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On him Jehovah our transgressions laid:

It was exacted; he the anguish tried. Led as a lamb that doth to slaughter come, As sheep before her shearers was he dumb.

He passed from judgment; who his life declared ?

For he by violence received his doom, And for my people's sins he fell; he shared

The grave with base ones, with the rich the tomb; Although he never had committed wrong, Nor could deceit abide upon his tongue.

Yet did Jehovah his afflictions raise

That he might make an offering for sin;
He leaves a seed which shall prolong their days,

And he God's gracious purposes shall win.
He hath the fruit; the many's sins shall be
Forgiven; their surety in my servant see.

His lot shall be the nations to control;

The mighty people shall his spoil be deemed; For unto death he poured out his soul,

And he as a transgressor was esteemed; The sins of many upon

him were laid, And he for them hath intercession made.

Thou barren woman shout!
With joyful notes cry out:
“ More are the children of the desolate
Than of the married woman,” saith Jehovah.
Thy tent spread out around, and elevate,
And be the canopy expanded over.
Spare not; thy cordage lengthen,
And the supporters strengthen;
Thou on the right hand shalt break forth,

Increase upon the left hand still,
Upon thy seed will I bestow the earth,

The lone and wasted cities they shall fill.

Fear not! for thou shalt not with shame be met;
Blush not! thou shalt not to reproach be brought:
Thy shame in days of youth I will forget,
Nor to thy widowhood recal thy thought.

Thy husband see,

Thy Maker he!
Jehovah, God of Hosts, is his great name.

The God of Israel

Shall thy redemption tell:
He the whole earth will for his people claim.

Thy God, Jehovah, hath recalled thee now,

Even as one afflicted and neglected;
For as a wife wedded in youth wert thou,

But afterwards forsaken and rejected.
I left thee once in anger and disdain,
But with great mercies will receive again:
Though in short wrath I hid from thee


face, With everlasting kindness I replace.

Such is the word
Of thy redeeming Lord.

For as in time of Noah, when I sware

The waters should no more deface the earth, So at this day do I to thee declare

That I will not rebuke thee, nor be wrath;
Mountains shall be cast down,
Hills shall be overthrown,
Yet shall my kindness never be displaced,
My covenant of


shall never be effaced. Lo! I am he That loveth thee.

Thou tempest-tossed, deprived of consolation,

Lo! I adorn thy pavement with vermilion, And I will set with sapphires thy foundation,

And decorate with rubies thy pavilion; Thy goodly gates shall be of agate made, Thy walls with precious stones be overlaid.

Lo, all thy children shall be taught of God,

And so shall thy prosperity be great;

Thy seat is firm, fear no oppressor's rod,

No terror shall approach thy happy state. They league together-not by my command: Behold! thy foes shall join thy chosen band.

I formed the workman to ignite the flame,

And mould the instruments his arts require; The spoiler to lay waste I also claim,

But those shall fail who against thee conspire: And this shall be my servant's heritage; This blessing I will grant from age to age.


Ho! all ye thirsty sons and daughters,
Come fearlessly to these glad waters;
Bring not your treasures from the mine,
But freely take the milk and wine.
Oh! wherefore do ye silver give
For that on which ye cannot live?
And why are all these riches brought
For what can only profit nought?
Hear me! and ye shall eat the good,
Your souls shall feast on costliest food:
Incline your ear, and come to me;
Attend, and


shall blessed be; And I will give that covenant Which I to David erst did grant.

Lo! I bestow thee as the people's light,
One that shall judge the listening nations right;
The lands thou knewest not shall hear thy voice,
And those who ne'er knew thee make thee their choice.
This hath Jehovah done for his great name;
The Holy One doth thus thy work proclaim.

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