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And Restoration shall become thy name.
If from the sabbath thou thy feet restrain,
And from thy pleasures on that day abstain;
And if thou call the sabbath a delight,
A holy feast, and honoured in thy sight,
By keeping from thy daily purpose free,
From folly, and from words of vanity,–
Thou shall delight thee in Jehovah's will,
Thou the high places of the earth shalt fill,
And thou on Jacob's heritage shalt feed,
For 'tis what I, Jehovah, have decreed.


Jehovah's hand is not contracted, that

cannot save, Nor are his ears become so dull, that they no hearing

have; But you from God are separate by your iniquities, And for your sins he hides his face, and heareth not

your cries.

Your hands are all pollute with blood, your fingers dipt

in sin, Your lips speak falsehood, and your words with wicked

ness begin: No one in justice pleads his suit, and no one seeketh

right; In lies they trust, mischief conceive, and bring forth

sin to light. They hatch the eggs of basilisks, the spider's web they


Their eggs are poison, and when crushed a viper will

appear; Their webs shall no apparel make, their works afford no


Their works are sins, and in their hands is violence dis

played. Their feet seek evil, and they haste the guiltless blood

to shed; Their thoughts are crimes, and all their paths have to

destruction led: The way of peace they do not know, and judgment

there is none; Their paths are turned, he hath no peace who in those

tracks hath gone. Therefore is judgment distant far, no justice findeth


We look for light, we darkness have; for brightness, we

have gloom; We, groping, seek the guiding wall, like those deprived

of sight; We fail at mid-day as in shade among the caves of night; We groan like bears, and like the doves we make con

tinual moanSalvation is removed from us, no justice have we known; Our sins are numbered in thy face, our crimes against

us cry; Lo, these cleave fast, and we confess our deep iniquity, In our rebellions and our lies, our turnings from the

Lord, Injurious speeches and revolts, and our hearts' evil word. Yea, righteousness is turned away, and equity stands

back, For truth hath failed to tread the streets, and justice

finds no track.

Truth is departed utterly, and he who in the way
Of evil counsel fears to walk, becomes the plunderer's


Jehovah saw, and his displeasure rose,
That judgment there was none:
He saw there was not one;
He wondered that no arm would interpose.
Then his right arm his great salvation wrought,
His righteousness afforded him support.
And righteousness he as a breastplate spread;
The helmet of salvation graced his head;
Garments of vengeance all his form conceal;
He as a mantle clad himself with zeal.
Mighty is he to recompense!
He that is mighty vengeance will requite,
Wrath to his enemies dispense,
And recompense shall on his foes alight.

distant land
Shall surely feel his hand;
They from the west shall fear the mighty Lord,
And from the east his name shall be adored.
When he shall come, then shall his shining course
Seem like a stream impelled with furious force;
And Sion her Redeemer shall display;
Jacob's transgression shall he turn away:
And this my lasting covenant shall be,
My Spirit, saith the Lord, which rests on thee;

Yea, every

And these my words which to thy mouth are given,
Behold, they shall not from thy mouth be riven;
Nor from thy generations will I sever,
So saith Jehovah, from henceforth for ever.


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