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III. Let them seriously examine themselves,



Firl, What abiding sense they have had apon their hearts (in the whole course of their


Directions to the site in Chap.19
. Directions to the Sicks

543 fowl ; this is such a despair as sets of their hearts, all their finful words and funfach runner of a faving cominjao, , oribske ferveral

aggravations of a them people that have spent theirtimin batean unto him; yea, their fecretesFins are ty, in ignorance and worldline na set in the light of his countenance themafelves, and to the filesh, and bere et

y work of Grace upon their hearts, art and put these fix questions home to their Consciafy been truly humbled under an ivil and danger of their fins; to me

" nister fhould speak comfort to them, to be footh'd and flattered to their abi lives of their own vilenese and wretchedneffe

The Directions cherefore Ichinke Jins, their just désert of wrath, their natural impos fick persons are these following.

I. Let chem consider chat no factory Whether they have ever been deeply sensible of or distemper of body comes by chest the wise and orderly guidance of the band wils, deceitfulnefle of their hearts, inordinateneffe chem. And therefore let them hearikin who hath appointed it, Micah 6.9,

II. 'Let them sec chemselves before s Fear has been ftirred in chem? What course has

by nature, the odionsweffe and defilement of their

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tency and inability to good, their pronenejle to evil? the darknesle of their minds, Stubbornnesle of their

of their affe&tions, fenfulnesse of their practise? and sent by me if they have

, what effects has the confideration of these things produced? what forrow, whac


ir par them upon for remedy? Whar industry have they used, whac pains have they caken to

ought they know) Mortly appear be delivered out of this miserable estare Let


them consider, he is a Fudge that camara ceived, nor will be mocked: That he's yel! well as merciful, righteous as well 28974

their consciences have liberty to speak freely to them, and to tell them the truth, whether ever

and all their fins original and actual, ef me they have been affe&ted ( in any considerable de commißion, against the Law and againbik Srce ) with these things or no. Spel, against mercies, againf judgment of 2. Sicondly, Whether they ever rightly appreSinfull thoughts, kad infill affections and addant, the Covenant of Grace. Most will grant

bende, what are the conditions of the new Coveo

Promises and vowes of better obedicace, de


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o them

Mature, the odionfueffe and defilement of their

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i salve of their hearts ; all their sinful words and finfalk o be actions, with the several aggravations of all these, Tai are known unto him; jea, their fecretes fins are set in the light of his countenance.

III. Let them seriously examine themselves, and put these fix questions home to their Conscicnces,

First, 'What abiding fenfe they have had upon their hearts (in the whole course of their lives) of their own vilenesse and wretchednesse by fins, their just defert

of wrath, their natural impotency and inability to good, their pronenesse to evil: Whether they have ever been deeplý sensible of the darknefle of their minds, stubbornnefle of their wils, deceitfulnejse of their hearts, inordinateneffe of their affections, finfulnesse of their praktiser If they have, what effects has the confideration of these things. produced? what forrow, whac:

fear has been ftirred in chem? What course has it par them upon for témėdy ? Whac industry have they used, what pains have they caken to be delive of this miserable estare? Let

? their Consciences have liberiy to speak chem, tell them the truth, whether ever

, they have been affected ( in any considerable degree) with these things or no.

Secondly, Whether they ever rightly apprehended what are the conditions of the new Covepant, the Covenant of Grace. Moft will granç


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Repentance towards God, and Faith in our Lord Fisus Christ are necessary to salvation ;.. but then their apprehensions and conceptions are different from, and inconsistent with the nature of thele Graces. There is a great deal of danger in mifts king about these things. Therefore let chem ask'chemselves seriously, whether they do indeed understand that true repentance follows upon a clear and full conviction of the evil, odionmelle, and filthinesse of fin, as that which is como trary to Gods holy Nature, and is flat rebellion againft his Lames and Authority, as that which defaces his Image, depraves, defiles, pollutes ebe Joul; weakens its powers, disenables it for holy sperations, and conforms it so the Image of Setan

, Whecher chey rightly apprehend the danger, der sert, and mischievous effects and consequents of Jon's how ic exposes the finner co judgments fpi

. ritual, temporal, and eternal. Whether ever they apprehended their own deep guiltines boch of Original, and a huge number of actual finas? Whecher there ever has beenwrought in them any deep contrition and hearty forrom for cheir fins; and that upon Gospel-grounds because they have fo-exceedingly dishonoured God, pierced our des Lord and Saviour, grieved the holy Spirit, bronze a stain and defilement upon their soules, and rem dred themselves juftly liable to the wrath and card of God? Whether their hearts have been wrong to a hasred and 1943 hing of fin, and to a forfaking

of every known fin; and are now really turned unto God? Whecher they have cleerly and without guile of spirit confered bewailed their

fins unto God; their particular known fins particularly, and ali fecret, sndiscovered, unknown sins with ageneral confeffion? : And here that the lack perfon may the better examine himself, and awaken his Conscience, and may understand: f in fome measure) 'the number of his sins, she feveTal kinds of them, and the various waies of offending God; let him consider and ponder sericously of the duties commanded and fins forbidden in the Law or ten Commandments"; and the pe

cial fins against the Gospel: For the more partícular his repentance is, the more pungent and af fictive it will be, and so che more sincere and cffettuale

of the duties commanded and fins forbidden in the Law or ten Commandments.

" The first Commandment requirech us to own and acknowledge Jehovah to be the on. ly true God, and our God, and co adore, wor" Thipand glorifie bim accordingly..

“The fins againit this Commandment

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"1. Acheifm; noc believing there is a God; or so living as if there were no God in the "world to be obeyed and worshipped. 2. Ido"latry, in haviøg or worshipping more Gods


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6 and forwardnesle to promote his Glory:

«ture. 3. All compacts, and consulcing ril

himself.4.Making men the Lords of our Fed

whereby his honour is eclipsed. 10. Noc

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" fome outward suffering. 11. Not rejoy

Chap.19. Direétions to the Säcka

547 Directions to the sick. Chap "fections and might; but loving our selves, our 546

than one, or any with or in ftead of the pleasures, or profits, or credit before bim; in'fhip to Saints, Angels, or any other C “ther things besides God. 9. Want of zeal the Devil, all resorting to Witches and C3 "Lukewarmnesse, indifferency in the things of jurers, which is in effe&t to go to the "God; not sorrowing for those raigning fins & Consciences. 5. Ignorance, milapprai“fearing God so as to keep from any wilful ofons, misbelief concerning God; not levering "fending of him; timoronsaesse, fearing man after the true knowledge of God, aresten "more than God, by committing fin to shun

perties, and works. 6. Infidelicy, noe beistare cing in God, nor in his waies and Worlhips "his word, or noc believing ic effe&tually "counting his waies grievous and burdensom: "Etically so as colive according to our belief " Apostacizing from him, forsaking his Wor"them unto obedience, and newnelle othey wilful fin; or despairing of it, so, as to nego 7. Diffidence and distrust of his care and print "lect duty. 13. Unchankfulneffe for those “vidences no depending on him for the lo “great mercies he hath so freely bestowed up 6 blefliog on our lawful endeavours, rempling of them slip by, without any regard or notice; is withdrawing our hearts and dependance call Glory to God. 14. Insensibleneste un"God. 8. Want of love to God: Nord "der his judgments, or discontent at his dis"ying to him with a fervent tove, apprehendi pensations ; Impacience under his Fatherly

him the chief good; noi loving him for til.“ chastisemenes ; not accepcing che punish neno

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chein; nor his promises so as to be inveis “beleeving his chreatnings so as to be afraida

a fhip and Service. 12. Presuming ground"leffely on his



we go on in any es

" on us ; not acknowledging them, or letting

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ply of our wants : not looking up to imbra " him by ufing unlawful means

, instead ofwa "ing his leisure : Creature-confidence, trut

ing in wic, wealch, friends, fc. and thereby

“ being coo apt to ascribe Gods blesfings to our

deserts or endeavours ; sacrificing to our own cnet, to our own wit or parts, not ascribing

" of our iniquities without murmaring or repi

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"nefle to lis; not loving him with all ourzy

own infinite excellencies, and for his gor


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