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of the Duties of people towards their Paftours and

Ministers. HA

Aving spoken of the Duties of Children to

their Natural Parents, and of Inferiouts to Magistrates, cheir civil Parents, I come now to chole of people to their Ministers, their Spiritual Parents. Thus St Paal tels che Corinthians, 1 Cor.4.15. That in Christ Fesus he had begotten them through the Gopel. And the Galdians, Chap.4.19. That he travels in birth of them, til Christ be formed in them.

Their Duties to them are these four.

First, To eftcem them very highly in love for their work fake, as the Apostle commands, 1 Thef.5.13. And surely this will seem veryrlafonable, if eicher,

1. The Nature of their work be considered, or

2. Who it is that employes themi. 1. Their work is of all others most excellent. No Calling or employment more honou able than the rescuing of precious Souls out of the hands of Satan, and from endlesje perdition.

II. 'Tis a great and an hard work. They are, 1. To instruct the people, to feed them with


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knowledge and understanding, Jer. 3. 15. And teach them the right way to Salvation,

2. The pray for them: To be the Lords rememe brancers, and their Selicitors in the Court of Heas UEM.

3. To be an Example to the Flock in a holy and oblameable life and conversation.

4. To visit the fock.

g. To labour the fetling the distressed Comfci23

6. To match: over the Flock to preserve

1. From corrupt Doctrine. ,

2. From a corrupt Conversation. And 10this end to endeavour the reclaiming the diforderly by admonitions, and such other Cen. føres as Christ hach left in the Church.

Their work therefore is fuch as ought in all reason to procnre them love and esteem, it being of so great advantage to the world. Fosephs office in delivering ost corn in a time of Famine, made him justly honoured by the Egyptians. How worthy an employment is it then to deliver out the Manna of Gods Word, the food of life to the

Souls of men, who wishout it , are in danger to wat perifh everlastingly.

2. Consider who it is that employes theme. They are Ambasadors for Christ, 2 Cor.5.20, Ambassadors by the Law of Nations are to be treated with a respect answerable co the quality of


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454 of the Dities of people can be those that send them. Therefore Christene Disciples, when he fends them out topic

43 ebat despisetb you, despiseth me ; be the tim mie, despisers him that fent ne, Like so It seems, 'tis a worse businesle chao peopkra

34 rily confider, co despise the Minikur oC

be Let those think of this

, who makeit berei and sport to put affronts upon the períca. to deride che Calling of the Ministers.Com there will be a ftrit account require off derision, Sanders

, reproaches, and hard 16. faithful Ministers of Chriff domet sa discharge of their places and calling

, I loz ther, it it be Christ chat employester dec those consider seriously of it, who darbas

tha 10.exercise the offices of this fatred his without being lanfally Caldehereto

, SD this, but as if amar on bis own head, box as an Ambassador from his Prince. The # Грс faies of the Priests of the Law (which infcriour to those of the Gospel') Think

ярс takes this honear to himself, but he wakati call’d of God, Heb.5.4. Certainly to the Surp facred offices, for


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which they are we are sed, and to which they were never lasepa) will be able to give but a very fad accbomull when he reckons wich them for chistan Wo fumption. Let me advise such to read the for Corah, in Numb. 16. Who being arogare Ambitious, would needs cake


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Priesthood, and be, and his accomplices rise up against Moses and Aaron, and their plea is, all the Congregation are holy, gitake too much spor you ; Wherefore lift you up your selves above the Congres gåtion of the Lord ? So chat we see this levelling humour is no new thing in che world. To make head against Moses and Aaron, to oppose MagiStracy and Ministry. you see was Corahs sin; Take heed of imitating him, left you perish likewise in the gainsaying of Corah, Jude v.1i. You may read the fad end of him and his Company Num. 16.32. And so much of the first Daty people ought to pay to their Ministers. They ought to in love and esteem thems.

Secondly, They ought to pray for them, thac they may be furnished with all those Graces and Gifts, and blessed with such asistances of Gods

Spirit, as may enable them to discharge chat holy bi calling faithfully and successefally: Of this I have w spoken more, R:323,

* Thirdly, They ought confcientiously to attend E11 spon their Ministry, and submit to their Spiritual

guidance and direction, really endeavouring co gron in knowledge and Grace chereby. Obey them

saich che Apostle, Heb. 13.17. thai have the rule be over you, and submit your felves, for the watch % for your souls, &c. Whatfoever they out of Gods Word shall make manifest to be his will and Com. mand, is to be obeyed, seeing 'i is not they, bue God requires it, according to that of Christ, He







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of the Duties of people that
that heareth you, heareth me, Loke 1016.4
e lijs whecher it be delivered by og
preaching, or private exhortation

, for our
long as they keep them to the Ask the h
Gods Word, they are the melengan al
Lord of Hofts, Mal.2.7. People Cheries
labour to grow in Spiritual knowledge an
aastverably to the means of Grace afrika
and thereby strengthen the hands, and is s
the beart of their
Minister in his wort

. T ciency of the people in knowledge and ch. the Crown and rejørcing of every Fay ba fter, and though God will not rewardian w ing to his fucceje

, but his fincerity are yet nothing more troubles him ébourn his multiplied pains nor answered with and the ceffe. Let people therefore look to it, lip bring forth the fruits of the Gopel chasi ho ed to them. The Husbandmar Laies be the fallow, when he sces ic will not bring for to as to quit charges. The Kingdom as na faies our Saviour, Mall be taken away ta cat and given to others which will bring to fruits thereof, Mu.21.43. 'Tis informe Pro to take away the means of Grace from a perin when he sees they live unprofitably under the H

Fiurthly, Seeing Ministers low Spiritec
fome of their temporals

, i Cor.9.14
people should not begrudge them, if they? Je
ordained that they that preach the comel,



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