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Ver. 19.

“ Thy way is in the sea, and thy paths in the deep waters; and thy footsteps are not known.”

He taketh comfort of this miracle, that God brought the Israelites through the Red Sea, in this that the waters knew the Israelites, and gave place unto thein, that they might dry-footed go through them. But when King Pharaoh and his people would have followed in the same path, persecuting God's people, the sea would make no way for him, nor yet shew the steps where the Israelites trod, but overwhelmed them in most desperate deaths. So in the seas of temptations, such as put their trust in the Lord, pass, and never perish by them. (Psa. .cxxi. cxxv. xii. xlvi. liv. Ixxi.): whereas, such as put not their trust in the Lord, perish in temptations, as Pharaoh and his army did by water. (Exod. xiv.) And the next verse that concludeth the Psalm sheweth by what means the Israelites were under God saved in the Red Sea, by the hands of Moses and Aaron, as it appeareth,

Ver. 20. “ Thou leddest thy people like sheep, by the hand of Moses and Aaron."

Of this verse the afflicted may learn many consolations. First, that the best people that be, are no better able to resist temptations, than the simple slieep is ablo to withstand the brier that catcheth him. The next, that man is of no more ability to beware of temptations, than the poor sheep is to avoid the brier, being preserved only by the diligence of the shepherd. The third, that as the shepherd is careful of his entangled and briered sheep, so is God of his afflicted faithful. And the fourth is, that the people of Israel could take no harm of the water, because they entered the sea at God's commandment. Whereof we learn, that no danger can hurt, when God doth command us to enter into it, and all dangers overcome us, if we choose them ourselves, besides God's commandment. As Peter, when he went at God's comma:.dment upon the water, took no hurt (Matt. xiv.) ; but when he entered into the bishop's house, upon his own presumption, he was overcome, and denied Christ. 'The Israelites, when they fought at God's commandment, the peril was nothing; but when they would do it of their own heads, they perished. (Numb. xiv.) So that we are bound to attend upon God's commandment, and then no danger shall destroy us, though it pain us.

The other doctrine is in this, that God used the ministry of Moses and Aaron, in the deliverance of his people, who did command them to do nothing but that the Lord did first bid. Whereof we learn, - that such as be ministers appointed of God, and do nothing but as. God commandeth, are to be follower, as St. Paul saith, “ Follow me, as I follow Christ." (1 Cor. xv. xi.) And these men can by the word of God give good counsel and great consolation, both for body and soul; as we perceive this Prophet, in marking God's doings unto the Israelites, applied by grace the same wisdom and helping mercy unto himself, to his eter- nal rest through Jesus Christ in the world to come. To whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all laud and praise world without end. Let all Christians say, Amen.



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