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time, &c. Phil.2.13. Work out your own salvaa tion with fear and trembling. i Pec.4.18. If the i righteous

scarcely be saved, where Ahall the ungodly and the finner appear? If the righteous hardly, (ie, wich much friving, diligence and watchfuli neß) accain salvacion ; what will become of the negligent secure finner ? Can any think of ever coming to Heaven, which is a state of holipeffe and purity, whose hearts disrelish Holinesse, and cannot away with it, as too much strietneß and more ado chan needs?

obj 4. We are young enough: We incend to i turn to God hereafter, but not yet.

Sol. Concerning the danger of delaies see bee fore pag.510 Ia all likelihood there are many in Hell, that thought of turning hereafter.

obj.s. We shall be flouted and jeer'd if we begin co be religious and precis so soon.

sol. What are reproaches to the great things others have swffered for Christ? What is the enduring a jeer to the enduring a burning for che sake of Christ: 1 Pet.4.14. If ye be reproached for the Name of Christ, happy are ye, for the Spi, rit of Glory and of God refteth upon you. 2 Cor.6.8. By honour and dishonour , by evil report and good report ; as decievers and get true. Mar. 5.11. Blessed are ye when men shat revile you, and perfecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you fally for my fake, V. 12. Rejoyce, and be ex


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ceeding glad, for great is your reward in Hess obj.6. We shall shift as well as others.

Sél. So you may and yet make but a best shift neither, 'Tis small comfort to have compa: nions in Hell. Dives did not think it would éas his,'torments to have his Brethreno come to



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obj.7. We see many that once seem'd forward in Religion, do fall off, some to open prophanenelle, and some into crrour and strange opini. 0ns.

fo Sol. I confeffe 'tis a very sad thing to see any that seemed Lights in the Firmament, to prove Mereors, and falling Stars. But though some fal p yec (through Grace) many stard, and contina faithful co che end. There was a Pudas among our Saviours own Disciples, and yet it follows) not from thence, that any of the rest were fusta

ki The fals of some professors should ceach us not to be high-minded, buc continually jealous over ev own hearts. We should be exceeding humble and cease from trasting in our selves, and put our trust in God, to be kept by his power throng Faith unto Salvation, The Devil aimes all te can to foil profesors. If he can but foil ones them, he blurs their profession, makes os herssta of it, and so advarces his own Kingdom mightily Therefore the fall of some should not discoura us, buc make us more humble and watchful, an

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cause us often co examine our hearts whether Gods Glory be out aim and end, and whether eve do in hamility and integrity walk before him.

obj.8. God is merciful. We see Mercy WCS affyrded to the thief on the Crosse, a little before. his death,

sol.i. 'Tis an example without a promise. Here is an eximple of a late repentance, but where have we a promise that God will give repent ance ac last to such as go on in a long course of lin? 'Tis 104 not examples bục the promises of God that is a ind foundation for Faith to build upon.

2. This was an extraordinary time. What if dels our Saviour on this extraordinary occasion, was makpleased by this rare Miracle of Mercy to honour his home Crosse, will chis afford any ground of hope that he d. vill do so ordinarily and especially so wilfull fine as a Phers ? ad per 3. We do not find that this thief had ever bene nown Christ before, or had ever neglected or reId read used any offers of Grace made unco

him. Thou piw aft little reason to plead chis, who fottest daily zuding in der the calls and intreaties of the Gospel ; late, his cafe will minister little comfort co chec, if he s'ou goest on in thy sins, vilis I come now in the third place, to give some , bu "irections to such as are willing to be advised in machis matter of fomych concernment to them. ingbor. Let them take heed of those things that usually nico do young people. Such are, direitos


1. Care

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1. Carelesneffe, want of consideration, and lig ing to heart the things that moft concero them; góing or in a diffolute negligence, without ever asking themselves what their flate and condition to God ward is?

As eager following youthful lufts and sensor al pleasures. Therefore the Apostle exhorts, 2 Tim 3:22. To flee youthful lufts, & i Pec,2, 11. As pilgrims and strangers to abftain from fefbly lust, which mar against the soul. Lec chem consider that the feet of these lufts that have carpied Awly and buried millions of other goung per Dors' iz perdition; fand ready to carry them ile Lame way, if preventing Grace come not in so dels ver them. 3. Pride of wit, parts, strength, beasty

. .:.4. A headinesse and wilful obftinacy agais?? good ciunsel. Carnal reafon flesh and blood: wafually young mens counsellors, and very

S. Slighting religion, and whatever is ferint was too ftrict for them.

6. Putting the day of death far from tk and flattering themselves with hopes of lifer 7. ill company,


great (nare of the ૧il. .

8. Comparing themselves with such as worse than themselves ; thinking that an ex


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cu ha for" theme that others are worfes.
arslingo II. Let them be especially careful to be well
ne, mi grounded in the Principles of Christian Religion.
A BÍt there be a good foundation of saving know-

ledge laid in their minds betimes (so that they welfall throughly understand how the Religion they pro. he Artfesse, is grounded on the Scriprures ) they will fullk, not be like children, easily tossed to and fro with man in every wird of Doctrine, as too many now a daies of the whare. And for this purpose I refer them to the

Jak wirft Part of this Treatise containing the Princi-
mesej sples of right Knowledge.
Leady tum III. Let them labour to understand betimes
Tricom wherein the chief bappinesse of man confifts, name-

y, in the pardon of his fons, a gracious frame of presieart, and communion with God. Every one nu

urally desires to be happy; but people commonly lful driftake the way to ie : Therefore it highly con

verns all young persons to be early acquainted París zod deeply possessed how they may feer arighé

vursé boch to be happy here, and hereaf

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IV. Lec chem acquaint themselves well with cib fahre Scriptures; be much in secret prayer, and ich bielf-reflexion, keep close to the publick Ordi

inces, and listen to the awakenings of Gods u familpirit, they hall meet with in cheni

. V. Lec chem take heed of sinning against Gongeil vence. When Conscience faies, do it moi , fec tem listen so that voice; let them labour to


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