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u These be the days of vengeance." CERIST.

“Yet a remnant shall return.”-ISAPAA:



District of Vermont, To Wir:

BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the eleventh day of June, in the forty-seventh year of the Independence of the United States of America, SMITH & SHUTE, of the said District, have deposited in this office, the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit : “ View of the Hebrews; exhibiting the destruction of Jerusalem; the certain restoration of Judah and Israel; the present state of Judah and Israel; and an address of the prophet Isaiah, relative to their restoration. By ETHAN SMITH, Pastor of a Church in Poultney, (Vt.) These be the days of vengeance.'-CHRIST. “Yet a remnant shall return.'--ISAIAH.” In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled “ an act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies , f maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned."


Clerk of the District of Vermont. A true copy of record, examined and sealed by

J. GOVE, Clerk.

Library off. B. Evans 3 -7.31


Few historical events have been of such interest to the world, as the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, about forty years after the ascension of our blessed Lord. This remark is true, if the event be contemplated simply as a piece of history. But when it is admitted that the event was a striking fulfilment of denunciations of wrath uttered by Christ on his persecutors, and by ancient prophets on the same people ; also that it furnished a most brilliant type of the final destruction of Antichrist in the last days; it becomes far more interesting. This interest must be felt at this period, when the great events of the last days connected with the restoration of the Hebrews, are in a train of incipient fulfilment. The signs of the times are important on this generation. For upwards of tbirty years they have been assuming an aspect, with which the Christian world ought to feel deeply impressed ; and which will issue in the battle of that great day of God Almighty, and in the millennial kingdom of Christ. The restoration of God's ancient people is to be

life from the dead” to the Gentile world. Some have queried whether they are literally to be restored to Palestine. It hence becomes important to exainine the prophetic scriptures upon this subject. This the writer has attempted to do; and will exbibit the result of his enquiries, in the following paa ges.



To ascertain the present state of the Hebrews, must be a matter of interest; and especially the state of the ten tribes of Israel. This, in the following work is attempted. Also an explanation is given of an address from the prophet Isaiah to some Christian people, relative to the restoration of the ancient people of God; and probably this people is Ameri

If it is ascertained that the ten tribes are to be restored with the Jews, in the last days ; they must be now in existence, and they must come to the knowledge of the Christian world about this time : for the time of their restoration must be near. And it is believed they are coming to light with ample evidence. This must deeply interest the Christian part of the world.

It would be strange if so great a section of Christendom as our United States, could claim no appropriate address in the prophetic writings. And it is thought to be capable of being shown, with a satisfactory degree of evidence, that such an address is indeed found; and one of great interest at this day. The writer acknowledges himself to be affected with this part of the subject; and he would rejoice to be the humble instrument of exciting a corresponding feeling in the minds of his christian breth



Poultney, July, 1923.

RECOMMENDATION. The Pawlet Association certify, that they have heard the Rev. E. Smith read a considerable part of his “VIEW OF THE HEBREWS;” that they do highly approve of the plan and execution of the work ; to wish its publication; and corcally recommend it to the perusal of all classes of people. Voted, unanimously.

Attest, RUFUS CUSHMAN, Scribe.






The land of promise was long a land of wonders. The Hebrew nation there



many centuries, the cradle of the true and only church of God on earth. There glorious things were wrought for her salvation. Patriarchs had there prayed, sacrificed and praised. There Prophets had prophesied; and the Almighty had often made bare his holy arm. There his people had too often apostatized ; had been expelled from their Canaan ; and again mercifully restored. There the ten tribes of Israel had renounced the house of David, and their God; and were hence

banished to some unknown region of the world, to the present day; while the Jews were still retained in the covenant of their God. There God, manifest in the flesh, made his appearance on earth ;-performed his public ministry ;atoned for the sins of the world ;-and ascended to glory. There the first heralds of the gospel dispensation commenced their ministry; and thence the wonderful scheme of grace was propagated through the nations,

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