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2. Tho' Men cannot perceive our Frauds, God doth, Pfal. cxxxix.

3. Our Frauds will be all laid open at the Day of Judgment.

4. What will it profit you to cheat your Brother here, and damn your own Souls hereafter? Matt. xvi. 26.

3. Our Selves.

I. Pretending to our felves that we have repented when we have not.

2. That we have Believed.

3. That we do good Works.

4. That our Spiritual Eftate is good, when it is not.


1. Your falfe Dealing will not bring you nearer to, but carry you farther from Heaven.

2. God will deal truly with your Souls hereafter, for your dealing falfly with

them here.

Nor Lie.


II.What is it to Lie? Teftimonium falfum; or,Falfa vocis fignificatio cum intentione fallendi. Aug. And fo it differs, Et ab fententiâ & enunciatione pura: In it are,

1. The Matter, a falfe Teftimony.

2. The Form, with an intent of Deceiving.

2. How many Kinds?

1. Focofum, Jefting.

2. Perniciofum, for the doing or avoiding Evil.

3. Officiofum, for the obtaining of fome


III. How

III. How appears it to be a Sin?

1. It is forbidden by God, Command. IX. Eph. iv. 25.

2. God abhors it, Prov. vi. 16, 17. & xii.




The Devil is the Father of it, Joh. 8.


It is Part of the old Man, Eph. iv. 25.
Colof. 3. 9.

5. It is contrary, not only to the Will, but
Nature of God.

6. It is contrary to Nature,and an Abuse of the Tongue; which is, Index Animi. Καθ ̓ ἑαυτό τὸ μὲν ψεῦδος φαῦλον καὶ ψεκτον, Arift. Απόφασις το κυρίς τότο ο συγχωρεῖ ἀπαξ εἰπόντος OT TO LEûdos in To Daßine . Bafil.

7. It is a Sin that fhall certainly be punished, Pfal. v. 6. Prov. xix. 5, 9.


1. An officious Lie, or Wrong, hurts no Body. Anfw. Yes.


II. Your Neighbour; caufing him to Err.
III. Your Selves: For,

1. The Lyar deftroys his Credit: Mendaces
faciunt ut vera dicentibus non credatur. Hier.
2. Damns his Soul hereafter.


2. Suppose my Eftate depends upon it. I must not give Heaven for Earth.


3. Suppofe my Neighbour's Life;

4. Or mine own.

I must not deftroy my Soul for a Body.


USE. 1. Reproof.

2. Exhortation.

1. Repent of your Lies

2. Reform.


1. Lies fpeak you the Children of Satan. 2. Truth is like God, Lies like the Devil, Deut. xxxii. 4.

3. What you get by Lying, brings a Curfe with it.

4. We muft give Account of our idle, much more of our lying Words, Matt. xii. 36.

5. You must never enter into Heaven, Revel. xxi. 27. c. xxii. 15.


Nu м B. xxiii. 10.

Bet me die the Death of the Righteous, and let my latter End be like his.

תמות נפשי מות ישרים ותהי אחריתי כמוהן

WE fhould always defire to die the Death

of the Righteous.

I. How do they die?

1. In the Love of God.
2. In Christ.

3. With a clear Confcience.

4. They die capable of the Enjoyment of Heaven; having,

1. Their Understandings,

2. Their Wills,

3. Their Affections, fanctified

5. Their Death is but an Entrance into a State of Blifs; confifting,

1. In Freedom from all Evil.

I. Sin.

2. Temptation.

3. Trouble and Sorrow.

2. In the Confluence of all Good; being


1. In their Company.

1. Angels and Saints.

2. Chrift.

3. God.

2. In their Relations.
3. In their Pleasures.
4. Honours.
5. Eternity.

II. How

II. How may we die this Death?
1. Repent.

2. Turn to God.

3. Believe on Christ.

1. For the Pardon of Sin.
2. Acceptance of your Perfon,
3. Implanting of Grace.

4. Live the Life of the Righteous, Heb. xii. 14.
5. Meditate on the future Certainties, Death,
Judgment, Heaven, Hell.

6. Be not too much entangled in the World. 7. Live in the continual Expectation of Death.


DE U T. vi. 5.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy Might.

There is,

I. The Agent, Thou, Ifrael, Acts xiii. 23. Romans ix. 6.

II. The Act, Love, which is Complacentia Beni ; and denotes,

1. Benevolence, or Well-willing, to the Object beloved, Cant. v. 9, 16.

2. A Defire of the Enjoyment of it.

3. An Acquiefcence or Refting in that En-


III. The

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