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PAUL, Baptized at Serampere. Deo: 1800.

Engrar fer the Baptist Magazine.

London, Aiblished by W.Button & Son, Paternoster Row, July 1816.

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Printed by J. BARNELD, 91, Wardour-Street, Soho ;





In closing another volume of the Magazine, the Editors express their devout acknowledgements to the God of all grace, that through his Providence, they have been furnished with the mar terials of which it is composed ; and are also preserved in life, to dedicate another portion of their work to HIM: hoping that it may further the cause of truth and righteousness, and thus promote his glory in the world.

Though the contents of this Volume have been necessarily supplied from a great variety of sources; yet the Editors are not con: scious that it contains any sentiments which do not accord with the analogy of faith; whilst they feel assured, that many plain, serious Christians, who rejoice in the special mercy of God to poor sinners, have been instructed and edified by it.

That the Denomination to whose use this work is devoted, stands in need of such a public sgán as a register of the interesting events which are daily taking place'in' it, needs no proof! If there were no other reasons than keeping alive the compassionate feelings which have been excited towards the Heathen, and contributing towards procuring the requisite pecuniary support, which their missions to India, and Ireland, demand; these would be sufficient. By what other means could the gratifying details, furnished by the committees of those institutions, be so frequently communicated to the members of our churches and congregations ?

If the reader will cast his eye over the Index, appended to this Number, he will observe the accession of strength to the denomination, and to the kingdom of Christ, from the number of ministers and missionaries that have been ordained; the churches that have been formed; and the meeting houses that have been erected, both in ENGLAND and WALES ; nor has IRELAND been u bolly forgot ten. It is scarcely less aniinating to observe, how the missionary flame is extending itself throughout the United Kingdom! Of this fact, the establishment of auxiliary societies affords most decisive and satisfactory evidence. Without, however, such a medium of communica ion as the Magazine, this information could not have been generally communicated this pleasure could not have been enjoyed.

In compliance with the almost universal wish of persons interested in the welfare of the Magazine, the Proprietors have resolved to prefix an Engraving to every future Number of the work: they have engaged an eminent artist, (Freeman,) who has undertaken to execute the Portraits in his best manner.

The only cause of anxiety the Proprietors feel on this subject is, lest the very heavy expense attendant on a portrait, every month, should render them unable to afford the supply which the respected widows of our ministers have been accustomed to receive. It is hoped that the Denomination will recollect, that these are, in general, poor! Some have large families, and many of them, though still connected with the congregations of which their deceased husbands were the honoured pastors, can receive little or nothing from them, as all they can :raise is necessary for their present minister. It is with great pleasure that the Proprietors reflect on having distributed to this respectable and necessitous class of persons, since the commencement of January 1813, the sum of 575l. and they are not without an expectation, that an increased sale will, after a little time, cover the increased expenditure.


The Editors affectionately renew a request, made at the end of the last year, that their brethren in the ministry would read this Preface to their congregations, during the present month: and also use their influence to introduce the Magazine to all the families with which they are connected. The addition of the Juvenile Department, it is hoped, bas rendered the work more suitable and acceptable to our juvenile readers. The Editors pledge themselves to use all their exertions to maintain a respectable publication : which they trust, through a divine blessing, will still be the channel by wbich special benefits will be communicated to the house bold of faith.

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