monstrosity, 590
Journal, Provincial Medical and Surgical, on
New Medical-Bill, 575
Jozeau, M., Copahine-Mège of, 553

Judd, Mr. J., note from, to what use can we
apply the rhubarb-leaf? 458
Jurists, medical questions for, 287


Keate, Mr. cases under the care of, 106
Keith, Mr. W., on Medical Reform Bill, 549
Kelis, case of, in a little girl of twelve years old,


Kent Ophthalmic Hospital, 115; annual meet-
ing, 139; legacy to, 433

Kidney, on the Diseases of, their Pathology,
Diagnosis and Treatment (review), 177
"Killing no murder," sale of poisons, 358
Kick from a horse, rupture of the jejunum, 78;
on the abdomen, previous irreducible hernia,
perforation of intestines, peritonitis, death,
autopsy, 300

King's College Hospital, meeting of governors,
341; result of Dr. Warneford's offer, 130;
and Medical School regulations, 282; Mu-
seum, collection of skeletons added to, 317;
introductory lecture at, 330

King and Queen's College of Physicians, Ire-
land, 310

Kirwan, the case of, 584

Knee-joint, acute inflammation of the, pro-

tracted morbid state of the articulation, am-
putation of the thigh, 471; excision of the,

Kyd, Mr. H., remarks on the effects of clothing
on cutaneous exhalation, 263


Labour, induction of premature, 297; on the
induction of, by the water-dash, 431
Lactation, on the influence of, in causing abor-
tion, 510; tables illustrating the influence
of, 514, 533

Lacy, Mr. J. P., on a case of pelvic distortion,

in which premature labour was induced by
water-douche, 517

"Lady Montague," the mortality on board the,


Lambeth M.D., 230; and St. Andrew's, 274
Lancashire Assurance Company, and the medi-
cal profession, 409

Lane, Dr. B., testimonial to, 536
Lankester, Dr., Quarterly Journal of Micro-

scopical Science (review) 353; on a new
acupuncture needle, 362; on the state of the
London Medical Society, 363
Lane, Mr., cases under the care of, 57
Laurie, Sir Peter, explanation of, concerning
the confidential report of the Commissioners
at Bethlehem, 447

"La Plata," the, 491
Lawrence, Mr., cases under the care of, 10, 104,


The Irregularities of Bethlehem Hospital-Pro-
secution of Henry Baker, a former keeper at
Bethlehem, by the Commissioners in Lunacy,
13; the power of granting diplomas by the
Irish Medical Corporations and the Colleges,
14; libels upon the practitioners of medicine,
15; the coming election of councillors of the
College of Surgeons, ib.; electioneering at
Bethlehem-the regenerate model asylum,
38; the vaccine question-evidence afforded
by naval and military statistics, ib.; appoint-
ment of Mr. Propert as Deputy-Lieutenant
for Cardiganshire, 39; the approaching anni.
versary meeting of the Provincial Association
at Oxford, 40; Bethlehem electioneering-


the conclusion of the farce, 60; the ethics
of the profession-unworthy modes of esta-
blishing a practice, ib.; Dr. Webster's report
on French lunatic asylums, 61; importance of
courts medical, 62; further frauds of homœo-
pathic quacks-letter from Sir James Clark,
87; necessity for a change in the constitu-
tion and arrangements of the Board of
Health, ib.; Dr. R. D. Thomson and the
chair of chemistry in the University of Glas-
gow, 88; the income tax and the medical
profession, 108; evil effects of gratuitous
medical services on practitioners of medicine,
ib.; case of Daniel Freeman-insanity and
crime, 109; Mr. Mechi and the hygeia of the
fields, 110; the quacks and their "Directory,"
131; anomalies of gratuitous medical ser-
vices, ib.; actions for malpractice against
qualified men, 132; the new charter of the
College of Physicians, 133; the University
of Durham, and their power of making cheap
physicians and cheap surgeons, 134; the
New Medical Reform Bill of the Provincial
Association, 157; necessity for medical mem-
bers of Parliament, ib.; rescinding of the
Treasury minute respecting the adulteration
of coffee, 158; the late trial for manslaugh-
ter at Wells, 159; the British Medical
Directory, 160; the British Medical Directory
and fictitious medical titles, 179; further
evils of the gratuitous advice system, 180;
the vacancy at Bethlehem Hospital-duties of
the Governors on the occasion of filling it up,
ib.; inoculation for small-pox in the Isle of
man, 181; a medical pluralist, St. Ann's,
Soho, 182; injustice of the income tax to-
wards medical practitioners, 197; the New
Medical Bill-importance and necessity of
continued, vigorous, and united action, ib.;
evils of gratuitous hospital services, 198; the
Provincial Association and fees from life as-
surance offices, 199; another Bethlehem job,
ib.; the regulations of the Society of Apo-
thecaries, ib.; the Hunterian Museum worthy
the support of the country, 223; rising im-
portance of the University of London, ib.;
an answer to a "Warning Voice" on old life
offices, 224; injustice of life assurance offices
to medical men, 225; the position of the
profession in respect to cholera, 245; the
Suffolk imposture-credulity and ignorance,
ib.; Dr. Webster's report on the French
lunatic asylums, 246; funeral " perform-
ances"-the late Duke of Hamilton, 247; Mr.
Farr and the income tax, ib.; gratuitous
medical services-wretched remuneration of
public medical officers, 268; injustice of the
War-office authorities to surgeons of militia
regiments, 269; the new charter of the Col-
lege of Physicians, ib.; address to students,
292; the College of Physicians and the
Board of Health, 294; the British Medical
Directory, 313; consultations with unquali-
fied practitioners-Mr. Toulmin, of Black-
heath, ib.; the motley group of medical
officers of the London City Mission, 314; ob-
stetric physicians and the college, 334;
frightful evils from the indiscriminate sale of
poisons, ib.; Bethlehem, the Lunacy Commis-
sioners and the public-recent disclosures,
335; opening of the session-the introduc-
tory lectures, 336; sanitary measures and
the cholera, 337; the subdivision of labour-
specialities in the practice of medicine and
surgery; 382; Bethlehem-the position of
the medical officers in relation to the abuses
recently disclosed, 283; habitual drunkards
-how are they to be reformed? 384; Beth-
lehem-the Court of Common Council-their
duty in the case, 408; homicidal attack of a
patient at Bethlehem upon a keeper-evil
effects of the late mismanagement, ib.; the
case of Cox v. Bourn, 404; Miss Squirrell,
the Suffolk wonder, 405; inequality in the
numbers of patients in the medical and sur-
gical wards of the London hospitals, 428;
the election of surgeons to the Bradford in-
firmary-legitimate medicine v. quackery,
429; The Hull Association for the Protec-
tion of the Medical Profession, 430; the Uni-
versity of London-the report of the select
committee of the senate on the future organ-

ization of the university, 446; Bethlehem-
the Court of Aldermen-the explanation of
Sir Peter Laurie concerning the confidential
report of the commissioners, 447; injurious
tendency of the laws of the Hull Medical
Protection Association, 448; generous can-
duct to a poor-law medical officer, 449; elec-
tion to the chair of chemistry in the Univer-
sity of Glasgow, ib.; the University of Lon-
don--the practical character of the examin-
ations for degrees in medecine-recent ex-
tensions, 475; the medical department of
the Indian army, ib.; Bethlehem--the pro-
posed reforms of the Lord Chancellor, 476;
election of Mr. Robert Gardiner Hill as
Mayor of Lincoln, ib.; the amended draught
bill on medical reform, 496; the funeral of
the great Duke of Wellington-absence of
the representatives of the profession of medi-
cine; neglect of medical men by the state,
ib.; the University of London-the move-
ment for obtaining the franchise, 497; the
case of Mr. Cox-his retirement from the
Provincial Association, 498; the New Medi-
cal College, ib.; the New Medical Reform Bill,
524; the movement in favour of extending
the franchise to the University of London,
525; the vacancy for the office of physician
at St. Thomas's Hospital, 526; a quack doc-
tor at Fife, ib.; Bethlehem Hospital-the
Governors' reply, 527; New Medical College,
ib.; the regulations of the College of Sur-
geons respecting the new certificates in mid-
wifery their injurious tendency as regards
the profession, 550; the state of clinical sur-
gery in Edinburgh-Mr. Syme's comicalities,
551; destitution and sickness, workhouses
and hospitals-their bad management in
respect to urgent cases, 552; Bethlehem Hos-
pital and its irresponsible governors, 575; the
election of physician at St. Thomas's Hos-
pital-termination of the contest, 574; evils
of passenger-ships carrying unqualified sur-
geons, ib.; the Provincial Medical Journal
on the New Medical Bill, 575; unsatisfactory
nature of the medical evidence in the case of
William Bourke Kirwan, convicted for the
murder at "Ireland's Eye," 595; Bethle
hem Hospital, the history of this coporate
institution, 598; necessity for qualified sur-
geons to passenger-ships; death of the last
surviving officer of the "Amazon," 599



The Lumleian Lectures, delivered at the
Royal College of Physicians for the
Session 1852.

-Remarks on the state of science, hydro-
pathy, homœopathy, mesmerism, 73; valuable
fruits of science, ozone, epidemics, quarantine,
history of lead disease, Citois, Sir George
Baker, Hippocrates, Nicander, Dioscorides,
Pliny, Paulus Egineta, Avicenna and Rhazes;
use of lead among the ancients, Vitruvius,
Horace, Celsus; forms of the disease, 74;
channels of reception, respiration, digestive
organs, state of the saliva and gastric juice,
reception accidentally and medicinally, skin
and conjunctiva, preliminary signs, dis-
coloration of the gums and mouth, Tanquerel,
Burton; taste, change of complexion, state of
the blood, symptoms of lead colic, pain, con-
stipation, retraction of the abdomen, nausea,
eructations, vomiting, exciting causes; manu-
facture of white lead, ancient method; Vitru-
vius; alleged immunity of females, age of
patients attacked; Perceval, Pereira, Christi-
son, 95; manufacture of minium, Vitruvius;
manufacture of litharge; Sir H. De la Beche,
report of Messrs. Pelouse and Rayer; house
painters; chemical analysis of secretions;
post-mortem examinations; Tanquerel,
Bright, Louis, Andral; other forms of lead
disease; pains in the limbs (metallic rhen-
matism of Sauvages-arthralgia of Tan-
querel); paralysis of the upper extremities
of the lower extremities; amaurosis, deafness,
loss of voice; inspections after death in para.

[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

lysis; Hunter, Tanquerel, Devergie; compara-
tive influence of lead on the system; Andral
and Gavarat, Merat, 165; results of the ab-
sorption of mercury by fumes exemplified in
the water-gilder in metals; theory of modes
of absorption of lead; treatment; empirical
treatment at La Charité; purgatives, warm
baths; opiates; electricity; galvanism;
tonics; alkaloids; other artisans in the use
of lead in various manufactures-compositors,
plumbers, potters, glass-makers, sealing-wax
makers, German card makers; use of lead in
cosmetics, 202; acute paralysis; the Bath
waters, mineral baths in general, bath of
sulphide of potassium for the poor; Henlé;
German opinions of lead disease, comments;
acute poisoning by lead, treatment; un-
scientific use of lead in medicine, exact loss
of the acetate of lead when combined with
extract of opium in practice; contamination
of water for domestic purposes by lead;
wines and fermented liquors, the beer-engine;
refinement of sugar, 392; contamination of
rain-water kept in leaden cisterns; of water
containing lead at Claremont; the royal
family of France; analytical examination of
the water, and its mode of contamination
explained; similar cases explained by Dr.
Paris in his "Life of Sir Humphry Davy;"
galvanic agency established; other sources
of contamination enumerated; supply of
water to London by the Government; plan
of the Board of Health; the Government
Commission of Chemists; filtration of water
and disturbance of sediment remove the lead;
real cause of poisoning; leaden pipes and
cisterns; accidental causes of contamination
of water; galvanic agency; abandonment of
lead in the distribution of water for domestic
purposes; conclusion, 416-419


Clinical Lecture on a case of Gonorrhoeal
Ophthalmia, 28.


Lectures on Lithotomy and Lithotrity.
Lecture III.-The ball extractor of Alphonso
Ferri; the quadrupulus vesice of Franco;
the forceps of Fabricius Hildanus, 1; Sanc-
torius' instruments; Thomassini; Gruithui-
sen's instruments for perforating and
crushing calculi; instruments for crushing
after perforation; M. Civiale's original in-
struments, 2; Mr. Elderton's instrument for
crushing; M. Amussat's crushing forceps;
M. Leroy d'Etiolle's perforator, 3; improved
instruments, 4; M. Civiale's improved in-
struments; Mr. Weiss's instruments; Dr.
Haygarth's instrument for crushing; Re-
toré's instrument for measuring, 23; Mr.
Weiss's catheter-forceps and screw scoop;
Professor Jacobson's instruments; Baron
Heurteloup's original instrument for percus-
sion; Dr. Costello's modification of the ori-
ginal percussor, 24; Mr. Weiss's instrument
for sawing the stone; Baron Heurteloup's
bed, 25; Charrière's rack and pinion; state
of the urethra, prostate, and bladder, 26;
position of the patient, and mode of pro-
ceeding, 28
Lecture IV-Method of removing detritus and
fragments of calculus from the bladder, 71;
conditions which present obstacles to the
operation, 72; accidents which sometimes
supervene on the operation of lithotrity, 93;
instruments for crushing and removing frag-
ments lodged in the urethra, 94; breaking
or bending of the instruments, inclusion of
the mucous membrane within the blades of
the crusher, 95

Lecture V.-Pain in lithotrity; chloroform, dis-
charge of blood, 141; retention of urine,
cystitis, peritonitis, retention of fragments
in the bladder, 142; relapse of the disease,


Lecture VI.-Pathological effects of urinary
calculi, 170; the urethra does not necessarily
suffer from the presence of stone; modifica-
tions of sensibility and contractility as a
consequence of stone; pathological effects of
calculus, inflammation of the mucous mem-
brane, hypertrophy of the muscular tissue,


chronic disease of the prostate gland, en-
largement, 171; atrophy, conditions of the
ureters and kidneys, obscurity of renal dis-
ease, 172

Lecture VII.-Indications and contra-indica-
tions of lithotrity, nature of the calculus, size of
the calculus, density, form and position, con-
dition of the urinary organs, 209; state of
the prostate, partial or total enlargement,
enlargement of the middle lobe, 210; chronic
inflammation or catarrh, hypertrophy, 211;
abnormal development of muscular fibres,


Lecture VIII.-Sacculated condition of the
bladder, fungoid tumours, paralysis, atony,
morbid sensibility, constitutional disturb-
ance, *233

Lecture IX.-Lithotomy, tabular classification,
embracing nearly all the various modes of
operating, 295; the apparatus major of
Johannes de Romanis, 296; high operation;
infiltration of urine through the wound; in-
struments of the time of Franco, Cheselden,
Dupuytren; Hawkins's gorget, 319
Lecture X.-Lateral operation, perinæal tri-
angle, 367; modern instruments, position of the
patient, first incision, 368; parts divided by
the operation, 369; internal incision, various
ways of dividing the prostate, 370; lithotome
caché; seizing the stone; the modern French
operation, 371

Lecture XI.-Obstacles which impede lithotomy:
enlargement of the prostate, morbid condi-
tion of the bladder, mucous membrane re-
laxed and thrown into folds; encysted cal-
culi, irregular position of the calculus; the
presence of more than one calculus, small-
ness of size, shape of the stone, fracture of
the calculus; the calculus should always be
extracted whole if possible, 415
Lecture XII.—Size of the calculus, modification
of the lateral operation for calculi beyond a
certain size, double incision, necessity for
breaking of the calculus in the bladder-
hypertrophied fibres may be caught in the
blades of the forceps, 484; injury to the
rectum, tearing and disorganization of the
rectum; shock on the system, retention and
incontinence of urine from the lateral ope-
ration; impotency, 485

Lecture XIII.-Causes of death in lithotomy:
hæmorrhage, arterial or venous, primary or
secondary; bleeding from division of an
artery during the operation; arteries of the
perinæum; primary hæmorrhage may arise
from division of the superficial artery of the
perinæum, the transverse artery, and the
internal pudic; primary hæmorrhage from
irregular distribution of arteries, 507; venous
hæmorrhage following division of a portion of
the bulb, from the venous plexus about the
neck of the bladder and prostate; secondary
hæmorrhage, from various causes, opinion of
Cruveilhier, infiltration of urine, circum-
stances which give rise to, 508: purulent
infection; inflammation of the bladder; table
of the causes of death in the Parisian hos-
pitals; general tendency to disease of the
bladder, ureters, and kidneys, an impeding
cause to the operation; choice between litho-
tomy and lithotrity in renal disease, 509
Lecture XIV.-Parallel between lithotrity and
lithotomy; summing up in relation to both
methods considered merely as operations,

Lecture XV.-Comparison of the two methods,
in the accidents they give rise to, and the cases
to which they are respectively applicable,
561; conclusion, 564.


A course of lectures on some of the more
Important Points in Surgery:

Lecture VI.-Wounds of the knee-joint, com-
pound fractures of the patella, excision of the
knee-joint, amputation of the leg, 47; exci-
sion of the ankle-joint, 48; removal of the
os calcis; gun-shot wounds of the foot; ampa-
tation at the tarsus, 49; amputation of the
foot, Mr. T. Wakley's successful operation,
50; amputation of a single metatarsal bone;
M. de Beaufoy's rolling-foot, 51


Lecture VII-Amputation at the shoulder-
joint, 117; operation by two flaps, by one
flap; amputation immediately below the tu-
berosities of the humerus, excision of the
head of the humerus, 118; amputation of the
arm, excision of the elbow-joint, 119; ampu-
tation at the elbow-joint, of the fore-arm, at
the wrist; injuries of the hand; removal of the
phalanges, 120

Lecture VIII.-Secondary amputations, mode
and time of the operation; tying the arteries,
animal substances as ligatures, 187; com
pound fractures, condition of the wounded
after the battle of Toulouse; splintering of bone
by a gun-shot, 188; lodging of ball in the
bone; splintered femur should not be saved, re-
moval of splinters; position of patient of
much importance, varieties of splints, 189;
best apparatus for compound fractures, ex-
tempore bearers; fractures of the arm by
musket-shot, splints and pads for, 190
Lecture IX.-Hospital gangrene, 256; treat-
ment of, 257; conclusions, 258; returns of
the number of cases, 259


A course of Clinical Lectures delivered at
Guy's Hospital:

Lecture IV.-Case of stone in the bladder, case
in which the patient died with the calculus
in the bladder, exhibition of the preparation,
details of the case; the symptoms of stricture
of the urethra and those of stone in the
bladder compared; the pathological signifi-
cancy of an habitually hot and dry skin; the
importance of consultations; should, in the
present case, lithotomy or lithotrity be per-
formed? circumstances favourable to litho-
trity; question of the quantity of water which
should be in the bladder during the operation
of lithotrity; appearance of the urine, micro-
scopical examination; determination of the
lesion which produces hæmaturia; reasons for
not using leeches in peritonitis connected
with diseased kidney; the advantages of wash-
ing out the bladder; quotation of a case in
which this practice was especially useful;
symptoms of urea in the blood, somnolency,
irritable bladder; good effects of chloroform
applied to the hypogastrium; nervous irrita-
bility brought on by poisoned blood; death by
coma, post-mortem examination; urine in the
cavity of the abdomen, pus in the kidneys,
parietes of the thickened bladder of a green
colour; attempt at an explanation of this
phenomenon; cause of the thickening of the
bladder, and of the formation of sacculi;
decomposition of the urine retained in these
sacculi, 167

Lecture V.-Remarks on the case of calculus
in the bladder, related in the last lecture;
recapitulation of the facts of this case, con-
siderations touching the amount of dilatation
which the urethra should undergo by the use
of catheters, rules regarding this dilatation,
which is generally carried too far; the meatus
urinarius is the criterion or gauge; case in
which over-dilatation might have done much
harm; another case in which over-dilatation
and slitting up of the meatus failed to effect a
cure; good results in the same case obtained
by a second surgeon in adopting an opposite
course; remarks on this case; question as to
when a stricture of the urethra may be consi-
dered cured; distinction to be made as to the
age of patients; enumeration of the signs which
point out that a stricture is quited cured,-
viz., 1. Unobstructed passage of the instru-
ment; 2. Nature of the stream; 3. Complete
emptying of the bladder; 4. No ammoniacal
odour; 5. Absence of mucus or pus; 6. Ab-
sence of any discharge; remarks on the
causes of constitutional disturbance in cases
of stone in the bladder, disease of the kidney
one of the principal causes, danger of resort-
ing to operations of any kind with patients
labouring under disease of the kidney; paral-
lel between the symptoms produced by the
presence of a stone in the bladder and those
depending on diseased kidney; symptoms
exclusively owing to the presence of the cal-
culus; case illustrating such influence, for-

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