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GE N. i. 26. Creation of Meaw

And God faid, Let us make Man in our own Image, after our Like



HE Trinity or Plurality of
Perfons in the Godhead is
here implied.

i. There is but one God: And God faid.
2. A Plurality of Perfons were imployed in
the Creation of Man,


3. He was made in the Image of that Plurality,

כדמותנו בצלמנו

How many are thefe Perfons? Three.

How doth that appear?

1. In the Old Teftament, 2 Sam. xxiii. 2. Pfal. xxxiii. 6. Ifa. xlii. i.

2. In the New, Matt. iii. 16. 17. Luk. i. 39. 2 Cor. xiii. 14.

Wherein is delivered,

1. Their Names.

1. God the Father. This none deny.

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2. God


2. God the Son, Job. i. 1. 1 Job. v. 20.
Job. xx. 28. Phil. ii. 6, 7. Otherwise he
could not be our Saviour.

3. The Holy Ghoft, 1 Cor. iii. 16. Matt.xii.
31, 32.

2. Their Order, Matt. xxviii. 19.

3. That they are but One God, I Job. v. 7.

OBSERV. II. All Three Perfons concurred

in the Creation of Man.

1. Because he was the Head of the Creation.

2. Made in the Image of God.

USE. Therefore Man is bound to Worship

every One..

1. With Faith, Job. xiv. 11

2. Fear, Jer. v. 22.

3. Love, Deut. vi.

3. In his Affections and Inclinations. Pfal. lxxiii. 25.

III. In his Eftate and Condition.

1. Because he was made Happy.

2. Had Power over all other earthly Creatures, Gen. i. 28.


1. Admire the Goodness of GOD in our Creation, Pfal. c. 1, 2, 3.


2. Bewail our Lofs of this Image.

3. Endeavour to have it repaired, Eph. iv.

1. Be fenfible of your Lofs.

2. Believe on Jefus Chrift, I Cor. i. 30.
3. Frequent Publick Ordinances,Rom. X. 17;
4. Maintain your Authority over, and be
not fubject to the World.

5. Live up according to that Image you
were made in.

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mise of RefemerGEN. xlix. 10.


The Scepter fhall not depart from Judab, &c.


AN being fallen from GOD, could not recover himself.

MAN being fallen

2. Hence the Son of GOD undertook to Redeem him.

3. To do this, he was to become Man.

4. Hence a Time was fet when he should become Man, Gal. iv. 4.

5. Before he came, GOD revealed him to his People, Gen. iii. 15. c. xii. 2, 3. c. xxii. 18. To the Gentiles, Job xix. 25. Numb. xxiv. 17. To the Jews, Ifa. vii. 14. c. ix. 6.

6. Not only his Perfon, but the Time also of his Appearing, was revealed.

7. There are Three Places especially that determine the Time.

1. Mal. iii. 1. Hag. ii. 9.

2. Dan. ix. 25.

3. Gen. xlix. 10.

Where understand,

1. By Scepter, Government.

2. By Departing, total Departing.

3. By Judah, the Tribe: 2 Reg. xvii. Sal manefer having carried the Ten away Captive. 4. By Lawgiver, Qui jus dicit.

5. By, from between his Legs, his Pofterity born of him.

6. By Shilo, Meffiah.

.Onkel עד דייתי משיחא דדיליה היא מלכותא .R. Sal farcbi ,שולק מלן המשא

.Rab. Bechaj הזכיר יעקוב משיח בשם שולה

So Jonath. & Targ. Hierofolym.

So alfo Abrabenell.

So alfo in the Talmud in Bereshith Rabba,

שילה והמלך המשות

7. By the gathering of the People to him, Obedience to him, y, in Arabick,

Paruit, obediens fuit.

Prov. XXX. 17. ON nnp's r'an.

To fhew when the Prophecy thus explain'd was fulfilled: Consider,

I. When Jefus was born, Herod was King, an Idumaan by Father's, Arabian by Mother's fide; though a Profelite, yet not of Judah's Pofterity.

Non defuit Judeorum Princeps ex Judeis ufque ad iftum Herodem quem primum acceperunt alienigenam -Regem. Auguft.

So Eufebius, Hift. 1. 1. c. 6.
His St. Ferome do

Hence fome, "Heddar hyev Xesiv er. Epiph.
Herodiani Herodem regem fufcepere pro Chrifto.



-Matt. xxii. 16. Mark iii. 6. c. viii. 15..+

2. But the Jews in Herod's Time had their

-be,סנהדרין הגדרלה & סנהדרין קטנה,Sanbedrimm

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fore which Herod himfelf was brought, and fcarcely efcaped with his Life, Joseph. I. 14. 18. But he after, Πάντας ἀπέκλεινε τὲς ἐν τῷ συνε Seie, Jofeph. 1. 14. 18.

But this Sanhedrim was taken away,

4o Years before ארבעים שנה קודם חורבן הבית

the Deftruction of the Temple, David Ganfius, and Talmud. And fo, juft when our Saviour appeared in the World, Job. xviii. 31,

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