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or as it is more familiarly known by Soap Stone, from

REFORM CONVENTION. which the brick is made, is found in the same hill with

A morning paper states that the number of delegates stone coal, and the soap stone vein, as we are informed to the Reform state Convention, now in attendance at by one of the owners, is found to be 12 feet thick, and Harrisburg, is sixteen, five of whom are from the counforms a regular stratum through the hill. The oven in ty of Philadelphia. The Convention organized by ap. which the brick is burned is after the English plan, pointing the Hon. George Kremer, of Union county, measuring sixteen feet high and 12 in diameter, and President; J. McClintock, of Columbia, and Mahlon heated by bituminous stone coal, containing, 9 grates, Ortlip, of Philadelphia, Vice Presidents; and H. K. and will burn at one time 26,000. The introduction of Strong, of Dauphin, and W. J. Mullen,of Philadelphia, this valuable article of manufacture into the Baltimore Secretaries. It has been agreed to recommend to the and Philadelphia markets during the last spring, has, i people that the constitution be so altered as to diminish we are glad io observe, excited the attention and inqui- the appointing power of the Governor, and to establish ry of some of the enterprising capitalists of these places, a negative in relation to it. 2. To abolish offices for who have lately taken measures to ascertain what in life.° 3. To ex'end the enjoyment of the rights of sufducement there is to prosecute the business on a larger frage. 4. To elect a greater proportion of public offiscale. A great desideratum in carrying on manufac- cers directly by the people. 5. To shorten the term tures of this kind in the back countries, has been the of office, and limit the eligibility, of state senators. 6. want of a convenient mode of getting to market; the To provide a mode for submitting future amendments place where this is found, however, while it lies along a to the people. navigable stream, will be benefitted by the Philipsburg It has also been agreed to report for consideration rail road passing within six or seven miles of it--the whether any of the following proposed amendments transportation on it will therefore be found to answer ought to be made, to be determined under the instructhe purpose.

tions of the pecple, by an adjourned convention, to be One of the men engaged in this manufacture is a man held next winter. of great experience, being well acquainted with the 1. To shorten the term of the Governor's office, and business before he left England; and by examination, of his continued eilgibility. has found that the clunch is the same which is used 2. To prohibit lotteries. there. With regard to the iron ore mentioned, he as- 3. To impose restrictions, in certain cases on the pow. sures us there is a sufficient quantity to keep in blast a er of the legislature to grant perpetual and unrepeala. number of furnaces, and that the facilities in extracting ble charters of incorporation. it are worthy of attention. We think that upon the 4. To prohibit the legislature from borrowing money whole, men of capital could not direct their attention to on behalf of the state, excepting to a certain amount. — a more promising section of the State. Messrs. Rich. Philad. Gax. ardson & Campbell are known to be men of great enterprise, and we are rejoiced to hear that their business At the Court of Quarter Sessions held in this borough is likely to prove profitable.— Clearfield Banner. last week, Lewis Rollin, a kind of deputy manager

in the cotton factory of B. McCready, was indicted for HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION,

having beaten a lad of 14 years of age, one of the bands

employed in that establishment. The prosecution was PHILADELPHIA, Agust 26.

conducted by Messrs. Hancock, Deputy Attorney Ge

neral, W. Powel, and Fornance; and the prisoner was Sir, — The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will zealously defended by Messrs. Freedley and Kendall

. hold its Fifth Annual Exhibition at the Masonic Hall, After a patient investigation of the case, the juryme Chesnut street, on Wednesday and Thursday the 111h turned a verdict of Guilty, and the court sentenced the and 12th of September.

prisoner to pay a fine of one dollar to the common. The purposes of the Society are known to be purely wealth, besides the costs of prosecution. patriotic, its sole object being to advance the public By this trial a principle has been established for the good, by improving the practice and productions of government of these "clock work institutions," which Horticulture.

will deprive certain petty tyrants of much of their The Committee charged with the preparatory ar- usurped authority, and secure to the operatives a de rangements for the Exhibition, solicit your contributions; gree of protection under the laws of our country, which and should you be unable personally to furnish any thing will tend to render their situation less onerous, because towards the contemplated display you may perhaps they will feel themselves more secure from oppression. essentially aid by extending the notice of this circu. The march of free principles is onward, and the time is lar.

fast approaching when the rights of the working man Fruits, Alowers, and Culinary Vegetables are all em: shall be respected, and his person be protected from braced in the intended exhibition; and specimens ot wrong and outrage.-Norristown Reg. either, of a quality meriting distinction, will be thankfully received and publicly acknowledged. When West CHESTER RAIL Road. A few days since, two transmitted from a distance, by public conveyance, the cars laden with brick, weighing upwards of eight tons Society will cheerfully defray the cost of transportation. were taken with one horse, the whole length of this They may be addressed to Messrs. D. & C. Landreth's road; three miles of which was up a grade of forty feet Seed Warehouse, No. 85 Chesnut street.

per mile. This would have required sixteen horses to To prevent confusion it will be necessary to present have hauled the same weight on our ordinary roads, all but the Bouquets on Tuesday the 11th. The lat- proving beyond a doubt the great utility of Rail Roads, ter may be furnished on the mornings of the days of and the advantage this road must be to West Chester Exhibition.

and the country contiguous.

DIED-At his residence in Rostraver township, og

Tuesday the 15th instant, Ma. Jesse Fell, aged 56 GEORGE W. COATES,

years. The deceased was a worthy and respectable J. W. BURKOWS,

He was of an unusual size-weighing when live

ing, about 500 pounds. - Westmoreland Repub.

Printed by Wm. F. Geddes, No. 9 Library street,
Committee of Superintendence. Philadelphia.









repair, &c.

REPORT ON THE REVISED CODE. only for the benefit of the inhabitants of the respective A Bill relating to Counties and Townships, and County and none other, as county and township rates and levies

county or township, and for such objects and purposes, and Township Officers.

are now, or hereafter may be, authorised by law to be TABLE OF CONTENTS.

laid and collected; and for such other objects and purposes as may hereafter be expressly authorised by law.

3d. To make such contracts as may be necessary and Section 1. Division of the state into counties. Sect

. 2. Cities to be considered as included in coun- proper for the execution of the same objects and purties, with exceptions.

poses. Sect. 3. Counties and townships to be bodies corpo- ties and townships shall be exercised by the commis

Section 4. The corporate powers of the several counrate for certain purposes.

sioners or supervisors thereof, respectively. Sect. 4. How their corporate powers are to be exer

Section 5. All suits by a county or township shall be cised. Sect. 5. How suits against them are to be brought visors thereof, respectively; and in all suits against a

brought and conducted by the commissioners or superand defended. Sect. 6. Proceedings to enforce judgment against county or township, process shall be served upon, and

defence made by the commissioners or supervisors counties. Sect. 7. Proceedings to enforce judgment against

thereof, respectively.

Section 6. If judgment shall be obtained against a townships. Sect. 8. County seat for each county.

county in any action or proceeding, the party entitled Sect. 9. Title to court houses, &c. to be vested in the to the benefit of such judgment may have execution

thereof as follows, and not otherwise, viz. It shall be county.

lawful for the court in which such judgment shall be Sect. 10. County commissioners to have power to

obtained, or to which such judgment may be removed build court houses, &c. Sect. 11. Commissioners to keep public buildings in by transcript from a justice of the peace or alderman, to

issue thereon a writ commanding the commissioners of Sect. 12. County officers to keep their offices at the tire county to cause the amount thereof, with the inte.

rest and costs, to be paid to the party entitled to the seat of justice, &c. Sect. 13. Quarter sessions to have power to erect new priated of such county; or if there be no such moneys,

benefit of such judgment, out of any monies unapprotownships, &c.

out of the first moneys that shall be received for the use Sect. 14. Proceedings for such purpose.

of such county; and to enforce obedience to such writ An Act relating to Counties and Townships, and Coun. by attachment.

Section 7. If judgment shall be obtaired against a ty and Township Officers,

township, or against the overseers of the poor of a townIt is enacted by the Senate and House of Representa: ship, the like proceedings may be had to enforce paytires of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General ment out of the township funds, according to the cirAssembly met, as follows:

cumstances of the case. Section 1. The state shall be divided into the follow- Section 8. There shall be a county seal for each coun. ing named counties, viz.

ty of this state, which shall be in the custody of the Philadelphia. Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, York, Cum commissioners thereof, and the official acts of the comberland, Berks, Northampton, Bedford, Northumber, missioners shall be authenticated there with. land, Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette, Franklin, Section 9. The title to all and singular the courtMontgomery, Dauphin, Luzerne, Huntingdon, Alle houses, jails, prisons, and work-houses, together with gheny, Miffin, Delaware, Lycoming, Somerset, Greene, the lots of land thereunto belonging or appertaining, in Wayne, Adams, Centre, Beaver, Butler, Mercer, Craw: the several counties in this state, as they now are, or ford, Erie, Warren, Venango, Armstrong, Indiana, Jef. heretofore have been, vested in any feoffees or trusferson, M'Kean, Clearfield, Potter, Tioga, Cambria, tecs, or in the commonwealth, or in the commissioners Bradford, Susquehanna, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Lebanon, of the respective counties, or in any bodies politic or Columbia, Union, Pike, Perry, Juniata, as the same are corporate, for the several use of the said counties renow by law established: and into such others as the Le spectively, shall be, and they are hereby declared to gislature may, from time to time, establish.

be vested in the respective counties, for the use of the Section 2.' Every city shall be deemed and taken to people thereof, and for no other use. form part of the county in which it is or may be situate; Section 10. It shall be lawful for the commissioners of saving, nevertheless, to each city and to the citizens any county, having first obtained the approbation of thereof, all and singular the jurisdictions, powers, rights, the grand jury and of the court of Quarter Sessions of liberties, privileges, and immunities; granted by the re. such county, to cause to be erected at the seat of justice spective charters and by the laws of this commonwealth. thereof, when occasion shall require, such building or

Section 3. The several counties and townships in this buildings as may be necessary for the accommodation state shall have capacity as bodies corporate:

of the courts, and of the several officers in the county, 1st. To sue and be alled as such.

and for the reception and safe keeping of the records 20. To take and hold real estate within their respec. and other papers in charge of such officers; and also tive limits, and also personal property: Provided that such other building or buildings as may be necessary such real and personal estate shall be taken and held and proper for the purposes of a county jail and workVol. XII.


house, and if need be, to purchase ground for the erec. shall not take place, as is herein before provided, or if tion of such buildings.

such election shall be set aside according to law, or if Section 11. It shall be the duty of the commissioners any commissioner shall decline serving in such office, of every county, to keep and maintain the public build. or shall die or remove out of the county, or be removed ings aforesaid of the county, in suitable and convenient from office, the remaining commissioner or commission. order and repair; and it shall be lawful for them, when ers, together with the court of Quarter Sessions of the necessary, having first obtained the approbation of the County, shall appoint a suitable citizen to fill the vacan. grand jury and of the court of Quarter Sessions of the cy, until the next general election, when a commissioncounty, to alter, add to, or enlarge such public build. er shall be elected for the unexpired term. ings.

Section 17. Every commissioner, elected or appoint. Section 12. It shall be the duty of the several pro ed, as aforesaid, shall, before he enters upon the duties thonotaries, clerks of the court of Quarter Sessions and of his office, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, Orphans' court, registers, and recorders, and also of before some person having authority to administer oaths, the commissioners, auditors, treasurer, and sheriff of to support the constitution of the United States and that the several counties, to keep their respective offices, of this state, and to perform the duties of his office with and all public records and papers belonging thereto, at fidelity; which oath or affirmation, certified by the perthe seat of justice of the respective county, and in such son before whom it was taken, shall, within ten days building or buildings as may be erected or appropriated hereafter, be filed by such commissioner, in the office of for such purpose, under a penalty, in each case, of five the clerk of the court of Quarter Sessions of the same hundred dollars, to be recovered by action of debt or county, information; one half thereof to be paid to the treasurer of the proper county, to be applied by him to the pay; assemble at the seat of justice thereof, within thirty

Section 18. The commissioners of each county shal ment of the erection or repairs of such buildings, and the other half thereof to be for the use of him who shall days after the general election, in each year, when

each first sue for the penalty,

new commissioner shall produce a certificate, under the Section 13. The several courts of Quarter Sessions hand and seal of the clerk of the court of Quarter Sesshall have authority, within their respective counties, to sions of the same county, of his election and qualificaerect new townships, to divide any township already tion, according to the provisions of this act. erected, and to alter the lines of any two or more ad. Section 19. Two of the commissioners aforesaid, shall joining townships, so as to suit the convenience of the form a board for the transaction of business; and when inhabitants thereof

convened in pursuance of notice, or according to adSection 14. Upon application by petition to a court journment, shall be competent to perform all and singuof Quarter Sessions, for such purpose the said court lar the duties appertaining to the office of county comshall appoint three impartial men, if necessary, to in- missioners. quire into the propriety of granting the prayer of the Section 20. It shall be the duty of the commissioners petition; and it shall be the duty of the commissioners of each county, to appoint a suitable person as clerk, so appointed, or of any two of them, to make a plot or who shall keep the books and accounts of the board, draught of the township proposed to be divided, and record or file their proceedings and papers, attest all the division line proposed to be made therein, or of the orders and warrants issued by them, and perform all township proposed to be laid off, or of the lines propos. other acts pertaining to his office as clerk? He shall ed to be altered of two or more adjoining townships, as receive for his services such sum as the commissioners the case may be, if the same carmot be fully designated shall

, at their first meeting in each year, agree upon. by natural lines or boundaries; all which they or any Section 21. Copies of the proceedings of the commis two of them shall report to the next court of Quarter sioners, certified by their clerk under the county seal, Sessions, together with their opinion of the same; and shall be good evidence of such proceedings, on the trial at the terın after that, at which the report shall be of any cause, in any of the courts within this commonmade. the court shall take such order thereupon as to wealth. them shall appear just and reasonable.

Section 22. It shall be the duty of the commissioners

of each county, to publish annually, once a week for II. OF COUNTY OFFICERS.

four successive weeks, in the month of February, a full

and accurate statement of all receipts and expenditures 1. County Commissioners.

of the preceding year, in one or more of the newspapers

printed in the county, and if no newspaper be publishSect15. Election of commissioners.

ed in such county, then in at least fifty printed hand. Sect. 16. Proceedings in case of failure to elect, &c. bills, to be set up in the most public places in the county.

Sect. 17. Commissioners tu take an oath or affirma. Section 23. Such statement shall enumerate the re. tion.

spective sums paid by each ward and township within Sect. 18. First meeting of commissioners after their the city and county, and also designate all sums exelection. Sect. 19. Two commissioners to form a quorum.

pended for the support of prisons, the pay of each com

missioner and their clerk, the repair of old or the erecSect. 20. Commissioners to appoint a clerk. tion of new bridges, and the sums paid to individuals

Sect 21. Certified copies of their proceedings to be for lands over which roads may have been laid out, toevidence.

gether with such other items as may bave a tendency Sect. 22. Commissioners to publish annual state to convey a general information of the transactions of ments.

the preceding year. Sect. 23. Contents of such statement. Sect. 24. Penalty for neglect of duty.

Section 24 if the commissioners of any county shall Sect. 25. Commissioners to have power to administer neglect or refuse to perform any duty required of them oaths, &c

by law, or if any one of such commissioners shall neglect Sect. 26. Pay of Commissioners.

or refuse to perform any official duty, they or he shall

respectively be fined in a sum not exceeding one hun. Section 15. The electors of every county shall, on dred dollars. the day of the general election, in cach year, elect one Section 25. The commisioners of every county shall respectable citizen, to serve as commissioner of the respectively have power to administer oaths and affirmcounty, for the term of three years next ensuing such ations, in all cases arising in the performance of the duelection, and until a successor shall be duly elected or ties of their office. appointed.

Section 26. The commissioners of each county shall Section 16. If an election of a county commissioner I respectively receive out of the county treasury, the sum





of one dollar and fifty cents, for each day they shall Section 32. No person, appointed treasurer of any necessarily attend to the duties of their office.

county, shall undertake any of the duties of his office,

until a certificate of his appointment shall have been 2. County Treasurer.

given and recorded, in contormity with this act, nor until he shall have given bond with sureties, as is herein

after provided. Sect. 27. Appointment of treasurer.

Section 33. Each county treasurer shall give bond Sect. 28. Restrictions on the power of appointment. with sureties, to the satisfaction of the commissioners,

Sect. 29. Treasurer not to serve longer than three conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties years in six.

of his office, for a just account of all moneys that may Sect. 30. Penalty for appointing an ineligible person. come into his hands on behalf of the county, for the Sect. 31. Commissioners to give treasurer a certificate delivery to his successor in office of all books, papers, of appointment.

documents, and other things held in right of his office, Sect. 32. Treasurer not to act until certificate and and for the payment to him of any balance of money bond given.

belonging to the county, remaining in his hands. Sect. 33. Treasurer to give bond to the county.

Section 34. Each county treasurer shall also, before Sect. 34. Treasurer to give bond to the common- entering upon the duties of his office, give a bond with wealth.

sufficient security, to be approved of by at least two of Sect. 35. Official copy of his bonds to be evidence. the judges of the court of Quarter Sessions of the same Sect 36. Penalty for failing to send bond to the audi- county, and in such penalty as the said judges shall tor general.

deem sufficient, conditioned for the faithful discharge Sect 37. Duties of treasurer with respect to the coun. of all duties enjoined upon him by law, in behalf of the ty funds.

commonwealth, and for the payment according to law, Sect. 38. Treasurer to keep separate accounts of of all moneys received by him for the use of the com. moneys of the commonwealth.

monwealth; which bond shall be taken by, and acknow. Sect. 39. Treasurer to render accounts to the auditor ledged before the recorder of deeds of the same county, general.

and recorded in his office, at the cost of the county Sect. 40. Treasurer to pay over quarterly to the treasury; and the original bond shall be forth wiń state treasurer.

transmitted to the Auditor General. Sect. 41. Compensation of treasurer on behalf of the

Section 35. Copies of the record of the official bond county.

of any county treasurer, acknowledged and recorded as Sect. 42. Compensation of treasurer on behalf of the aforesaid, and duly certified by the recorder of deeds commonwealth.

for the time being, shall be good evidence in any action Sect. 43. Penalty for not performing any duty.

brought against such treasurer or his surelies on such Sect. 44. Penalty on commissioners or treasurer con bond, according to its form and effect, in the same man. cerned in any contract.

ner as the original would be, if produced and offered

in evidence. Section 27. The commissioners of each county shall,

Section 36. If any county treasurer shall fail to transannually, in the first week in the month of January, apo mit to the Auditor General, within one month after his point a respectable citizen as county treasurer; and, in appointment, the bond required by this act to be given the event of the death, removal from the county, or by him for the use of the commonwealth, the Auditor misbehaviour in office, of such treasurer, it shall be the lieneral shall give notice thereof to the county commisduty of the commissioners to appoint a fit person to fill sioners, who shall forth with proceed to remove such the vacancy, until the end of the year.

treasurer from office, and appoint some suitable person Section 28. Provided, that no judge, clerk, or pro- in his place. thonotary of any court, county commissioner or auditor, Section 37. It shall be the duty of every county treashall receive the appointment of county treasurer; and surer to receive all moneys due or accruing to the counthat no person shall be appointed to such office, within ty, and to pay the same on warrants drawn by the comthree years after he shall have been a county commis- missioners; he shall keep a just and true account of all sioner or auditor. And provided, also, that no county moneys received and disbursed, which account shall be treasurer shall be capable of receiving a re-appointment, at all times open to the inspection of the commissioners, unless he produce to the commissioners a certificate and of each of them; he shall once in three months, and from the Auditor General and State Treasurer; that his oftener if required, furnish the commissioners with a accounts with the commonwealth have been duly set. statement of all moneys received and disbursed since tled, and the moneys belonging to the commonwealth the date of his last statement, exhibiting the balance paid over according to law, which certificate shall be remaining in his hands, together with the names of the filed in the office of such commissioners.

collectors in whose hands any arrearages of taxes may Section 29. No county treasurer shall serve in such remain, with the amount thereof; and he shall once in office longer than three years in any term of six years. each year, state his accounts and produce his vouchers,

Section 30. If the commissioners of any county shall which, after examination by the commissioners, shall be appoint to the office of treasurer, any person who by by them laid before the county auditors for setulement, law is declared to be incapable of receiving such ap- according to law. pointment, they shall be deemed to be guilty of a mis. Section 38. It shall be the duty of every county treademeanor in office: and each commissioner consenting surer to keep separate accounts of all moneys received to such appointment, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of by him, on behalf of the commonwealth, from the folnot less than fifty dollars, nor more than three hundred | lowing sources, viz. dollars, at the discretion of the court, for the use of the 1. From licenses granted to hawkers and pedlars. commonwealth.

2. From licenses to tavern keepers. Section 31. It shall be the duty of the commissioners 3. From licenses to retailers of foreign merchandize; of each county, annually, within ien days after the ap- specifying, in each of these cases, the names of the pointment of county treasurer, to grant to such treasur. parties, the rate or amount paid for such license, and er a certificate of his appointment, under the county the year for which such license was issued or the duty seal, which shall be entered of record in the office of paid. the recorder of deeds of the same county; and also to 4 From exempt fines. forward to the Auditor General, a certificate in similar 5. From duties on collateral inheritances; specifying form, stating the name of the county treasurer, and the the name of the decedent, and the amount or value of date of his appointment.

the estate.



6. From taxes assessed on personal property, in pur- Sect. 53. Auditors to have power to commit in certain suance of any act of Assembly.

7. From taxes assessed on real estate, in pursuance of Sect. 54. Witnesses to have the like pay as in courts. any act of Assembly.

Sect. 55. Proceedings, if accountants refuse to pro8. Under the laws providing for the gradual collec- duce books, &c. tion of moneys due to the commonwealth for lands.

Sect. 56. Report of auditors to be filed in the ComSection 39. It shall be the duty of every county trea- mon Pleas. surer, annually, in the month of September, and oftener

Sect. 57. Appeal may be taken therefrom. if required by the Auditor General, to forward to the Sect. 58. Provisions with respect to such appeal. Auditor General, a statement, under oath or affirma

Sect. 59. If appeal be not taken, execution to issue. tion, of all moneys received by him for the use of the Sect. 60. Auditors to send to Auditor General a copy commonwealth, since the date of his last statement, dis. of their report. tinguishing the amount received from each source of Sect. 61. Pay of the auditors. revenue, and embracing the several particulars herein Sect. 62. How the order for such pay is to be obbefore stated.

Section 40. It shall be the duty of every county trea-
surer, within ten days

after the
first day of March, June, the day of the general election, in each year, elect one

Section 45. The electors of every county shall, on September and December, in each year, the State Treasurer, the amount of moneys received by respectable citizen to serve as auditor of the county, for him for the use of the commonwealth during the pre- until a successor shall be duly elected or appointed. ceding quarter, deducting therefrom suchsum amount as may by law be allowed to him for his com- Section 46. If an election of an auditor shall not take pensation.

place, as is herein before provided, or if such election Section 41. Each county treasurer shall receive in full shall be set aside according to law, or if any auditor compensation for his services on behalf of the county, shall decline serving in the office, or shall die or re. a certain amount per cent. on all moneys received and move out of the county, or be removed from office, the paid by him; which rate shall be settled from time to court of Quarter Sessions of the county shall appoint a time, by the county commissioners, with the approba- suitable citizen to fill the vacancy, until the next gere. tion of the county auditors.

ral election, when an auditor shall be elected for the Section 42. Each county treasurer shall be entitled unexpired term. to deduct from the gross amount of moneys received Section 47. Every auditor elected or appointed as by him for the use of the commonwealth, a commission aforesaid, shall, before he enters upon the duties of his in the following proportions, viz. where the whole sum office, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, before accounted for quarterly does not exceed one thousand some person having authority to administer oaths, to dollars, at the rate of five per cent.; where it exceeds support the constitution of the United States and that of one thousand dollars, at the rate of five per cent. on this state, and to perform the duties of bis office with the sum of one thousand dollars, and one per cent. on fidelity; which oath or affirmation, certified by the per. the excess beyond that sum. Provided, that no com- son before whom it was taken, shall, within ten days mission shall be allowed to any county treasurer, unless thereafter, be filed by such auditor, in the office of the his accounts shall be transmitted, and the amounts due clerk of the court of Quarter Sessions of the proper to the commonwealth be paid uver, within the time county. herein before provided.

Section 48. The auditors of each county shall assem. Section 43. If any county treasurer shall neglect or ble at the seat of justice thereot, on the first Monday of refuse to perform any of the duties required of him by January in each year, and at such other times as they law, he shall be fined in a sum not exceeding two hun. may find necessary for the performance of the duties dred dollars, and shall be disqualified from holding the required of them by law. office. Section 44. If any county commissioner or county / wbom, when duly convened, shall be a quorum, shall

Section 49. The auditor's of each county, any two of treasurer shall be concerned in any contract, or shall be audit, settle, and adjust the accounts of the commisdirectly or indirectly interested in the construction of any public work or improvement, made or undertaken ty, and make report thereof to the court of Common

sioners, treasurer, and sheriff and coroner of the coununder the authority of the commissioners of the same Pleas of such county, together with a statement of the county, the same shall be deemed a misdemeanor in balances due from or to such commissioner, treasurer, office, and such commissioner or treasurer shall be fined sheriff, or coroner. in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, and shall be adjudged by the court to be removed from office. of each county, to audit, settle, and adjust the accounts

Section 50. It shall also be the duty of the auditors Provided, that nothing herein contained shall be strued to prevent sucli commissioner receiving his law- of the commissioners, treasurer, and sheriff and coroner ful compensation, while necessarily attending, in his of of the county, with the state treasury, and of such other ficial character, to the progress of any public work or

officers in the county, receiving money for the use of improvement.

the commonwealth, as may be referred to them by the Auditor General; and to make a separate report thereof

to the court of Common Pleas for the county, together 3. County Auditurs.

with a statement of the balances due from or to such

commissioners, treasurer, sheriff, coroner, or other ofSect. 45. Election of Auditors.

ficer. Sect. 46. Proceedings in case of failure to elect. Section 51. The auditors of each county shall have Sect. 47. Auditors to take au oath or affirmation. power to issue subpænas, to obtain the attendance of Sect. 48. First meeting after the election.

the officers, whose accounts they are required to ad. Sect. 49. Two auditors to form a quorum, and their just, their executors and administrators, and of any perduties.

sons whom it may be necessary to examine as witnesses, Sect. 50. Auditors to settle accounts with the com. and to compel their attendance by attachment, in like monwealth.

manner, and to the same extent as any court of Common Sect. 51. Auditors to have power to issue subpe- Pleas of this state may or can do in cases depending nas, &c.

before them; and also to compel, in like manner, the Sect. 52. Auditors to have power to administer production of all books, vouchers, and papers, relative oaths, &c.

to such accounts; and such subpæna and attachmen


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