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They drew together, on they came,

Each one called forth his neighbour, And to his fellow would exclaim, « Take courage for



The carver urged the founder on,

The smith the solderer hastened; They cry, “Behold, our work is done,

Our god is firmly fastened.”

But thou that art my servant, Israel,
Thou, chosen Jacob, whom I love so well,
The seed of faithful Abraham


friend, Whom I have called from earth's remotest end, And from its farthest bounds have safely led, Fear not, my servant, I to thee have said I will not leave. Lo! I have chosen thee; Be not dismayed, for I thy God will be. Yea, I have strengthened thee, so shalt thou stand; I have upheld thee with my righteous hand. All those that hated thee shall be ashamed, They that oppose thee utterly disclaimed. Though thou shouldst seek thy foes, thou shalt not find; The men of war shall leave no trace behind. For I, thy God, on thy right hand have laid; I am thy helper, be thou not afraid. Jacob, thou worm ! mortals of Israel ! Fear not, for I, thy God, thy foes will quell. Lo, I for thee have made a threshing-wheel; Its teeth the mountains certainly shall feel;

The winds shall scatter them as they are torn, And they upon the tempest shall be borne. But thou shalt in Jehovah's name rejoice, And to the God of Israel raise thy voice.

The poor and needy have for water sought,
But there is none their burning thirst to slake,
And their tongue faileth them for very drought:
Jehovah hears them-I will not forsake.

From the high places shall the rivers flow,
Amidst the vallies springing fountains gleam,
The lonely wilds refreshing pools shall show,
And the dry ground with pleasant waters stream.

I plant the cedar in the wilderness,
The shittah tree, the myrtle, and the oil;
The deserts bare with fir trees will I dress,
The pine and box shall glad its barren soil.
This have I done, that they may know and see,
And may together mark and understand
Jehovah's self hath wrought this work for thee,
And own therein the God of Israel's hand.

Draw near, Jehovah saith, produce your powers;
Lo! Israel's God would see these gods of yours,
Let them approach, and coming things foresce;
Declare to us events that soon shall be:
We will consider, we the end shall know,
Or deeds of later ages let them show; 2

Then shall we find that ye are gods indeed;
Yea, or in good or evil works succeed;
Then shall we entertain surprise and fear.
Ah, no! Behold, ye less than nothing are,
And all your works are nought but vanity;
Let him that chooseth you abhorred be.

I call one from the north, he shall obey,
From the sun's rising shall invoke my name;
On princes shall he trample as on clay,
E'en as the potter treadeth down the same.
Who this prediction hath declared of old,
That we might say, “ The prophecy is true ?
Not one to you the tidings could unfold,
Not one could hear, not one your voices knew.

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Lo! I the first to Sion tidings send,
Say to Jerusalem, “ Behold them here !”
I looked, but there was no one to portend;
No idols these prophetic words declare.

I sought, and I enquired of them again,
No counsellor among them could I find;
Yea, they are nothing, all their works are vain,
Their molten images are as the wind.

Behold my servant, whom I will uphold,
My chosen one, in whom I take delight;
I upon him my spirit will unfold;
He shall give judgment in the nation's sight.

He shall not cry aloud, nor harshly speak,
Nor cause his voice to sound in public tracks;
The weak and bruised reed he shall not break,
He shall not quench the dimly-burning flax.:

Justice to righteousness shall he bring forth;
His courage shall not fail, nor strength abate,
Till he have set true judgment in the earth;
And for his law the favoured isles shall wait.

Thus saith the mighty God, Who formed the heavens and stretched them forth, Who spread abroad the earth,

And fertilized its sod; Who peoples every land,

And these with life doth bless:

I called thee in righteousness, And will uphold thy hand.

My covenant thou art;
I to the Gentiles grant thee for a light,
To give the blind their sight,

And freedom to impart,
For those that dwell in gloom

Deliverance to claim.

The great Jehovah is my name, None shall that name assume.

Fulfilled are all the former prophecies,
Now to these new predictions turn your opening eyes.

Oh ! let new accents sing Jehovah's praise,
Ascend to him from earth's remotest bound;

that fill the sea, your accents raise;
Ye distant shores, these cheerful notes resound.

Rejoice, ye cities of the wilderness,
Ye that in tents abide on Kedar's plains;
Ye rocky districts, grateful sounds express;
And lofty mountains, echo back these strains.

May ye fall prostrate at Jehovah's throne,
And to each distant nation make his glory known.

A mighty man of war the Lord

Like warrior shall his vengeance rouse at length;
He shall call loudly in his heavy wrath,
And on his enemies exert his strength.


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