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2 Thes.2.10.- Because they received not the love

of the truth, that they might be saved. V.11. For this cause God shall send them strong

delusions, that they should believe a lie. V:12. That they all might be damned who belie

ved not the truth, but had pleasure in anrighté

ousselle. Rev.2.14. I have a few things against thee, be

cause thou hast them that holdihe Doctrine of Balaam, whetanght Balak to cast a stumbling bleck before the children of Israels to eat things sacrificed to Idols, and to commit fornication. V.15. So hast thou also them that hold the Do

Etrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. V.20. i have a few things againft thee, because

thou suffereft that woman Fezebel, which calletta herself a Prophetesse, to teach and to fedace my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things

sacrificed unto Idols. 2 Per.3.17. Te therefore beloved, seeing ye know

theje things before, beware left ye also being led away with the errour of the wicked, fall from your oma stedfastneffe. V.18. But grow in Grace and in the knowledge

of our Lord and Saviour Fefus Chrift. Jude v.24. Now unto him that is able to keep you

from falling and to present you faultleß before the presence

of his Glory with exceeding joy. V.25. To the only wise God our Saviour be Glory

and Majesty, Dominion and Power, non and cver. Amen.


I have now dispacched the second particular, The things thou art to watch against. I come now to the chird, the thing thou muft warch for,

Thirdly, Watch tor, and take all fit opportunities to glorifie God, and to do good. This is to be like our blessed Lord and Saviour, who went about doing good, and made every place (where he came) the bercer for him. How much good may a feasonable word dropt for God, do? A sin wisely reproved, and discountenanced ; a good hint well improved, some good counsel seasonably given, of how much advantage to the soples of others may these things proye? This is to be on Gods fide, and true to his party. We fay, A wise man makes more opportunities than he finds, but a fool neglectetb those he has : It should be our real design in all companies, either to do goud, or to receive good; And this will curo to a comfortable account in che day of recompences.

I come now to che Motives, to quicken thee to this great and necessary duty of continuall watchfulnesse

First, Copsider how naturally we are all prone to be secure and carelesle; and want of watchfulnesse betraies us to most of the sins, we fall inro.

Secondly, Consider the vigilancy of the temp. ter. Shall be be so watchful co defroy us, and


shall not we be watchful to keep our selves from
his malice?.

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1 Pet.5.8. Be sober, be vigilant, because your ac!

versary, the devil, as a roaring. lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may

devour. Eph.6.11. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye

may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Thirdly, Consider the necessicy of perseverance, whereunto, a concurrence of our care, and diligence is required.

whoso endureth to the end, faich our Saviour, Matth.10,22. he and he only shall be saved. Let H5. all run with patience, faies the Apostle, the race that is set before us,Heb.12.1. Now in world. ly races none gainech the prize, but he that gecceth first co the goal; but in the spiritual race, not only he chac cometh firf, but whoso holdech ouc to the last, he is sure to win and obtain the prize, Be faithful to the death, and I will give thee the Crown of life, saies our Saviour, Rev.2.10. 'is to no purpose therefore for a man to do well for 4 spurt and then to give over,& break off that good course he was encred into; for 'cis perseverance in well doing, that carrieth away che Crowa, 'Tis crge, Gods called and sanctified people are preserved and kept in their fate of Grace and Holi. nes by the power of God; by their close union with Fesus Chrift; by vertue of his merits and constant


interceffion for them; and alfo by a continued influence from the Spirit, maintaining the effence, life and feed of Grace in them; so that they shall neither totally nor finally fall away. Yet observe these four things. 1. Seeming Grace may be lost; Take from him that which he hath, Mat.25.28. In Lake'cis, Take from him, that which he seemabte have, Chap.8.v.18. Blazing Comets, and Metcors are foon pent, and fall from Heaven, while true Stars keep their orbe and Station 2. The common work of the Spirit may fail: Such as is spoken of Heb.6.4,5. viz. Idumination, external reformation, temporary Faith, a flight taft of the comforts of the Gospel, a weak glance upon the Glory of Heaven, which may possibly Itir up such a wish as was in Balaam, O that I might die the death of the righteous ; Nay further, there snay be a partaking of the gifts of the Holy Ghost, i e. of abilicies for holy ducies, (though not of bis renewing Graces) And yet such plenty of blossoms as here are, may somtimes be wichout fruit. 3. True Grace may suffer a shrewd decay; the leaves may fail, though there may remain some life in the root: We read in Scripture of a decay both of Faith, Love, and obedience. Some left their first Faith, i Tim.5.12. Ochers left their first Love, Rev.2.4. And as for obedience, we read of the first maies of David, as distinguished from his latter, 2 Chron. 27.3. because David in his lacter cime fell into


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scandaloss sins. In temptations, Gods children may be sorely shaken: Their heel may be bruia sed as Chrifts was, though their head be noc crushed. The operations of Grace may be obfructed for a time ; and yet a seed remain, as in the case of David. 4. True Grace, if left to us, would soon be lost. Adam (hewed a fad example of this in innocency: But the best is, our security lies in Gods power and promises, and our union with Christ (as was said before) not in our own strength. Christ hach a charge to keep che Saints safe, and to conduct them safe to everlasting Glory, Fohn 10.28. I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish, &c. V.29. My Father which

gave than all, and no man is able to pluck them out of my Fathers hand; I and my Father are one. God

L' and Christ are engaged in the keeping of them. But observe it, Those whom God causes to persevere, he makes to persevere in the use of meanes, as ʼcwas in their case. sets 27.31. All shall come to land; but exceps je abide in the ship, ye cannot be safe. No believer is so sure of his concinuance in a face of Grace, as thac he needech not be very wary, and watchful, and jealous over himself, I Cor.10.12, Let him that standeth, take heed left he fal. There is a fear of caution, as well as a fear of diffidence and distrujt, 'tis good to weaken and abace che security of our flesh, though not our confidence in Christ. Our


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