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Look down from heaven, thy glorious dwelling-place !
Where is thy zeal, thy mighty power, thy grace ?
Thy yearnings, thy affections, are they gone?
Thou art our Sire: though Abraham do not own,
And Israel will of us no knowledge claim;
Yet thou, O Lord, our Father, art the same,
Save and deliver us for thy great name.
Why, O Jehovah, wilt thou let us err,
That we our hearts should harden to thy fear ?
Oh, for thy servants' sakes thy grace dispense,
And for the tribes of thy inheritance.
Possession of thy mount they have obtained;
Thy foes thy sanctuary have profaned:
We rank as those whom thou dost not reclaim,
And who have not been called by thy name.

Oh! that thou wouldst asunder rend the skies,
Descend to us in all thy glorious might,
And bid the mountains flow down at the sight
(E’en as the fire the melted metal tries,
And as the seething water into vapour flies),
To make thy name among the nations known,
And let thy foes thy dreadful presence own.
Thou didst bring judgments that we looked not for;
Thou didst descend, the mountains flowed of yore;
For never hath been known, no ear hath heard,
A God beside thee hath to none appeared,
Who for his faithful hath such things prepared.
Thou wilt with joy the righteous workers raise,
Those who remember thee in all thy ways.

Lord, we are deep in sin,
And thou hast angry been
Because of our misdeeds; we have rebelled,
And we as a polluted thing are held;
For all our righteous acts we worthless find,

And we have like a fading leaf declined;
Our driving sins have borne us like the wind.
There is not one who will invoke thy name,
Or will arise thy mighty aid to claim;
Therefore hast thou concealed from us thy face,
And hast consigned us to our evil ways.

Thou, O Jehovah, thou our Father art;

We are the clay, thy workmanship are we; Let not thy wrath for ever break our heart,

Nor yet remember our iniquity;
But look upon thy sons in their distress;
Thy cities are become a wilderness.

Jerusalem is to destruction doomed;

The glorious temple where our fathers knelt The wasting fire hath utterly consumed;

Each place is desolate where honour dwelt. Wilt thou contain thyself at this, O Lord, Afflict us still, nor grant one gracious word ?


I AM made known
To those who did not own;
I have been brought
To those who had not sought;
I have exclaimed, Behold me; here I !
Unto a land that ne'er invoked my name;
My hands have I extended all the day
To a rebellious race who go astray,
A people who provoke me to my face,
Who sacrifice in an unholy place,
And from the bricks polluted offerings raise;
Who dwell in graves,
And lodge in caves,
Who eat the flesh of swine,
And meats unclean combine:
And yet they say,
“Keep thou away,
Approach not to me now,
I holier am than thou.”
These in my nostrils raise a smoke,
A kindling fire do these provoke.

All this is placed before my sight,
And I will not in silence rest,
But I will certainly requite,
Requite their sins into their breast,
Together with their father's shame,
Who on the mountains offerings spread,
And on the hills blasphemed my name:
These will I pour upon their head.

Thus saith Jehovah:
As one that doth discover
Within a cluster of the vine
One goodly grape still left to shine,
And sayeth, Oh, to this incline;
A blessing yet o'er this will hover:
So for their sakes my anger I control,
I will not utterly destroy the whole;
So will I raise a seed from Jacob's band,
And an inheritor from Judah's race;
My chosen ones shall still possess the land,
My servants there shall find a dwelling-place;
And Sharon for the flock shall form a fold,
To Achor's valley shall the herd be brought,
For those who as my people are enrolled,
And who have still my holy presence sought.

But who Jehovah will not own,
And from my holy mount are gone;
Ye who for Gad a feast prepare,

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