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of the Duties of Children. Chemie in the bufinesse of marriage : For of adil disobedience that of marrying azulaftesine of Parents, is one of the highef

. For sale Thor well observes) Children are so mueble y & poßeßions of their parents,shat they camera out a kind of theft) giveaway themelbeseiten allowance of those that have fach erigkeine And therefore we fee under the Los, tas that had made any vow, was not saferelier it without the consent of her parent

, Nato The right of the Parent was choughe ci th nough to cancell and make void che obling ven of a vow ; and therefore surely in so much considered by Children

, as dr from making any contract whereby infringed.

III. Gratitude and Thankfulacht, h they must expresle,

!. in a hearty affectionate acknowline IC their love and care over them. Cercas!! Children thac duby weigh, how she is have been the Instruments under Gaud

, of bringing them into the world, but of fun and supporting them after, and do further der the cares and fears that go to the bring of a child, will judge, that ibankfulnelle sue moderate return for so great benefits.

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fayedreffe of understanding, poverty and love foever ; whether weakneßor fickueß of heti


of estate: In all these cases the child is bound according to his ability, to relieve and help his par rents ; and thereby (as much as in him lies) to recompence their care, love, and kindness towards him. As his Parent bare with him when a child, so he must bear with his parent, though froward, and twice a Child; and though God Mhould raise him in dignity above him, yer that must not cancel bis Dury towards him, nor make him ( wich

( some base difpofition'd and wicked Children ) ashamed to own him. In Gen.4712. we find that wealthy Joseph nourishid his Father and Brethren in want, and the fame dutyche Apostle enjoyns, 1 Tim.5.4. But if any widow have children or nephews, let them learn first to fherr Piety at bome, and so requite their parents for that is good and acceptable before God. And our Saviour himself when he left this world, commended his Mother to the care of his Beloved Disciple, Fob. 19.26,27.

There is one thing more, (which I may couch under this Head) wherein such children as are really good and traly religious theinselyes, may exprefle a high degree of Gratitude, if the case lote ( as it fometimes happens ) chat their parents are as yet unacquainted with, or negligent of the great concernments of their souls. Now in such a ale as this, What a high office of filial Duty is ic,

, or a child in a wise and humble manner to infinu. ite into his Parent such things as may (with

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444 of the Duties of Children, China the bleffing of God) eend to his everkefni fare ; and to be an instrument of basert who (under God) gave him his friskris being in this world. This is a Day when Children should take themselves nov. 2017 than usually they do.

3. In praying for them. The delle Chi na owe to their Parents is so great, chake not able so satisfie ie themselves, they are nestly to beg of the Lord, 'that he would not recompence it) by multiplying his Gracena and his bleffings boch (piritual and search them, and co require their care and los fand fold into their bosoms,

P 4. In covering their infirmities. ty, and will be the endeavour of good 2010 children, co cover and conceal the intrare their parents (with Shem and Frapher with cursed Cham to publish and abilities

F Gen.9.23. How detestable is it for cher deride and scoffe at the infirmitics of

5. And laftly, By imitating their geniet ple. Whatever wis good, vertuous, a mendable in their parents, lec Children in c But their vices and miscarriages lee ehema and not entail them on their pofterig, wie remember what a difraal found is in heating Feroboam the con of Nebai pha made radni

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2 King. 3.3;

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There are two great Motives to presse Childrèn to a careful observance of these things.

1. 'Tis right and just, and that which should be, Ephi 6.1. And 'tis well pleasing to the Lord, u Col. 3.20. 1."

2. 11 bas a promise of reward, Eph.6.2,3. HoO now rthy. Father and Mother which is the first

Commandment with promise ) e bat it may be well with thee, and that thou maist live long on the earth. The words in Exod. 10.12. may be rendred, Honour thy Father and thy Mother, that they (viz. By their prayers ) may prolong-thy daies: Parents prágers are great blessings to chil. dren. And further consider what Solomon saith, Prov. 10. 27. The fear of the Lord prolongeth dales. And Godlineffe hath the promise of this life, and that which is to come, 1 Tim.4.8. If God take away some good and dutiful children betimes out of this life , they are no losers by it. For God is better to them than his promife: In stead of a long lease in this life, he gives them prefent poflession of a free-bold of much better van Iue in the Kingdom above. Col. 3. 20. Children obeg your parents in all

things for this is well-pleasing unto the

Eph.6.1. Children obey your Parents in the Lord,
i for this is right.
V.2. Honour thy Father and thy Mother' (rohich

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is the first Commandment with promije.. V.3. That it may be well witb.ihee, and tbek

maist live long on the earth. Prov.23.22. Heerken unto thy. Fat ber that begat

thee. and despise not thy Mother when she is 0.d.

* Prov. 1,8. My Son hear the Instruction of thy For

ther, and forsake not the Lard of the Mot ber. : V.9. For they shall be an Ornament of Grace an

to shine Head, and chains abont thy neck. Luke 2.51. Apid he went dopn with iben, and

came to Nazareth, and was fubje&t ustorben. Heb.12.9. If ye endure. chafining. God de aletb

with you as with Sons, for what food is be,

whom the Father chafteneth nigt? V9. Furthermore we have bad Fathers of om feln, which corrected us, and we gave i kemireverence; fall we nol much more be in fubjeéti.

03 unto the Father of Spirits, and live Mat.1.6. A Son banauneib his Falber , and a fer:

Want his Master: If I then be a Father, where is mine hangør ? And if I be a Master, wbere is

my fear? saith the Lord of Hoffs, &c. i Ķing.2.19. Batbsheba therefore went unto King

Solomon, repeak unto him for Adonijah, and

The King role my to meet her. 48d bowed himself Gen.37.34. And when Esau heard the words of

, bis Farber, he cried with a great and exceeding boerer fry, and f4id unto his Futber, bleste me,

unto her

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