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Cfie iBltr Œeftament



Translated out of the

Original Tongues',


With the former TRANSLATIONS diligently compared and revised,

By His Majesty s special Command,

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Appointed to be read in CHURCHES.





in London; and J. & J. MERRILL; in

Cambridge. 1790.

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Most high and mighty Prince JAMES,

Bjr the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.

Tk Translators of the Bible, wish Grace, Mercy, and Peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

GiE AT and manifold were tie blessings, most dread Sovereign, which Almighty Cod, ike father of all mirciet, bestowedupon us the ptopli of England, ivhen first it ,'mt Ysur Majestyt Royal Person to rule and reign o<utr us. for •whereat it tias U* exptdaiion of many, who nvi/hed not -well unto our Sion, that upon the setting os that trig!* Occidental Star Queen Elizabeth os most happy memory, feme thick and palpable tkmde is darkness ixxmidso have overshadowed this Land, that men should have been in ie&t °wtich way they ivere to ivali ; and that it JhculJ hardly be known, -who -was to eZrtS the unsettled State .• tie appearance of Your Majesty, as of tie Sun in his strength, astmmStf &ftclUd those supposed and surmised mists, and gave unto all that ivere well-aff<3eJ,ej(adUg cause os comfort; especially ivhen ive beheld the Government established in Ti&- hhghus, end Your hopeful Seed, by an undoubted Title, and this also accompanied '■isfh peace end tranquillity at home and abroad.

tat ensæg/l all our joys, there ivas no one that more filled cur hearts, than the blessed

end-xte~ce of the Preaching of God's sacred Word among us, which is that inestimable

c««,T2y, œfo-i excelleth all the riches of the earth ; because the fruit thereof extendeth it

jpi-.imst!} to the tone spent in )his transitory world, but directetb and dtsposetb men unto

t& at?/ happiness which is above in Heaven.

lanmtt ts suffer this to fall to the ground, but ratter to take it up, and to continue it ist &g isti, wherein the famous Predecessor os Your Highness did leave it i nay, to go for■aard xcuh the confidence and resolution os a Man in maintaining the truth os Christ, and frtfanting it far and near, is that which bath so bound and firmly knit the hearts of all Jar ifaefSy's hyal and religious people unto You, that Your very name is precious among them; ik-eir eye doth behold You with comfort, and they bless You in their hearts, as that fmUned Person, <wte under God, is the immediate Author of their true happiness. And tks their cevtcntment doth not diminish or decay, but every day increafeto and taketb frt^ii, when they observe, that the zeal of your Majesty toward the house of God doth xst sitci sr go hack-ward, but is more and more kindled, manifesting itself abroad in the fartztp parts of Christendom, by writing in defence of the Truth, (which hath given !*ci a How xnto that man of fin, at will not be healed,) and every day at home, by relipots and /earned discourse, by frequenting the bouse os Gad, by bearing the Word preached, iy chertfbtng the teachers thereof, by caring for the church, as a most tender and loving Tm$ Father.

Thee are infinite arguments of this right christian and religious affection in your Majefy, hi none is more forcible to declare it to others, than the vehement and perpetuated H>t sftbe accomplishing and publishing os this work, which now with all humility we r*'S» mteytur Majesty. For when Your Highness had once out of deep judgement appre'■W hw convenient it was, that out of the Original Sacred Tongues, together with a3r*ri*r of the labours, both in our own and other foreign Languages, of many worthy zsvsb went before us, there should be one more exact Translation of the hobs Scriptures ** tht Englilh Tongue; Your Majesty did never desist to urge and to excite those to whom < '■'■a esmaended, that the work might he hastened, and that the business might be expe£led ut fit decent a manner, as a matter of such importance might justly require.

Ad mew at Last, by the mercy of God, and the continuance of our labours, it being j«(jk unto such a conclusion, as that we have great hopes, that the Church of 'England A*H rief good fruit thereby; ive bold it our duty to offer it to your Majesty, not only as to ur Kkg and Sovereign, bttt at to the principal Mover and Author o* the works humbly veungetYairmist Sacred Majesty, that since things of this quality have ever been fubjecl '' til uniires of ill-meaning and discontented persons, it may receive approbation and pal"at,srtmji learned anil judicious a Prince as Your Highness it, whose allowance and

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