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events me alfo, O my Father. Mac.15.4. For God commanded Jaying, Honour

thy Father and Mother, and he that curseth Fs

-sher or Mother, let him die the death. the Prov.39:17. The eye that mocketh at his Father,

and depiseth to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young Eagle

fhall eat it. * Lev.20.9. For every one that curseth his Father

or his mother, shall surely be pat to death; he - bath cursed his father or his Mether, his blood

shall be upon him, Exod. 21.15. And be that (mitet h his Father or

his mother, shall be furely pist to death. Prov.20.20. Whofo curseth his Father or his mo.' - - ther, his Lampfhall be put ont, in obscure dark

neßni Prov.13.1. A wife for heareth his fathers inftru

ction, but a fcorper heareth not rebuke. i Sam. 2.25. - Notwithstanding they bearkened

net unto the voyce of their Faiber, because the.

Lord would say them.
Gen.47.12. And Foseph nourished his Father and

his Brethren, and all his Fatbers bowshold with.

bread, according to their Families.. 1 Tim.5.4. But if any widow have children or nepherwsz

: let them learn först to show Piety at bome, und're require their parents, for that is good

and accepiable before God. But ye say, shofoever shall Say

. to his Father,

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Father, or bis Mother, it is a gift, by whatfeever thon mightest be profited by me, V.6. And honour not his Father or Mother, be shall be free, thus have ye made the Commando ments of God of none effe& by your Traditio

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Of the Duties of such as are in office, and of In

feriours. LL these that are in this office or place of

publick třuft ought to be very careful to discharge the duties of their respettive places faithfully, diligently, and patiently, with an upright beart, and a right tempcrèd zeal, aiming at the Glory of God, and endeavouring that Piety, F* fice, and peace may be preserved and maintained among men. They should consider how much more easie it is to bear the anger and dißleafure of men for the consciowable discharge, chan the for ath of God for che unconscionable negle&t of their Duties...

Exod. 18.21. Moreover, thou shalt provide out of

all the people able men, fuch as fear God, men of Truth hating Covelowfweffe, and place focb over them, tebe Rulers of Thousands, and Rue


lers of Hundreds, and Rulers of Fifties, and · Rulers of Tens. 2 Sam.23:3. The God of Israel faid, the Rock of

Ifrael pake to me, he that ruletb over men must

be just, ruling in the fear of God. Deuc.1.13. Take ye wise men, and understand

ing, and known among your Tribes, and I will

make them Rulers over you. Rom. 12.8.--He that ruleth with diligence Rom.13.3. Før Rulers are not a terrour to good

works, but to the evil, wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the fame. V.4. For he is the Minister of God to thee for good; but if thox do that which is evil, 4fraid, for he beareth not the sword in vain, for he is the Minister of God, a revenger to execute

wratb supon him that doth evil. 1 Sam.2.30.-Them that honour me, I will hoi

nour, and they that difpife me, shall be lightly efteemed.

The Duties of Inferiours. Inferiours ought to yeild all due subjection to those Magistrates and Governours God hach sec over them ; remembring that Magistracy is Gods Ordinance, and none but Libertines think that Religion freeth them from Subjection thereunfo. They are to consider how sharply the Apostle


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in 3 Pet.2.10. Reproves those that despise Governa
ment, that are presumptuous, self-will'd, that are
not afraid to speak evil of Dignities. Subjection
tis a hard duty, to corrupt Nature. Man naturally
is like the wild Aßes Colt, as Zophar (peaks, Fob
11. 12. And that both for the rudeneß of his
mind, and usst ame dnes of his Affections. He
would fain be free and yokelesse : Being proud, he
loves not the Saperiority of others: And being
licentious, loves not to be restrained by others
He would neither have his heart subject to God, !
por his actions to man. He would have none to be
Lord over him, as 'cis, Pfal.12.3. But this de-
Spiling of Dominions is Aatly against the injoncti-
ons of Gods Word, Rom. 13.1, Let every foul be
subject unto the higher powers, for there is no por-
er but of God, the powers that be are ordained of
God. Tic. 3.1. Put them in mind to be subject us-
to Principalities, and Powers, to obey Magistrates,
to be ready to every good work. And 'cis a treffe
against the common good of hamane Societies.
Let all Inferiours therefore in obedience to God,
for the honour of true Religion, and for the pre-
serving Order and good Government in the world,
make Coxscience of these three Duties,
4.1. To pray for Magistrates.

2. To honour their persons.
3. To gield all due. Subjection and obedience

unto them.



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Jude v.8. Likewise also these filthy dreamers de

file the flesh, defpije Dominion, peak evil of

Rom 13.7, Render therefore to all their dues, trie

bute to whom tribute is due, castom to whom cu

stom, fear to whom fear, borour to whom ho1 Pec.2.13. Submit your selves toevery Ordinance

of man for the Lords fake, whether it be to the King as Supream. V:14. Or unto Governours, as unto thens that are sent by him, for the punishiment of evil do

ers, and for the praise of them that do well.
1 Tim.2.1. 1 exhort therefore, that first of allo

Supplications, Prayers, Intercefsons, and gi-
ving of thanks be made for all men,
V.2. For Kings, and for all that are in Authori-
ty, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life

in all Godlines and Honesty.
Exod.22.28. Thou shalt not rovile the Gods, nor

curse the Ruler of thing people. Acts 23.5. Then said Paul, 1 wißt not Brethren

that he was the High Priest, for it is written, thon fhalt not speak evilof the Raler of thy peer ple.


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